Bed Bugs Damage Hotel Reputations

July 27, 2015

Survey shows pests can decrease perceived value of hospitality facilities.

While a bed bug infestation is certainly disgusting and the bites can be unsightly and itchy, a new survey shows that the presence of the pests can be detrimental to a hospitality facility’s reputation and perceived value.

Researchers from the University of Kentucky surveyed nearly 2,100 people from all 50 states – 1,298 who travel primarily for leisure and 790 primarily business travelers. They found that in recent online hotel reviews, just one report of bed bugs can lower the value of a hotel room by $38 and $23, for business and leisure travelers respectively.

The researchers also found that when compared to other issues commonly encountered in hotel rooms, such as smoke odor, unclean restrooms, or dirty sheets, the presence of bed bugs is much more likely to inspire guests to switch hotels entirely rather than requesting another room or reporting the problem to the front desk.

With the significant impact that bed bugs can have on hospitality facility value, the researchers note steps that FMs can take to minimize the risk, including periodic or semiannual room inspections performed by professional pest control firms and protective mattress encasements as the most effective measures for maintaining guest satisfaction.

Looking for more easy ways to eliminate insect problems? Check out this guide to 5 Areas that Termites Love in facilities to keep pests away.

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