ARKEMA Provides a Solution for Metal Construction Restoration

Aug. 15, 2008

Known for its robust durability and rugged beauty, metal construction has steadily increased in popularity over the past few decades in the commercial and residential construction industry.  However, metal materials are also known for their susceptibility to rusting, corrosion, weatherization and fading, among other deteriorating processes.  Because of this, metal restoration and preservation are growing markets in the construction industry, and metal coatings are leading the way.

ARKEMA Inc., a diversified chemicals manufacturer, has formulated a number of unique metal coating technologies that provide supreme durability for both new and existing metal systems.  The technologies used to formulate these restorative coatings provide a strong, sustainable solution to the problem of disintegrating, failing metal systems.

ARKEMA recently introduced Kynar Aquatec®, a low-VOC, emulsion-based resin that is ideal for metal restoration coatings, providing superior adhesion to metal and weathered metal coatings and facilitating easy in-field repairs, touch-ups and color changes.  

The formulation of Kynar Aquatec is based on the acrylic-modified polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin and provides enhanced durability and protection.  Because of its unique formulation, Kynar Aquatec-based coatings maintain their color and gloss and provide supreme protection against the weatherizing effects of harsh climate conditions and elemental exposure.  While most coatings deteriorate under exposure to pollutants, acid rain and the sun, Kynar Aquatec-based coatings resist this chemical decomposition and offer superior, extended protection against the film degradation, corrosion and abrasion often caused by exposure to oxygen, ultraviolet rays, moisture, atmospheric pollutants and extreme temperatures. 

Unlike many other metal coatings, Kynar Aquatec-based coatings provide enhanced solar reflectivity, featuring a surface that sheds dirt and maintains initial solar reflectance and original color better than any other resin type. Because of their enhanced reflectivity, Kynar Aquatec-based coatings can significantly contribute toward energy savings and LEED® credit requirements and can also achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings.  These coatings are ideal for commercial construction in urban areas, as they help to reduce the urban heat island effect, but are also a model choice for residential applications, as they can significantly decrease a homeowner's heating and cooling costs and can increase the appraised value of a home. 

Along with superior performance and energy efficiency, Kynar Aquatec-based coatings also provide easy and efficient application as they can be field-applied to multiple substrates and will air dry, reducing construction time.  These coatings provide an improved aesthetic appearance to any metal structure, featuring a variety of textures and colors that enable architects and building owners to create a building envelope that meets their tastes and requirements.

Metal coatings provide a solution for virtually any metal construction application—both new construction and restoration.  With coating technology that improves the performance of metal structures, increases a building's energy efficiency, improves its aesthetic appearance and significantly extends the service life of the roof, ARKEMA has the answer for any metal roofing project.

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