Real Estate Telecommunications Site Management

Sept. 17, 2001
Presented by: Les PoliskyDirector, Field Services andTimothy FitzgeraldField TechnicianComsearch - July 2001Understanding and managing the maze of telecommunication issues facing today's building owners and managers is becoming more and more challenging. How can a building owner or manager feel confident that they're providing their tenants with the right telecommunication services? Effective management of current and future telecommunications systems deployed at a property is essential to guarantee the highest possible return on investment (ROI). Two telecommunication areas that present revenue-generating opportunities to commercial real estate owners are providing the right mix of telecommunication services available to tenants and leasing the rooftops of buildings as telecommunication sites. Real Estate Telecommunications Site Management
Today's tenants demand not only traditional telephone and computer connectivity; they want the high bandwidth access needed to successfully compete in today's fast paced markets. Providing access to these types of services with a minimum expenditure of time and labor creates a tremendous opportunity for property owners to increase their property value and generate revenue. While achieving such financial benefits is clearly an attractive prospect, careful planning is crucial to maintaining a flexible and adaptable broadband network infrastructure¾an infrastructure that is capable of providing connectivity with current and future technologies. A critical component to the planning and maintenance of telecommunication sites is the assurance of a safe environment for tenants, the general public and facility workers. As commercial real estate owners and managers struggle to gain the maximum ROI for their properties, many have realized the benefits of partnering with a multi faceted, non-biased telecommunications engineering and management firm to help manage today's continually shifting telecommunications issues. Facility owners need assurance that the latest telecommunications technologies they're considering are compatible and safe. Technical expertise and structure are needed to achieve these goals; such as, an initial site audit documenting the current building telecommunication layout, a database of all operational systems at a property and periodic assessments to document the Radio Frequency (RF) environment¾taking into account tenant changes or changes in operational conditions and ongoing radiation safety assessments. Managing technical issues as they relate to system efficiencies, regulatory compliance and site optimization require an experienced and qualified telecommunications engineering and management firm to help meet business goals and maintain quality telecommunication services for tenants.Effective telecommunications and information technology (IT) integration are growing demands of commercial real estate tenants. Understanding and managing the technical issues associated with IT cabling design, telecom closet(s)/hub(s) optimization, telecom facility marketing and procurement, and design and installation of telecom systems has become a real challenge for property owners and managers. As technology needs of tenants continue to change, property owners and managers are challenged with understanding and capitalizing on the technology options available to them.
The successful utilization of rooftops for telecommunication purposes can be a practical method of increasing the revenue stream of a property. However, strict adherence to the rules and regulations set forth by both OSHA and the FCC, allows property owners and managers to mitigate liability concerns and ensure the safety of tenants, workers, and the general public.
Providing tenants with the most modern telecommunication services is another practical way of enhancing property values. The delivery of effective communication, entertainment and business services positively distinguishes one property from another. Awareness of today's growing telecommunication technologies, issues, and practices empowers property owners and managers to take complete advantage of the opportunities that exist between the telecommunications and real estate industries.About the authors
Les Polisky is Director of Field Services at Comsearch. Les has over 38 years of experience in the field of electromagnetic interference and the evaluation of radiation hazards. He initially joined Comsearch in 1980 after serving in the U.S Air Force and spending 17 years with Atlantic Research Corporation. He pioneered the radiation safety services program at Comsearch and is the lead instructor in the radiation hazard training course. He published frequently in the area of electromagnetic radiation hazards and interference issues and can be reached at [email protected].

Tim Fitzgerald is a Field Technician at Comsearch. Tim performs a variety of in-field testing of communications networks including earth station, terrestrial microwave, and wireless facilities. He has been trained to carry out radio frequency investigation (RFI) measurements, electromagnetic interference (EMI) measurements, and radio frequency radiation hazard (RADHAZ) measurements for earth station and terrestrial microwave environments. Prior to working at Comsearch, Tim was a Research Analyst and Marketing Coordinator at CoStar Realty Information Group. Tim can be reached at [email protected].
Comsearch,, An Allen Telecom Company
For a quarter century, Comsearch has provided engineering services, products, and training to operators of microwave, satellite, cellular, PCS, broadcast, and fixed wireless networks worldwide. Services offered include full life-cycle engineering, spectrum management and frequency planning, network performance engineering, fixed network engineering, microwave services, RF design and engineering, radiation safety services, MAS frequency selection, and fixed and mobile satellite services. In addition, Comsearch provides regulatory support, GIS data, FCC auction support products, software tools for microwave network design, site and vendor location products, and protection services.

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