Niche Job Boards Online Advance Employment Efforts

April 21, 2005
The Internet has changed traditional methods of employment for job-seekers and employers. There is no doubt that online resources are saving employers and job-seekers time and money – but in recent years, industry-specific niche job sites have allowed employers and job-seekers to preserve even more of their efforts.“I can truthfully say that using a niche job board like MEPatWORK has helped our company find qualified technicians,” said Martin Sanders, president of Sanders Services Co. “Since their website is focused on the construction-related fields, they helped us reduce operating cost because we are not placing dead ads in newspapers, struggling to answer the phones for applicants who are not qualified in their field.”To some extent, according to businesses that use niche job boards, employers and job-seekers know that they are not going to run into people from an industry or field completely different from their own. They are able to not only target the field, but also target a geographical area.Last year, Cody Martin, director of operations, Eastern Air, decided niche job boards might be a better option for his company. At the very least, he would save over $2,000 per month and months of manpower. He saw results immediately. “We are in a rural area, and it is almost impossible to find specialized help. We had tried all of the conventional ways of finding people, but we could hardly find people that were even worth interviewing much less hiring,” said Martin. “To make a long story short, we placed our ad online – and 5 days later, we had hired a lead installer.”Niche boards often range in prices from $200 to $250 and include access to their résumé bank.  They also form a rapport with their clientele, which generates a loyal relationship and, eventually, a partnership. The niche job board genuinely seeks to work for the clientele’s success.Like many business owners, Harold Perkins, owner of Perkins Electric, thought he’d give MEPatWORK a try. The service lets you search for candidates by keyword and job title. He queried the site and quickly found qualified help.“They changed our whole hiring strategy,” says Perkins. “After posting an ad online, we were able to obtain a Master Plumber and interviewed four to six others within days.”Today, job boards are as common as phone numbers for most businesses. If you are looking to fill a job position with a qualified candidate or are trying to find the perfect position that matches your capabilities, consider searching in a corner of the Web that fits your “niche.” 

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