Abandoned Cables: A Hidden Danger

Oct. 29, 2006

In the past, abandoned cables could be categorized as...“out of sight, out of mind." But the problems associated with these cables have forced this issue to the forefront. Most notably, these cables have the potential to both fuel and spread a very large, very hot fire in concealed spaces in the event of a building fire.

Over the years, many types of cable made from a variety of materials have been installed in the concealed spaces of commercial and public buildings. Some of these materials were engineered to resist high heat, flame spread, and smoke generation, while others were not. So, in addition to fueling and spreading a fire, abandoned cables often generate large amounts of smoke, making the fire extremely difficult to find and fight. The fire-spread problem is further exacerbated when fire-stopped penetrations are disrupted and not adequately replaced or protected when new cabling is installed in the same pathways as the old.

How Can You Address the Abandoned Cable Issue?
DuPont offers services to help you assess the existing communications cabling in your buildings and a network of preferred contractors to assist with the removal and recycling of abandoned cable.

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How Can You Address the Abandoned Cable Issue?

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