11 Building Automation & Energy Management Product Winners 2019

March 24, 2019

Need some budget-friendly solutions for building automation and energy management for your facility? Check out these 11 winners from the Money-Saving Products program.

With the rise of Internet of Things and other technology, building automation and energy management are two very popular trends in the facilities management industry. These categories pave the way for working smarter. In addition, they work together to provide an energy savings plan that many building and property owners and managers are attracted to.

Check out these 11 winners from the Money-Saving Products program.

Building Automation Winners

ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem

Distech Controls

The ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform includes the Allure UNITOUCHTM touchscreen sensor, my PERSONIFY app and EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE communicating device.

The cutting-edge user interface of the Allure UNITOUCH is fitted with its own sensor. With its built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, it can be paired with a smartphone for quick and easy adjustment of room comfort settings such as HVAC, lighting and sunblinds.

The EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE features a motion detector, light sensor, temperature sensor and a BLE transceiver that together enable the wireless control of comfort settings in building spaces. The my PERSONIFY app is easily customizable for each user through its intuitive interface.

Occupant well-being is an increasingly important consideration for HR professionals and facility managers keen to optimize workplace performance, reduce absenteeism and boost morale.

Occupants using the ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem can quickly and easily modify the environmental conditions according to their own requirements in spaces such as hotel bedrooms, cellular offices or classroom areas. Distech Controls has truly created an occupant-focused and mobile-accessible platform, putting employees or guests in charge of their own spaces to maximize comfort, control and well-being.

Editors’ Choice Winner 2019

Clockworks | KGS Buildings 

Energy Management & Building Automation Crossover

Mechanical, electrical, automation, and all other building systems naturally decline over time in terms of both performance and efficiency. Clockworks automated buildings analytics helps uncover hidden savings opportunities and identify the root cause of under-performing systems.

For example, a fortune 500 biotechnology company recently deployed Clockworks globally and achieved $1,400,000 in realized energy savings.

Clockworks brings automated fault detection and diagnostics (AFDD) to empower facilities teams in their drive to make their operations proactive, minimize energy use, and improve occupant comfort. 

(More to come from this Editors’ Choice winner.)

JENEsys Edge IoT Controllers


Lynxspring has developed a portfolio of JENEsys Edge IoT Controllers for the Niagara Framework®.

These products deliver new edge connectivity, interoperability, data access and analytics for today’s buildings, energy management, and machine-to-machine applications in IoT environments. They’re built with open software and embedded hardware, designed to provide maximum performance, powerful processing and control at minimum cost.

Building Engines BE-Mobile

Building Engines

Building Engines BE-Mobile is a mobile smartphone and tablet app that helps mobile building engineers and mobile HVAC and maintenance teams to be more productive and increase tenant satisfaction by completing more work in less time.

Mobile teams can save as much as 20 percent of their time by not having to continually go back to desktop computers to access and log various and multiple work requests.

If you’re one of the people that runs a building—janitorial, HVAC, building engineer, or anyone else that works behind the scenes—every day can feel like a constant juggling act as you balance tenant demands, building maintenance and more. The constant flood of requests gets more and more difficult to manage with email, paper lists, and walkie-talkie communication.

Managers, mobile team members, and vendors need a better way to systematically communicate and manage work requests as they come in, get worked on, and are completed.

Energy Management Winners

GridPoint Smart Building Platform


Aside from savings generated by energy reduction, customers benefit from better insight and knowledge into their facilities, and are able to make better decisions backed by data. Benefits include consistency across locations, the ability to identify and triage issues remotely, preventing inventory loss, assuring up-time, ensuring customer comfort, validating repair efficiency and quality, and extended equipment life.

Service-based pricing 

GridPoint’s Energy Management as-a-service pricing combines costs into one, low monthly payment with $0 down and eliminates all maintenance and repair responsibility for our customers so that they can achieve savings from day one.


GridPoint’s broad submetering technology and sensors work together and collect three dimensions of data

Market-leading IoT applications 

GridPoint’s hardware and software applications paired with our patented algorithms are proven superior through years of experience eliminating energy waste and providing operational savings across a multitude of building types.

Comprehensive services 

GridPoint’s large range of services, including Advisory Services, customized reporting and a 24×7 support center, are designed to help achieve optimal results geared towards customer-specific goals.

Data Collection

GridPoint hardware is installed to collect real-time energy data from assets like HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and environmental conditions.

GridPoint Energy Management

Analytics are applied to the data in GridPoint's cloud-based software to enable tools like smart alarms, building control, facility diagnostics and project tracking.

Professional Services

GridPoint can assist or manage your energy for you through customer support, control support, site monitoring and energy advisory services to ensure top results.

GridPoint makes building optimization simple. Our smart building platform provides visibility into facility operations to help customers automate and control their buildings, lower energy spend, and proactively manage day-to-day operations. Typical customers achieve 10-30 percent on energy reduction alone and see an ROI from day one through GridPoint’s Energy Management-as-a-Service pricing structure. Powered by the best data, GridPoint is validated in over 15,000 locations.


Hubbell Control Solutions

The wiSCAPE wireless outdoor lighting control system is designed to provide a safe environment while improving operational efficiencies that ensure code compliance and maximize energy savings.

It is a comprehensive, enterprise-level lighting management platform for parking, campus and city-wide site lighting applications and was recently added to the DesignLights Consortium Qualified Products List, increasing the eligibility for local utility rebates.

Using data from the lighting system facility, owners and operators can manage, monitor and measure the system to address the greater focus on safety and operational savings.

It provides actionable intelligence from the wiSCAPE Express™ and wiSCAPE Enterprise™ software. For example, notifications and reports are sent when the unexpected occurs, such as “lights out” or “dayburners.” These tools, in addition to energy reports, functional map views and extensive configuration settings, allow managers to correct any unsafe lighting condition quickly and accurately.

The wiSCAPE “G3” Gateway, the core hardware of the system, feature the optional ability to run the BACnet® IP protocol, connecting 3rd party Building Management Systems (BMS) to wiSCAPE for additional monitoring and reporting capabilities.
Featuring two distinct software packages, wiSCAPE Express has comprehensive management and configuration tools, while wiSCAPE Enterprise is the choice for advanced monitoring of single and multi-site operations.

NX Distributed Intelligence

Hubbell Control Solutions

The NX Distributed Intelligence connects luminaires, room controllers, panels, occupancy sensors, photocells, wall switches, relays and dimmers through a singular platform that can scale from a single standalone luminaire-based control to building-wide network.

Driven by a single ecosystem, customers apply controls where they need it within budget. Applications include occupancy and vacancy, scheduling, daylight harvesting, 0-10V dimming, color temperature control, task tuning and occupant control.

NX devices simplify installation, are capable of automatic self-configuration and provide “out of the box” functionality.

It provides wired, wireless and hybrid deployment options and eliminates common operational dependencies on software, gateways and servers found in other lighting control systems by distributing control logic to each lighting control device.



The SYLVANIA ULTRA LED Motion Sensor PAR38 lamp detects motion and illuminates, saving money by only using energy when needed. They are Energy Star rated for utility rebates.

The built in motion sensor has a Flood (40°) angle of sensing, with a range of 10-15 feet. The lamp turns on when it detects movement and stays on for 90 seconds then turns off when movement is no longer detected.

The LED Motion Sensor PAR38 is ideal for illuminating driveways and parking lots without the need to physically turn on the light switch. The lamp can also be used for security and safety purposes when an area is hazardous without any lighting.

PRE-formance™ Electrical Assemblies


Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series PRE-formance™ electrical assemblies are prefabricated branch wiring solutions designed to help improve job site productivity when constructing commercial buildings.

Industry experts estimate that prefabrication can increase worker productivity from 20 to 30 percent through reductions in material handling on the job site and rough in-time.

With the current shortage of skilled labor, pre-built products like Eaton’s PRE-formance assemblies can help close the capacity gap.

Schindler 3100

Schindler Elevator Corporation

With a capacity of 3,500 pounds, maximum travel height of 54 feet and speed of up to 100 feet per minute, the Schindler 3100 is a feature-rich and affordable, energy efficient alternative to traditional hydraulic elevators.  The Schindler 3100 is a machine room-less (MRL) traction elevator optimized for 2-3 story buildings that contributes to LEED certification. The compact design eliminates the need for a separate machine room and delivers cabs that are 5 percent larger on average, leaving overall more usable building space.


Cascade Architectural

Fabricoil® coiled wire fabric by Cascade Architectural is a versatile product perfect for interiors and exteriors. It is more cost-effective than other metal meshes, but maintains high design qualities, durability, and exceptional material strength.

Fabricoil is unique in the fact that it has a wide range of functions and applications. The product has been specified for large scale building exteriors like residence halls, parkings garages and multifamily buildings.

It is also used for eye-catching interior designs as a ceiling, window, or wall treatment, partition, area divider, or purely decorative applications.

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