Seamless SPF System Solves Harsh Winter and Metal Roof Problems

Nov. 1, 2003
Those infamous New Englandwinters were taking their toll on theroof of the Vermont Circuits facility inBrattleboro. The exposed metal panelroof was deteriorating rapidly – majorleaks developed at panel laps andfastener penetration points. Ice build-upon the roof’s eaves resulted in waterdamming up and getting inside thebuilding. Much of the problem was attributed to the inability of the existing roof to tolerate the thermal movement common in exposed metal roofs. Expansion and contraction of the metal roof panels and the resulting loose fasteners were identified as the causes of most of the leaks. With the time and cost of maintenance escalating (including caulking seams and retightening or replacing loosefasteners), Larry Kabat, facilities supervisor for Vermont Circuits at the time of installation, and his management team desperately sought out a long-term solution. A number of systems, including single-ply, were evaluated and rejected by Kabat and his team. Roofing systems that required penetrating fasteners were ruled to be impractical. Vermont Circuits needed a roofing system that had a well-documented track record for this type of application. They needed an insulating, seamless system that couldbe applied directly to the existing roof.  The BASF Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) system, with its self-adhering, non-penetrating application; incredible insulating qualities; and light weight was the solution. Kabat and his team chose a BASF-approved applicator with extensive  experience to perform the installation. “We felt it was extremely important to match the proper product to our specific type of  application,” says Kabat. “We went with what we consider to be the best system, as well as the best contractor for the job.” Several years after the original installation, Roger Kozyra "inherited" the SPF roof when he replaced Kabat as facilities supervisor. “The roof has given us no major problems and we’ve been able to perform our own maintenance,” he reports. The BASF SPF roofing system offers a service life of 20 years or more and is  extremely lightweight, so it can be applied directly over an old roof with little-to-no tear-off and disposal costs, and very little debris to send to the landfill. The entire Vermont Circuits roof was covered with a seamless layer of SPF, applied directlyto the existing metal panels. A seamless silicone protective coating was applied over the SPF to form a weatherproof, waterproof seal. SPF offers one of the highest insulation values per inch of all roofing materials. These superior insulating qualities significantly reduced the metal panel movement associated with weather-related expansion and contraction.
Weighing in at less than one pound per square foot, the BASF SPF roofing  system is ideal for roofs with weight restrictions. The BASF system answered all of Vermont Circuits’ needs. “It’s doing what it’s supposed to do,” says Kozyra. “It keeps out the elements  without leaks or worry.”

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