Luxurious Waterside Shops Find Protection with Polyglass’ Polystick TU Plus

April 19, 2006

Pelican Bay, FL, is a quaint and exclusive community that features 3 miles of beachfront, beautiful, warm weather, and an upscale way of life. Located approximately 5 miles north of Naples, FL, Pelican Bay is home to some of the world’s finest retailers at the Waterside Shops at Pelican Bay. From Cartier and Gucci, to Louis Vuitton and Burberry, shoppers can find hundreds of ways to spend money on luxurious items.

Originally opening its doors in 1992, the Waterside Shops boasts 260,000 square feet of shopping heaven. Recently, The Forbes Co. (managing partner of the Waterside Shops), along with other partners Taubman Centers Inc. and ING Clarion, initiated a huge renovation, redesigning the space to incorporate additional shopping venues. Nationally known for its successful track record with regional shopping centers, The Forbes Co. once again created an architecturally interesting shopping mecca.

“The redevelopment is in response to the overwhelming demand of Naples residents for a true luxury shopping experience,” says Nathan Forbes, managing partner for The Forbes Co. “Not only are we introducing new luxury brands to Naples, but we have reconfigured the center to improve the overall shopping experience. The new Waterside Shops will be brighter, more contemporary, and easier to shop.”

As part of the renovation, 22 new retailers have signed on and existing anchor stores have expanded their presence. To accomplish this multi-phase project, JPRA Architects, a Farmington Hills, MI-based architectural firm, designed the visually stimulating property that features open-air walkways and lush landscaping.

Project Manager Bill Beitz of JPRA Architects recognizes the level of quality products and workmanship that has to be met for the most discerning eyes: “An important part of the design was to consider high-quality materials that could live up to the facility’s high-end image and be utilized with minimal disruption to the shopping center’s occupants.”

 Once the design was complete, Beitz was charged with the task of recommending roofing contractors that would meet the standards of The Forbes Co. After presenting several viable candidates, Nu-Tec Roofing Contractors LLC, located in Tampa, FL, won the contract.

“We were thrilled to be a part of such a massive project,” comments Hig Dillinger, division manager for Nu-Tec Roofing. “Our job included tearing off existing roofing materials and installing a new roofing system.”

With over $22 million in renovations at stake, Dillinger knew the importance of utilizing quality materials. While there are several underlayment options in the market, Waterside’s challenge was to find a membrane that could be exposed to the elements for a long period of time without immediately installing the roof after the application. After examining a variety of underlayment products, Nu-Tec opted to use Polyglass’ Polystick
Ô TU Plus underlayment for the project.

“We chose to use Polyglass
Ã’ Polystick TU Plus underlayment for the majority of the project,” explains Dillinger. “It is a high-quality material with a great reputation. It is durable, has a consistently high quality from roll to roll, and we knew we could count on its performance.”

Polystick TU Plus is a homogeneous rubberized asphalt waterproofing underlayment, glass fiber reinforced, with a high-strength polyester fabric on the upper surface. It is manufactured using Polyglass ADESOÃ’ Technology, the leading self-adhesive technology in the market, patented by Polyglass. The technology behind ADESO includes the ability of Polyglass to manufacture underlayments utilizing a “true” APP, SBS, and TPO modified bitumen compound on the top surface and an aggressive self-adhesive compound on the bottom surface.

Designed specifically for use under tile roofing systems, Polystick TU Plus enables roofing tiles to be mechanically fastened or adhered to the underlayment. The underlayment is highly puncture resistant and provides superior tear resistant surfacing andan excellent surface for adhesion of adhesive set tile applications. This is possible through an integral part of the ADESO Technology, Multiple Surfacing Solutions (MSS). This flexible manufacturing process facilitates application of a variety of customized surfaces and provides a wide selection of roofing solutions. The produced surfaces range from skid-resistant, UV-resistant, energy-efficient, non-abrasive, and all surfaces provide long-term exposure along with excellent aesthetics.

One of the key benefits for which Polystick TU Plus is known is its ability to be exposed for up to 90 days to the elements. This convenience afforded Nu-Tec the ability to adapt to an unpredictable renovation schedule without the fear of damaging materials.

In addition to
Polystick TU Plus’ exposure time, it also provides excellent thermal stability at temperatures of up to 260 degrees F., offering the flexibility needed in the warm tropical climates.Polystick TU Plus gives contractors like Nu-Tec versatility with exceptional performance as a flashing material for chimneys, skylights, pipe penetrations, and applied as an extra layer of underlayment protection at ridges, eaves, and valleys.

An additional benefit, SEALLap®, a factory-applied adhesive coating treatment on the overlap sections of the weathering surface, ensures that all the self-adhesive roofing membranes are integrally bonded at all seams.

While Florida’s western coast experiences warm weather, the area can also take a beating from Mother Nature with high winds and rain. The renovation was scheduled over an extended period of time to accommodate business hours, as well as to account for other construction-related delays. It was imperative to use products that could withstand whatever weather elements and scheduling conflicts emerged.

With Dade County approval, these underlayments offer strong protection, including high wind speeds. During one of the many 2005 Florida hurricanes, TU Plus underlayment remained in place despite wind speeds reaching 174 mph.

Other challenges of the Waterside Shops renovation included the request by The Forbes Co. to store materials outside the shopping center perimeter in a fenced-off parking area. “It was important to have the material easily accessible and tidy,” comments Dillinger. “The packaging of the material enabled us to keep things organized and presentable to the general public.”

Polystick TU Plus is packaged in a roll of approximately 200 square feet (finished roof coverage) weighing approximately 80 pounds. The material is packaged in the patented box, EASYBOX™ that facilitates an easy handling and access of rolls.

While the crew was busy completing the year-long renovation, most of the shops remained open for business. “Most of the locations remained occupied operating business as usual,” continues Dillinger. “As an upscale shopping destination, there were restricted hours for installation and it was vital for the application process to go as unnoticeable as possible.”

Utilizing Polystick TU Plus enabled Nu-Tec Roofing to go unnoticed. “We are so pleased with the results,” states Dillinger. “The product doesn’t require kettles, and there are no fumes or smells involved. The customers didn’t even know we were there.” With the project completion in April, the Waterside Shops were able to maintain their image as an upscale shopping destination throughout the renovation.

For the residents of Naples and the tourists that visit, the Waterside Shops provides a world-class shopping experience surrounded by exquisite scenery. Its prime location, open-air walkways, and lush landscape offer its customers a comfortable yet sophisticated shopping escape. Now it is not simply beautiful - it is also well-protected, starting at the roof.

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