Keeping the Outdoors Indoors

May 3, 2004
A new Cabela’s store built in the area might spark interest among sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts, but having the largest Cabela’s store close to your back yard might have everyone beckoning to its tempting call.  Cabela’s, known for its hunting and fishing gear and accessories, built the “World’s Foremost Outfitter” store outside of Hamburg, PA. This 250,000-square-foot facility, located on a 100-acre site near the intersection of Interstate 78 and Route 61 in Tilden Township, is currently the largest Cabela’s store ever built.To keep the outdoors indoor, the Warko Group utilized metal roofing and Polyglass’ Polystick MU for the underlayment. This underlayment, developed by Polyglass, the acknowledged leader in self-adhesive roofing products, was applied under 77,500 square feet of metal roof in its steep-slope areas. The metal roof featured AEP-SPAN 22-gauge galvanized snap-seam panels in a green-colored Kynar 500/Hynar 5000 finish.Polystick MU is manufactured using a homogeneous rubberized asphalt-waterproofing compound in combination with non-wicking fabric reinforced glass fiber. Formulated to withstand temperatures up to 260°F, Polystick MU excels in high heat environments generated by metal roofing systems including desert climates. Self-sealing around nails with a split release backing film, the underlayment is easy to position while maintaining proper lines. It can be left exposed to the elements for up to 90 days before the application of the roofing system. Polystick MU is Dade County Approved and ICC Classified.Many consultants and contractors have chosen this product for its superior waterproofing and cost-efficient features, which has been developed as a result of years of research and experience.While Polystick MU was entrusted to protect this famous landmark store, contractors also enjoyed the underlayment’s safety features. Polystick MU features a slip resistant surfacing that is extremely important when contractors are working on steep-slope applications usually associated with metal roofing. The surface makes the product safer and easier to work with, which helps increase the contractor’s productivity.While slip resistant, the surface is granule-free, which helps the overall performance of the metal panels. Granule surfacing can have an adverse affect on metal panels. As buildings expand and contract, the metal panels move over the underlayment, and if an abrasive surfacing material, like granules are present, it can cause abrasions to the underside of the metal, which can provoke premature failure of the panels.In addition to the non-slip surfacing, this underlayment comes with a split back release film that makes it convenient to handle and apply. Polystick MU provides 200 square feet of coverage per roll, which helps speed up the application process.Polystick MU can be left exposed to the elements for up to 90 days, so if the contractor does not complete his metal work for the day, or gets caught in a storm before the metal is fully applied, the Polystick MU product will act as a waterproofing agent and keep the interior dry. This 90-day window can also ease the job for an owner or general contractor. “It’s a workable material, and it’s very easy to install,” said Steve Warko, project manager of The Warko Group. “The product was chosen for its availability and affordability.”The Polystick MU is easy to install and can be applied much quicker than an entire metal roofing system. This allows a contractor to install Polystick MU, ensuring water tightness, pause construction, providing that the product is not exposed for more than 90 days.

They feature simple installation, self-sealing around nails and split/perforated release backing film. The Polystick family consists of products, including Polystick MU and MU Basik for metal roofing applications; Polystick TU and TU Plus for tile roofing applications; Polystick P which is surfaced with high strength polyethylene film laminate and Polystick IR-X with granular surface for skid resistance. They are all applied by removing the peel-off backing and pressing to a suitable, dry substrate.“There haven’t been any complications,” said Matt Durand, an on-site project manager of Kraus-Anderson Construction Co., Midwest Division.

Polystick MU metal underlayment was trusted to preserve museum-quality animal displays, huge aquariums stocked with native fish, and an elaborate indoor mountain created to display trophy animals interacting in their re-created natural habitats. This product serves as an ideal waterproofing solution, crowning a facility that will attract tourists from miles away.

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