Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System

March 28, 2014

Filtration is an often overlooked energy conservation measure (ECM).  One Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System saves at least 1” of static pressure on every system, which requires much lower fan BHP resulting in lower energy costs. The Dynamic V8 offers MERV 15 performance, removing ultrafine particles (UFPs) and odors from indoor air and/or outdoor ventilation air.  With fan energy representing over 10% of commercial energy, low pressure resistance cuts fan energy by 1/3 relative to MERV13 filters.  Outdoor air requirements can sometimes be reduced using the ASHRAE 62 IAQ Procedure, essentially doubling energy savings.

High dust-holding capacity means filter change-outs in YEARS instead of months.  Dynamic V8 maintenance intervals average over three years.  

Other Dynamic air cleaning solutions include UVC systems and activated carbon matrix systems for gas phase contaminants.  Compared to pellet based systems, the Dynamic ACM System offers low pressure drop, easy maintenance and no post filters downstream. Dynamic ACM Systems can be engineered to meet specific job requirements.