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Office Thermostat Control Improves Morale, Productivity

July 20, 2015

Survey finds over half of employees are frequently unhappy with office temperature.

With the arrival of summer comes the ever divisive interoffice issue: how cool should it be? While the dilemma is a familiar one for FMs, a new survey shows that while a majority of employees are often unhappy with the temperature in their workspace, more autonomy over the temperature in offices can significantly boost worker morale and productivity.

Widely varying preferences make an ideal temperature situation hard to find, but the survey’s authors note that 57% of respondents reported that being given greater control over the temperature in their workspace would have a positive impact on both productivity and morale. This means that options such as network thermostats, sensors, and more advanced climate-control systems could be a good investment for building professionals.

Conducted by Software Advice, a software review and assessment firm, the survey confirms that most employees are generally satisfied with office temperature during more temperate months in the spring or fall, but summertime is the most polarizing time – 42% say the office is frequently too warm and 56% think it’s too cold. The results also found that while women typically prefer a temperature around 72 degrees F., men prefer their workspaces to be a bit cooler, reporting a preference around 70 degrees F.

Looking to keep your employees comfortable during the summer heat? Check out these 6 Easy Tips for Thermal Comfort to get started. 

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