Walls of Wellness: Glazing Provides Design Freedom

Nov. 1, 2005

When architects from Los Angeles-based Bobrow/Thomas and Associates began the Palo Alto, CA, Stanford University CTTP Cancer Research Center project, they knew they needed to incorporate the health and performance benefits of natural light into patient and visitor spaces. This presented a challenge because building codes limit the amount of glazing you can have in fire-rated applications.

The main lobby of the CTTP Cancer Research Center features a multi-storied atrium lobby. Several layers of 2-hour occupancy separation walls are between the lobby and patient treatment areas.

The ideal solution would be to open up the interior walls to maximum light without compromising the protection of occupants or property in the event of fire.

The architects opted for a fire-rated glass that acts like a wall by stopping the transmission of radiant heat. SAFTI FIRST’s provided the solution; SuperLite™ II-XL 120-minutes with GlassProtex™ GPX temperature rise Architectural Framing System allowed the architects unlimited design freedom while meeting all building-code requirements for this rated application. They were able to design with large expanses - clear walls - of fire-rated glass for maximum clarity, maximum daylight, and maximum fire protection while reducing noise in the interior patient and visitor areas.

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