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Moxy Hotel: A Trendy Way to Stay

Oct. 2, 2018

Listen to BUILDINGS' and interiors+sources' own Christoph Trappe and Valerie Dennis Craven as they chat about the new trendy Moxy hotel in Minneapolis.

Christoph Trappe: Hello everyone, Christoph Trappe here with interiors+sources and BUILDINGS Media and today I’m actually joined by Valerie Dennis Craven, who is the editor-in-chief of BUILDINGS and also the managing editor at interiors+sources.

Valerie Dennis Craven: Hello.

Rather listen? Play it here: [podcast]

CT: And we’re here at the hotel sitting at the bar and it’s really kind of neat. The Moxy is from what I can tell, a newer Marriott brand. And I would say it’s kind of hip. Would you agree with that?

VDC: Absolutely. Yes. It has a very hip vibe right when you walk in. Just colors, styles, aimed at being trendy. The one that we’re at specifically, it’s in Minneapolis in the uptown neighborhood, which is just a trendy area. Lots of people, aimed at Millennials in the neighborhood. And you can tell throughout this hotel.

CT: Well, hopefully it’s not just aimed at Millennials because I am not a Millennial and I kinda like it. It looks hip. The colors, we actually went to the gym really quickly. They had like a doughnut on the wall and what was the other thing again?
VDC: Pizza. They were both in front of the trendmills to, I’m guessing motivate you. They were neon signs lit up like that. Just everywhere, it’s neon and dark interiors. A lot of metal.

CT: So, guys if you’re listening to us on iTunes or one of the other podcast channels, make sure you come back to interiors+sources and buildings.com.

We’ll post some pictures from this particular one. I actually stayed in the first Moxy. My first Moxy was in Munich.

And the reason I stayed there is it was the cheapest hotel, it was during Octoberfest, so all the other hotels were like an arm and a leg, and that one was relatively cheap. And when I got there, I was like this is really different. I mean it’s so different, they don’t even have a front entrance.

VDC: Yeah. We couldn’t even tell for sure that we were coming in the door. It’s almost like a speakeasy in a way, just trying to be nondescript on purpose for the entrance.

CT: Yeah. It was kinda cool. And on the inside, they have like a record-listening room I guess. You can sit there and they have records. Of course, if it’s aimed at Millennials, did Millennials even grow up with records? I don’t think so.

VDC: No. But that’s part of what’s trendy and hip about it. Millennials like collecting them. Yeah. It has a lot of just areas to hang out with your group. This one has shuffle board and fooseball. Just lots of places to really hang out and relax.
CT: Yeah. And we’re actually hangin’ out, if you hear some of the noise, so they have a bar that’s - many hotels have bars. If you ever listen to any of my stuff on Twitter or elsewhere, I like to be outside. I think people spend way too much time inside. And this bar, you can sit outside. So, the bar opens up to the inside of the hotel. And then there’s a little area, I don’t know if it’s a door.

VDC: It’s a door.

CT: It’s a garage door that opens up. We’ll post a picture on the websites that you can take a look, where you can sit outside and cars drive by.

All right, guys. So, take a look. If you like the design, if you like the hipper kind of hotel I suppose, all the other amenities are relatively similar to other hotels.
Haven’t been to my room yet. The check-in desk is actually the end of the bar. So, that’s kind of interesting of course. But great service, fun and slightly different. And of course, you know, different gets attention and it certainly got mine.

Well, thanks for joining us. And tune in for the next episode.

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