Metal Panel Signature Roof on New Cabela’s Store

March 10, 2006

More than 60,000 square feet of PAC-CLAD® 22 gauge 18-inch steel Snap-CladTM panels finished in forest green were utilized to provide the signature green roof on the new Cabela’s store near Austin in Buda, TX. 

“That’s a lot of green,” says Pat Gallagher, project manager for general contractor Kraus-Anderson Construction, Circle Pines, MN.  Kraus-Anderson has continued as Cabela’s design/build contractor since being involved in the retailer’s expansion launch in 1997. Today, Cabela’s has eight stores throughout the Midwest with more under way.

“I had my doubts about meeting the tight timeframe, given the particularly wet spring we had,” Gallagher said. “But, the roofing contractor brought in a large crew and did a great job under adverse conditions.”

K Post Co., Dallas, installed the Petersen roof and also constructed numerous decorative interior applications using PAC-CLAD flat stock. It was a challenging job, according to K Post President Steve Little. “There were six different-length panels up to 60 feet long and five different slopes on the structure. The Hill Country winds definitely made handling the longer panels interesting.”

Plus, the project started behind schedule. “We worked with Petersen to establish an accelerated production schedule,” says Little. “And, the Petersen technical guys provided great assistance with some of the complicated details. I think the general contractor was really surprised by the efficient way we laid the roof out and the speed with which we installed it. The job finished faster than another Cabela’s project that was already under way.”

All panels were fabricated at Petersen’s Tyler, TX, manufacturing facility. K Post fabricated trim items and custom soffits at its shop in Dallas. “It’s a great-looking job,” Little says, “and we’re delighted to be associated with great names like Cabela’s and Petersen.”

The architectural firm of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates in Mechanicsburg, PA, has been involved in the design of the last six Cabela’s stores. “The green metal roof and its distinctive shape is an iconic image that people relate to when they think of Cabela’s stores,” according to Project Manager Brian Haines. “The green obviously relates to what Cabelas’s is, and also provides a lodge feel. The shape of the roof is an attempt to add interest and bring the size of the building down to more of a human scale.”

Kraus-Anderson Project Director Jeff Isakka says, “A Cabela’s project is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most construction workers. As the building takes shape and finishes start to appear, the excitement is palpable. And, each store gets better. It is built smarter, faster, details are perfected, finish materials and colors are refined, and animal displays become more intricate and awesome.”

An estimated 20 million people visit Cabela’s stores every year. The retailer also mails 80 million catalogs annually to customers.

Produced in factory-formed lengths up to 55 feet, Petersen’s PAC-CLAD Panels are Herr-Voss corrective leveled to provide superior flatness. Longer lengths are available by consulting the factory. All are available in 36 standard colors on steel and 34 standard colors on aluminum.

For more information on the complete line of Petersen metal roofing products, call (800) PAC-CLAD or visit (

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