Hassle-Free Roof Evaluations Save Dollars and Make Sense

April 13, 2007

For many commercial building owners, the idea of someone on top of their building conducting a roof evaluation is a scary thought that sends shivers down their spines.  That is because, in many instances, building owners associate roof evaluations with one thing and one thing only - a leak.

The truth is, roof evaluations play an important role in maintaining a building's overall efficiency and should be part of a complete maintenance program.  Regular rooftop evaluations can unearth potential problems before they occur, allowing building owners to make minor, inexpensive repairs that result in prolonged service life and decreased life-cycle costs.  By conducting occasional roof evaluations, building owners could save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars that may otherwise be spent on costly roof replacement. 

Yet for one reason or another, many building owners fail to understand the importance of continually maintaining their buildings' roof systems.  Roofs are the first line of defense against the exterior elements such as solar UV rays, airborne chemicals and flying or falling debris.  Regardless of what type of roof system a building has or how old the roof system is, constant exposure to these potentially hazardous materials can lead to premature failure and unexpected costs that leave building owners with no other option but to replace their existing roof.

While there are a variety of roof maintenance and evaluation services out there, few are as thorough or dependable as the ones offered by Carlisle SynTec and its Building Owner Services representatives.  With more than 40 years of commercial roofing experience, Carlisle has the knowledge and expertise to help building owners enhance the performance of their roof system and lower their buildings' overall operating costs.

Carlisle's Building Owner Services is staffed with the most experienced, highly trained professionals in the business.  They offer service that is second to none at a price that simply cannot be beat.  That's because Carlisle will provide building owners with a full roof evaluation and detailed report for free.  That's right, for free.

The process starts with a simple phone call.  Once a building owner contacts Carlisle, a Building Owner Services representative is sent to the site to conduct a thorough rooftop evaluation, paying special attention to potential problem areas such as horizontal and vertical transitions and rooftop penetrations.  This detailed evaluation is not only conducted on Carlisle's single-ply roof systems, but other roofing systems and products as well.  Carlisle's experienced technicians will review and evaluate built-up, modified bitumen and other single-ply systems - again, at no cost to the building owner.

After the Carlisle representative gathers all of the evidence from the evaluation, he or she will put together a detailed report for the building owner.  The report outlines specific measures that should be taken to prolong the life of the current roofing system and provides the building owner with numerous repair options, while keeping his or her budget in mind.  Carlisle offers a variety of repair options, ranging from simple enhancement of current details to fully coating the entire roof system.  No matter what shape your roof is in, Carlisle can recommend a cost-effective solution.

Walter Bell, maintenance and ground manager at North Pocono School District in Moscow, PA, is familiar with the services that Carlisle's Building Owner Services representatives provide.  Bell said he was grateful for the expert, unbiased opinions that Carlisle offered, stating, "When it was time to replace the roof on our high school, we wanted to look at all of our options - even those from Carlisle's competitors.  In the end we came right back to Carlisle because of their premium products and top-notch service."

"Our Building Owner Services representative walked the entire roof and performed a pull test, ultimately recommending that a new FleeceBACK® system be placed over the old, worn-out roof.  We are very pleased with our new roof and were so impressed with the assistance Carlisle provided that we have recommended this service to the other schools in our area," stated Bell.

After a building owner chooses the recommended options that best suit their needs, Carlisle's in-house design professionals will draw up the required specifications, still at no cost to the building owner.  From sheet layout and securement to roof penetrations and curb details, Carlisle's experienced design staff use the latest software to provide the building owners with everything they need to bring their investment back to life.

Once the desired restoration methods have been chosen, a contractor must be selected to perform the desired work.  Oftentimes, finding a qualified contractor can be the most difficult and time-consuming part of the roof repair process.  With over 2,000 authorized applicators located throughout the United States and Canada, Carlisle has the ability to help building owners find the perfect contractor to complete the recommended repairs.  Plus, Carlisle offers extended warranty coverage for repair work that is completed by an authorized Carlisle contractor.

Steve Phillips, director of Berwick Industrial Development Association, a commercial land development organization located in Berwick, PA, has had positive experiences when dealing with Carlisle and its Building Owner Services representatives.  "The service and products provided by Carlisle SynTec and its Building Owner Services representatives have been exemplary," commented, Phillips.  "We have found that the roofing systems proposed for our buildings have provided us with protection both on the roof and into the future through Carlisle's extended warranty program."

Contrary to the name, building owners are not the only ones utilizing Carlisle's Building Owner Services, no cost, no obligation roof evaluations to save money and evaluate the condition of existing rooftops.  Architects and roof consultants are beginning to recognize the benefits of these valuable services as well and are incorporating them into their business practices.

"When our clients purchase a property, the roof system is always a major concern because if the roof is in bad condition it can lead to a lot of problems and significant expenses for the building owner down the road," said David Wheeler, partner at the Cincinnati, Ohio-based architectural firm ATA Beilharz Architects.  "As an architect, I am not a roof expert.  Carlisle's experienced technicians have the most current, up-to-date information, so we know we can rely on the information they provide us.  I believe that in making this service available to architects, building owners and contractors Carlisle has recognized an informational void in the building industry and is providing a much needed service."

Much needed indeed.  The condition of a building's roof plays a major role in the overall condition of the entire building.  Carlisle and its Building Owner Services can help extend the life of any low-sloped roof and help building owners, architects and anyone else associated with the roofing process get more out of their current investment.

To learn more about the valuable services that Carlisle and its Building Owner Services provide, call 866.386.7454, email [email protected] or visit www.carlisle-syntec.com.

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