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Raptor Air Strikes Controlled at Travis Air Force Base

Sept. 15, 2008

Wildlife Control Technology Inc. Specifies Nixalite for Military Installations

Nixalite Case History
Name: Travis Air Force Base
Location: Travis AFB, CA
Product: Nixalite Premium Bird Spikes
Installer: Wildlife Control Technologies Inc

Nixalite BASH (Bird to Aircraft Strike Hazard) Control for Travis Air Force Base.

John Horton is Operations Supervisor for Wildlife Control Technology (WCT) in Fresno, California.  Horton was called upon to solve a bird problem at Travis Air Force Base, located in the delta region of San Francisco Bay.

Large raptors such as Red Tailed Hawks were landing on taxi-way signs and near runways, causing bird air strikes to aircraft during daily training.

MSgt Edwin F. Allert, Fight Safety NCO/BASH Manager explains:  "We were experiencing bird strikes from large birds, including the red tail hawk. The hawks were perching in and around the airfield because of rodent and insect populations and it was a nice habitat for them to be in. Because of the large birds-particularly their size and weight-the impact would cause damage to the aircraft flying in our local pattern. Thankfully, no one was injured in any of the strikes, but the potential was definitely there."

According to Horton, contracts with our military consume time from the bid process to the detailed installation. "You need to be sure your company has all the proper credentials required by our military. For example, background checks are required of employees, proper insurance and registration for all vehicles is mandatory, and you have to provide such documents daily.

"In a nutshell, if you don't have good reliable employees, your company will not be doing work for our military."

WCT installed 1,300 feet of Premium Model S Nixalite on top of the taxiway signs. The installation called for 1,200 of Nixalite's proprietary Glue Clips. "Using Nixalite's Glue Clips allows for the option of removing the spikes for sign maintenance, which is preferable to gluing down the strips directly. The clips are of marine grade stainless steel and one clip can join two Nixalite spike strips together. We used adhesive to fasten the clips, which can also be fastened with nails or screws," said Horton.The installation was a success. "Based on observations from the Contract Falconers, Airfield Management and my personal observations", said MSgt Allert, "the problem was resolved as soon as the spikes were installed and the birds realized that they were uncomfortable. This can also be proven by the fact that we do not see bird droppings on the signs like we did before. Occasionally a Red Tail Hawk may have been observed trying to perch on the signs, but from what we have been told by the Falconers, they go through a learning process. When they figure out it's too uncomfortable they stop trying to perch on the signs."

Nixalite of America Inc is a leading manufacturer and supplier of effective and humane pest bird and animal control products. For more information call 800-624-1189 or visit Nixalite's website at www.nixalite.com.

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