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DOE to Reduce Commercial Washer Water Use

Dec. 10, 2014

New rule will cut consumption by 15-20%.

To help alleviate high water and energy consumption, the DOE has issued a final rule pertaining to clothes washers used in laundromats and multifamily buildings. The new standard is expected to decrease front-loading washers’ water use by up to 20%, while cutting the energy consumption of front-loading machines by 18% and top-loading machines by 15%. 

The rule, Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Commercial Clothes Washers, is scheduled to take effect in January 2018. The DOE expects that an owner will see savings between $165 and $294 over the life of an average machine. Also noted by the new standard is that the payback periods on the new units will be either very small or nonexistent, providing immediate savings to consumers. It is also set to save 7% on energy, or 0.07 quadrillion Btu, over the 30-year rule period.

Additionally, the DOE estimates that the new requirements will have environmental benefits as well, with the combined reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through 2030 roughly equivalent to the annual electricity use of 162,000 American homes.

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