Trespa Solutions: Brightening a Pediatric Rehab Center

Jan. 1, 2008
Trespa panels offer a broad spectrum of design possibilities, and their legendary durability means they will retain their beauty

Trespa solid composite panels are specified by leading architects and designers around the world to help realize their creative vision-interior or exterior, bold or elegant. An excellent example is the Ranken Jordan Pediatric Rehabilitation Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ranken Jordan is a specialty pediatric hospital providing a continuum of care for medically complicated children and their families. It is the only pediatric specialty hospital in Missouri and serves children from a three-state area. Children from two weeks to 18 years of age are referred to Ranken Jordan from hospitals, clinics and private physicians. All children are served, regardless of their families' ability to pay.

Ranken Jordan treats children with brain injuries, burns, neuromuscular diseases, orthopedic injuries, paralysis and other serious illnesses. The 60,000 square foot facility has grown to become one of the country's premier pediatric rehabilitation centers.

A Children's Village
Specifiers for the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center project utilized over 14,000 square feet of Trespa Virtuon®, Meteon®, and Athlon® to add depth, dimension and color to several key areas of the facility.

Architect and Design Principle Randy Johnston and the design team from Lighthouse Architects of St. Louis, Missouri were charged with the task of creating a building that would engage children and their imaginations-children of all ages and abilities. "Trespa offers so many colorful options; it allows for creativity. In addition, the panels are extremely durable and easy to clean", said Johnston.

"We created a "children's village" using shapes, colors and scale appealing to the children, staff and consistent with the stated vision of Ranken Jordan." To help accomplish this design concept, they needed a modular material that was colorful, durable, and could be used for both exterior and interior applications-and their search brought their team to Trespa. "Trespa provided our team with some great color options required for this project-colors that would help create a fun, child-friendly environment."

Johnston continued, "Additionally, Trespa provided the necessary impact resistant qualities required for this project".

Amazing Palette of Colors, Textures and Finishes
Five different buildings comprise the "children's village" and six different colors/finishes were used throughout. The texture provided by the Virtuon rock finish panels was used at the base of the interior partitions to replicate the masonry base of the exterior walls. Most of the interior panels were Virtuon silk finish panels to provide a contrast with the Virtuon rock finish base panels. All the interior panels incorporated the exposed fastener anchorage system.

"For the Ranken Jordan project the wide range of Trespa colors and textures was perfect," said design director Cynthia Enloe. "In addition, we were very pleased to be presented with the anchoring options provided by Trespa. The consistent panel/joint size worked in concert with the other elements of interior architecture to deliver an aesthetically pleasing, quality interior environment."

Did environmental/green factors influence the decision to use Trespa panels? "Initially no", said Johnston. "This was not proposed to be a LEED certified building, but as conscientious designers we looked at the green qualities of Trespa as an added bonus."

Randy Johnston concludes, "Collectively, we would certainly look to use Trespa for future projects requiring the unique qualities provided by this product."

Trespa panels offer a broad spectrum of design possibilities, and their legendary durability means that they will retain their beauty-allowing patients, staff and visitors to enjoy surroundings for many years to come.

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