Cheyenne Boiler

July 6, 2022
High-efficiency and dual fuel capable.

Superior Boiler has introduced a new high efficiency, dual-fuel-capable, hot water condensing boiler, the Cheyenne. One of the largest and most efficient hot water condensing boilers on the market, the Cheyenne comes in sizes from 3 million to 12 million BTU/hour and has a full-sized furnace capable of firing natural gas, propane or light fuel oil. Available with a choice of UL-listed burner packages and NOx emissions of 30 PPM or less on all firing rates.

The davited rear lid access allows users to access the furnace and burner combustion head without disturbing the burner or fuel train. A large waterside volume eliminates the need for a dedicated circulating pump or high minimum flow, allowing for load fluctuation with fewer burners and resulting in better overall performance.