Enhanced Security: Emergency Phones At Johns Hopkins

Nov. 15, 2001

World-renowned Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore provides extensive parking facilities for staff, patients, and visitors. It has installed Talk-A-Phone ADA-compliant hands-free Emergency Phones in its multi-level parking decks, as well as in its street-level parking lots. "Prior to the installation, a customer who was experiencing a problem with or locating their vehicle would have to go back to the garage manager's office. Now, assistance, help, and information is just a pushbutton away," says Joseph Capolla, chief, Corporate Security, Parking, and Transportation Services, Johns Hopkins Medical Institution.

The security office also uses Talk-A-Phone's exclusive Talk-A-Lert computer software to automatically identify the calling location and poll each location to verify the line and basic function of the unit. Before the system was fully operational, the importance of responding quickly became apparent. "During the first few days of testing and prior to the system being fully operational, we received a medical emergency call that allowed us to respond very quickly, under two minutes," explains Capolla.

As part of its continuous program of communication system upgrading and expansion, JHMC is now upgrading emergency communication in all elevators at the facility using Talk-A-Phone ADA Emergency Phones, which are also connected to its Talk-A-Lert System. To find out more on Emergency Phone Systems by Talk-A-Phone (#203),

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