‘Cool Roof’ Tops Off Korean Stadium

Feb. 7, 2002
Having completed construction with an energy-efficient roof from Stevens Roofing Systems, Suwon City, Korea, has opened its 44,000-seat stadium, a venue for the 2002 World Cup. Holyoke, MA-based Stevens Roofing Systems, a longtime supplier of roofing throughout Asia, is the world’s leading producer of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO)-based roofing membranes.Citing environmental reasons, Suwon Stadium named Stevens for the 250,000-square-foot roof. Stevens EP™, the world’s first reinforced TPO roofing membrane, is made in several light colors that reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the air beneath the roof cooler. The wing-shaped roof, a characteristic design of Korea’s native architecture, will shade two sides of the oval arena to provide protection for 58 percent, or approximately 25,500 seats.In addition to conservation benefits and adaptability to unusual shapes, Stevens EP was specified for ease of installation and maintenance.  Vincent McPartland, international vice president for Stevens, notes the conditions under which the roof was installed demonstrate its ease of application and resilience. “Much of the installation was completed during Korea’s uncommonly cold snowy winter,” he says. “Stadium and city officials were impressed with how easily the Stevens EP was installed.”When the 2002 World Cup begins, the United States will play its first game in the new Suwon World Cup Stadium under the U.S. manufactured roofing system. That game is scheduled for June 5, 2002, at 9:00 a.m. against Portugal. Stevens EP by Stevens Roofing Systems.

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