Canadian Hotel Turns To Polyglass for Protection Against the Extremes

Nov. 12, 2007

Recognized worldwide as a place where thrill seekers can satisfy their appetite for adventure, Golden, British Columbia, is an ideal destination for anyone looking for some white-knuckle excitement and first-rate exhilaration.  Hidden in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountain range, the town is situated between six national parks that allow it to play host to a variety of extreme activities - including world-class skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and whitewater rafting. 

Every year, tens of thousands of tourists visit this west coast, Canadian community in search of the ultimate outdoor adventure.  While their days are spent traversing the slopes and navigating the trails, their nights are often highlighted by relaxation and recuperation at one of Golden's many hotels or lodges.  One of those hotels, the Prestige Mountainside Resort located just outside of town, has everything a worn out adventurer wants and needs.  World-class amenities and luxurious suites make this 4 ½-star hotel an ideal place to unwind and recover from a day filled with out-of-this-world excitement.

Much like the guests that it hosts, the Prestige Mountainside Resort needs to be fully equipped to handle the extreme conditions of this Rocky Mountain community.  Averaging more than 80 inches of snowfall a year and featuring temperatures that fluctuate by as much as 50°F in a single day, Golden's climate can have a devastating effect on a building, and few things are more at risk than the roof.

Officials at the hotel recently found this out first hand when the building's old tar and gravel roof system began to fail.  Just 12 years old, minor leaks were beginning to develop and in order to avert any full-blown catastrophes, the hotel contacted Concord Roofing from Kelowna, British Columbia, to install a new roof as quickly as possible.

After examining the rooftop, Concord Owner and Operator Steve Kaupp suggested re-roofing the hotel using Elastoflex® SA V and SA P self-adhesive modified bitumen membranes, manufactured by Polyglass® USA.  The self-adhesive membranes are manufactured utilizing Polyglass' patented ADESO® technology and are an ideal alternative to traditional mop-down and torch-down products due to their ease and speed of installation.

"Our guests expect to be in an environment that offers them 100% relaxation and serenity," commented Joe Huber, president of Prestige Hotels & Resorts, which operates a total of nine properties throughout British Columbia.  "Concord Roofing is a trusted and loyal contractor that has worked with our company for many years.  They installed a similar system to an addition that was built onto this hotel six years ago and we were very pleased with the results, so we had full faith in them and the product they recommended for this job."

Elastoflex membranes consist of a "true" SBS compound on the top layer and an aggressive self adhesive on the bottom layer.  The Elastoflex SA P membrane used on this job also feature a granulated top surface that helps provide long-term protection, and is just one of the Multiple Surfacing Solutions (MSS) that Polyglass offers on its roofing membranes.

"Polyglass' Elastoflex roof system offers strength, weathering resistance and waterproofing performance without the need for hot, smelly tar or dangerous torches to adhere them to the rooftop," commented Kaupp.  "The result is a quick and safe installation, which is why we install them whenever, and wherever, we can.

Before Concord could install the Polyglass roof system they had to sweep the existing gravel off of the rooftop using a power broom.  They removed all of the loose debris from the roof and then installed a new, 7/16-inch roof deck directly over the existing tar instead of completely removing the old, worn out system.

"We opted to re-sheet the rooftop and not go through a complete tear off of the existing roof system for a couple of reasons," said Kaupp.  "First, tearing off the entire roof would have been a nuisance to the hotel's guests and we knew they would not have been happy with that.  Second, the weather forecast at the time of the project was calling for rain and we knew it would be quicker to re-sheet the roof than to tear off the existing material."

After the two-man crew had the 18,000-square-foot rooftop re-sheeted they began installing the Elastoflex SA V base sheet.  Manufactured with a strong, fiberglass mat reinforcement, Elastoflex SA V exhibits excellent dimensional stability that made it an ideal base ply for the hotel and Golden's extreme climate.

After the Elastoflex SA V was completely installed, Concord adhered the Elastoflex SA P cap sheet directly overtop of the base sheet.  Elastoflex SA V is manufactured with a strong, polyester reinforcement, providing extreme durability and superior puncture resistance.

To seal the seams and end laps of both the SA V and SA P membranes, Concord utilized Polyglass' innovative SealLap® and FastLap® technologies.  SealLap is available on Elastoflex SA V and SA P, and is a technology that enhances sealing at the side seams and end laps of membranes.  FastLap, available on Elastoflex SA P and other Polyglass cap sheets, is a U.S. patented process through which granulated sheets are manufactured with granule-free roll ends, making tight seals at the seams and faster end laps.  Together, SealLap and FastLap create a unique seaming system that allows membranes to bond instantaneously to each other.

After all of the membranes were laid out and adhered, Concord completed the roof installation by utilizing Polyglass' flashing products around all rooftop penetrations.  Recognizing that penetrations are often times the most likely locations for future leaks, Kaupp said his crew doubled up the material at all curbs, pipes and edges - installing two layers of base flashing and two layers of cap sheet.  By doubling up the flashing details, Concord was able to get the hotel a 15-year, total system warranty through Polyglass.

The ease and simplicity of the Polyglass system allowed Concord to install the entire roof system in a little more than one month's time.  "We only had two roofers working on the installation the entire time and we were still able to finish in about a month," said Kaupp.  "That's what I like most about this system.  It's easy to use and quick to install.  Not only did we provide the hotel with a premium roof system that's guaranteed to perform, but we did it in a quick, non-obtrusive manner."

That's what matters most. Spending half their day on some of the world's most dangerous terrain, the last thing these guests want to worry about is a leaky roof in their hotel room.

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