No Gridlock Here! Solution Saves $$$

Oct. 10, 2002

Rick Banghardt, Division Manager at EPIC Interiors, Piscataway, New Jersey, needed a solution. The existing tile in the classrooms and corridors of East Brunswick High School, East Brunswick, New Jersey, was going to be replaced – but EPIC’s real question was, “What are we going to do with the grid once the new tile is installed?” The following is a short overview of what Rick Banghardt had to say after letting GridMAX solve his problem.


EPIC Interiors had a limited amount of time to accomplish the tile and grid project. Painting the grids was a possible solution, but an ever-occurring problem existed – all the furniture and equipment would have to be removed from the classrooms prior to the installation. Since the corridor ceilings were also being done, there would be no space to store the classroom furniture and equipment. If the furniture and equipment were left in the rooms, a great deal of time would have to be spent covering the items in order to protect them from cleaning solutions and paint splattering.

Solution: GridMAX

Why was GridMAX the ultimate solution? By using GridMAX, EPIC Interiors was able to work on scaffolds that spanned across the desks, equipment, and computers. No cleaning solution or paint was used – which could have damaged the items. Delivery of the product was overnight or second day, per EPIC’s request. Easy scheduling and no delays! East Brunswick’s custodial staff was able to keep to their summer cleaning schedule, since they didn’t have to spend time moving furniture back and forth. And, clean-up was a breeze – any pieces of GridMAX requiring cuts at the walls were performed on the scaffold, and cuts were placed directly into garbage cans. But, EPIC felt the real benefit came in terms of their work timetable.  Being a school project with a very limited work time frame, GridMAX was the way to go.

 “I would use GridMAX again … WITHOUT A DOUBT.”

-Rick Banghardt, Division Manager of EPIC Interiors, New Jersey

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