Roof is Resistant to Chemicals, Heat, and Saves Energy

June 1, 2004
As of 2003, Safari Business Center in Ontario, CA, and Safari Business Park, a sister location in Las Vegas, NV, has installed 2,285,000 square feet of single-ply roofing from Burkeline Roofing Systems, San Jose, CA, based on DuPont Dow Elastomers’ Hypalon® chlorosulfonated polyethylene. It is the quality, durability, reflectivity, low maintenance, and longevity that have made roofing based on Hypalon® the only material to ever be specified for use by the owner-builder, Carl Ross.Carl Ross, the successful owner-builder of the Safari locations, has almost two decades of experience in the building industry. (You may recognize the name Carl Ross as the innovative former owner and president of Lynx Golf Club Company, which he founded and later sold.) He has been buying, renovating, and building commercial buildings in California and Nevada since the 1980s. When Ross first started out in the business, one of the biggest problems with the buildings that he bought was leaking roofs. According to Ross, “Eighty percent of my problems were leaking roofs. Most of the roofs were built-up tar, and they started to leak within four or five years of installation.” Occupants of his buildings started to complain, and Ross knew he had to find a quality roofing solution, or risk losing customers.He believes that: “When you build a house to sell, you build it one way. When you build a house for yourself, and expect it to last for your children to inherit it, you build it quite another way. I expect my buildings to last so that my children may one day inherit them.”That is why after researching a number of alternatives, Ross decided on roofing based on Hypalon® from Burkeline Roofing Systems. A number of important characteristics that highlight the quality of the roofing system influenced his choice.One primary reason for choosing Hypalon® was the membrane’s superb resistance to chemicals found near airports. This was important because the Safari Business Center is located one-half mile from the Ontario, CA, airport. Ross also liked the fact that the membrane was reinforced with scrim, had a good quality feel, and would last a long time. Ross’ first roof from Burkeline was installed in 1987. According to Ross, he hasn’t had any problems with his roofs since.One feature of roofs based on Hypalon® that Ross values is reflectivity. “In Las Vegas, temperatures get very hot. Due to the reflectivity of the white Hypalon® based roof, I know that my buildings are four to five degrees cooler. I know that I have been able to realize sizable energy savings as a result.”In addition to reflectivity, Ross also values the low maintenance aspects of the Hypalon® based roof from Burkeline. “I wash my roofs once a year, as recommended. And they still look almost like new. It’s the best roof out there, the only one I will ever specify, and the only one I know will last until my children inherit the business.”

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