Spot-Cooling Units Keep Temperatures Down, Profits Up

July 16, 2001

Because of expansion in its IT and e-business operations, the Ann Arbor, MI, Aston Group had outgrown its data center and would be moving to a larger facility in six months. Aston’s data center grew from a single computer rack to seven racks with 45 servers, prompting the need to move to a larger facility, but the company’s current server room needed immediate relief from dangerously high temperatures. Systems were shutting down daily as temperatures rose to 100 degrees F.

By installing two MovinCool portable spot-cooling units, Aston’s data center was cooled to 70 degrees, eliminating heat-related system failure and saving weeks of server deployment time – all for a fraction of the cost of a permanent air-conditioning system.

Initially, Chief Technology Officer Steven Tutino tried to cool the data center with two portable air-conditioners. Since each unit’s cooling capacity was only 7,700 BTU/h, temperatures remained in the mid-90s. Tutino turned to a local distributor, which recommended MovinCool spot-cooling systems and brought in two Office Pro 24 units, each of which provides up to 24,000 BTU/h, features programmable temperature controls, and requires no costly installation. The units can simply be rolled in, plugged in (230V), and turned on. Temperatures immediately dropped

According to Tutino, the spot-cooling units run around-the-clock and achieve the same goal as a permanent air-conditioning system, which would have cost Aston eight times as much to install. Tutino was so impressed with the results that he recommended the MovinCool units to an Aston Group client experiencing similar challenges. Office Pro 24 by MovinCool, Long Beach, CA.

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