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Southern Properties Project

Feb. 2, 2007

The Southern Properties project presented a difficult but typical re-roofing problem. How do you apply a coating over a Built-up Tar and Gravel Roof System without using too much material and avoiding labor intensive tear off, but at the same time providing a quality roofing system? The Garnite® Roofing products provide the answer with its unique properties.

Guaranteed roof systems provided an easy three step solution to Southern Properties. This project incorporated Garnite® roofing products manufactured by RMI.

The RMI system used over the built-up roof is termed 'System 43' (*32 mils of Garna-Flex®, covered with 11 mils of Garna-Thane®). After cleaning off the loose debris using a power broom. Garna-Flex® was spray applied to the existing roof surface using specialized spray equipment designed by WIWA® . This application formed a flexible, nonshrinking, seamless roof system. The final step was applying the highly reflective topcoat, Garna-Thane® over the entire roof.

  • Garna-Flex® sets up 100% solid. Applied in its liquid form, it completely coats cracks and penetrations.
  • Garna-Flex® elongation is greater then 300% , it moves with your building.
  • Garna-Flex® has 100% memory, it stretches and returns to its original form.
  • Garna-Flex® perm rating is .003, qualifying as a vapor barrier.
  • Garna-Thane® provides 87% solar reflectance, which results in energy savings.
* Amount of material required will very depending on smoothness of the roof surface after preparation.

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