Corporate Stewardship in Sustainability

Feb. 13, 2002
Rohm and Haas Co., with U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of specialty chemicals – technologically sophisticated materials that find their way into applications in a variety of major markets, including paint and coatings.Rohm and Haas is committed to being a good neighbor and responsible corporate citizen and is involved in a number of initiatives, including Responsible Care®, Community Advisory Committees, and activities centered on the health and safety of employees, customers, the communities where they are located, and the environment. In fact, in 1966, Rohm and Haas Co. issued its first environmental policy statement, which described how it intended to operate its business with regard to its employees and neighbors. The policy has been restated several times since then. Throughout this period, the fundamental philosophy that guides the company’s behavior remained essentially unchanged since that first policy statement over 30 years ago.What has changed during that time is awareness. Companies like Rohm and Haas are much more aware today of their relationship with the environment; technology improvements have enabled industry, government, and the environmental community to see more clearly the intricate interrelationships that exist and must be respected; and corporate neighbors are much more aware of a company’s presence and have rightly demanded an increased role in determining the future of facilities in their communities.According to Rohm and Haas Chairman and CEO Raj Gupta, “Today, our commitment reaches beyond the environment to sustainability in all forms – operational excellence, product quality, community involvement, shareholder return, the health and safety of our employees and plant communities, and a commitment to the maximizing efficiency of the processes of our enterprise are all forms of sustainability. An unwavering commitment to the Five Voices – customer, employee, owner, community, and the process – are intertwined in every business decision.”

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