A Dual Solution

Oct. 3, 2003
Safety, noise, and installation complications are recurring factors when roofing commercial buildings. However, the industry is moving toward solutions that are making the roofing contractor’s job easier while providing fewer headaches for building owners.  This was the case for Durable Roofing Company, a progressive roofing company located in Sarasota, FL, and the Parkway Collection Shopping Center when they needed to roof 28 buildings, all occupied by retail and office tenants.The Florida project, located on the north side of Sarasota on the Sarasota and Manatee county line, was initiated by several roof leaks. Parkway Collection Shopping Center, a total of 146,104 square feet, was built in 1989, and the roof failure provoked an overhaul. Durable Roofing Company was chosen as the roofing contractor. They recommended a product that would meet the needs of the tenants: Polyglass ADESO dual compound self-adhesive roofing membranes.With 81,000 square feet of roofing to install, Durable Roofing knew they needed a product that would address the issues of noise, safety, and smell.  Self adhesives are continuing to grow in popularity due to the fact that they are easy to install and do not have the traditional roofing problems of noise and smell.  As the original manufacturer of the dual compound self-adhesive membranes, Polyglass has been the acknowledged leader of this new technology. With numerous self-adhesive products trying to follow in their footsteps, Polyglass has defined the technology with an encompassing brand name, ADESO. It identifies Polyglass’ self-adhesive products with the dual-compound technology that is so key to the product's success. 
The self-adhering properties of the built-up membranes provide the perfect alternative when traditional adhesives or propane torch techniques are not desirable. With the combination of these membranes, Polyglass offers one-of-a-kind built-up roofing system that features ADESO dual compound self-adhesive technology, split release backing film, and mineral granulated surface. ADESO Dual Compound Self-Adhesive membranes are tough when laid and shrink-free. Due to Polyglass’ U.S. patent-pending unique lapping system called SealLap and U.S. patented granule-free system called FastLap, membranes fit tightly and bond instantaneously to each other. ADESO dual compound self-adhesive membranes are easy to install, self-sealing around nails, rot proof, and available nationwide.For the Parkway, Durable Roofing used Elastoflex SAV base sheet and Elastoflex SAP granular cap sheet. These two products are manufactured with ADESO dual compound self-adhesive technology. The membranes comprise the latest in asphalt adhesive technology as well as substantial, proven weatherproof compounds, featuring mineral granule surfacing available in various colors.The Elastoflex SAP and SAV were applied on top of the existing roof. After cutting the old flashings, an approved one-inch isocyanurate insulation was mechanically fastened to the roof. The base sheet, the Elastoflex SAV, was installed on top of the insulation. The cap sheet, Elastoflex SAP, was then placed in a staggered pattern atop the base sheet.“I was impressed with the application speed of the product,” said Joe Richards, president of Durable Roofing, based in Midlothian, IL. “The project went smooth.” In fact, it was the largest ADESO project to date for Durable Roofing and they finished it in an astounding eight days in April 2003 with a crew of fifteen.  “They applied the roofing materials very quickly,” confirmed Terry Boyer, property manager of Parkway Collection Mall. “We are very satisfied with the product and the installation.” Just because the project went smoothly, don’t think that there weren’t any challenges. As always, safety was a major concern, as well as the noise level.  “Due to the ease of application, we didn’t interrupt deliveries, so the mall could keep functioning while the roofing membranes were being applied,” said Richards. “Dropping materials, knocking the ceiling tiles out, and being loud were major concerns that we had to consider while roofing the mall.”A major benefit of the Elastoflex SAP and Elastoflex SAV are that they avoid the use of hot tar and open flames, which are key contributors to on-the-job injuries. “The ADESO products were selected for this project because of the insurance costs that are associated with more dangerously-applied systems, such as hot tar, plus the benefits of cleanliness and speed of installation,” said Fernando Mesa, eastern & midwest sales director for Polyglass.ADESO dual compound membranes are manufactured utilizing glass fiber or polyester reinforcement, with a “true” APP or SBS modified bitumen compound on the top surface and an asphaltic self-adhesive compound on the bottom surface. The dual compound aspect offers excellent protection against the elements. “Even if it rained, the product would have withstood the elements,” said Ted Nickelson, president of Southeastern Roofing Sales, Polyglass’ eastern Florida sales rep company.
Not only does the product demonstrate impressive capabilities, but the ADESO dual compound system is also supported by a 15-year warranty. “The non-prorated, no dollar warranty was a major deciding factor,” said Nickelson.  “A facility with high traffic cannot afford to select a deficient product, which will subject property managers to unnecessary costs and drawn out hassles.”“We didn’t have any complications with this product,” said Richards. “It made the project a whole lot easier. This is a dual solution that will work for a variety of commercial buildings,” Richards concluded. 

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