MEGA-TEC™ Wall-Mount Air Conditioner

Jan. 11, 2019

Newly launched, this multi-stage, high-capacity sensible cooling SPVU (single package vertical unit) system has exceptional efficiency for industrial-grade cooling.

The AHRI-certified MEGA-TEC satisfies the current Department of Energy minimum efficiency mandate of 10EER, in addition to state and national codes. The new units are also IECC2015 compliant; MEGA-TEC’s Copeland Scroll compressors can step down to less than 35 percent of the unit’s maximum capacity.

The MEGA-TEC’s optional economizer can provide “free cooling” by using outdoor air to cool an area within a facility when outdoor conditions are favorable. MEGA-TEC also incorporates patent-pending Balanced Climate™ from Bard technology, enabling control of both temperature and humidity.