Scrub Sinks Offers Ultra-hygiene

July 16, 2001

The University Hospital of Cincinnati – one of the top medical centers in the United States – relies on Sloan Valve Co.’s Optima® Scrub Sinks in its operating rooms to maintain maximum sanitary conditions.

“We chose the Sloan Optima Scrub Sink because of its smooth-seam construction, which is much more sanitary than welded-seam construction, as bacteria hides in the crevices of the welded models,” says Dan Hixson, senior staff engineer, University Hospital. “Obviously, the hospital demands the most hygienic atmosphere as possible, especially for surgery, and there was no better product for our needs than Sloan Optima Scrub Sinks.”

Sloan Optima touchless scrub sinks were designed specifically for surgeons and surgical assistants, or others who demand sterile hand-washing conditions. The expanded sensing range of the hands-free faucet allows for proper scrubbing of both hands and forearms, while timers prompt users to follow specified washing procedures.

“Sloan’s Optima Sensor Faucets eliminated the need for complicated knee-action valves and they increased water and energy savings at the hospital,” says Hixson. Sloan Optima Scrub Sinks are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for easy installation and are constructed of heavy-gauge, stainless steel for quick cleaning. Models with drip guards help prevent splashing, and the slanted design keeps the surrounding area sanitary and dry, which reduces the chance of accidents due to a wet floor.

Other maintenance advantages of Sloan Optima Scrub Sinks include below-deck electronics that help prevent water and soap damage, easy access front panels, andintegral filters that remove sediment from water before it passes through the valve, thus extending the life of the faucet. Optima Sensor Faucets by Sloan Valve Co., Franklin Park, IL.

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