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Sept. 21, 2020

Welcome to the BUILDINGS eBookshelf! In our digital library, we’ve compiled the latest guidelines for designing and operating commercial buildings. Our new eHandbooks are full of actionable information, case studies and helpful products from trusted sources and suppliers. Best of all, they’re free! 

Welcome to the BUILDINGS eBookshelf! In our digital library, we’ve compiled the latest guidelines for designing and operating commercial buildings.

Our new eHandbooks are full of actionable information, case studies and helpful products from trusted sources and suppliers. Best of all, they’re free!

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Book 11: A Comprehensive Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has always been of vital importance, but never has it demanded more attention from architects, designers, building owners and facility managers than it does today in the wake of a global pandemic.

This eHandbook offers the most up-to-date information available on the subject.

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Book 10: Tile Around the World: Beauty, Sustainability and Performance in the Built Environment

Tile is an ancient building material that has passed the test of time and is as durable and practical as it is beautiful. New technologies and designs have helped this humble product evolve into one of the most versatile and sustainable products on the market.

In this eHandbook, you’ll find the latest information on the trends and technical data on tile that’s being produced around the world.

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Book 9: Future Proofing Your Building: Where HVAC and Sustainability Come Together

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) zoning systems solve many of the challenges associated with commercial construction and facility management. It’s time to ask yourself: is VRF right for my facility? 

This eHandbook attempts to answer that question with a deep dive into the benefits of VRF, how the systems work and how they can help you meet your sustainability and resiliency goals. Helpful case studies explore VRF in action. 

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Book 8: The Importance of Acoustics in the Built Environment 

Historically, acoustics hasn’t been a high priority in buildings. But the fact is, windows, glass walls, marble floors, skylights, hard and reflective surfaces, and interior elements have the power to change the sound in a room.  

Every design choice impacts acoustic quality, and noise levels in a room can impact health, concentration and productivity—just ask anyone who’s worked in an open office before. 

This eHandbook will help you better understand the fundamentals of how acoustics work in buildings, identify ways to improve acoustics and make the connection between acoustics and wellness clearer.

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Book 7: Preparing for Re-Entry

As more in-person business is taking place and life is returning to “normal.” It’s time for us to ask ourselves: what did we learn from the past year and a half, and how did COVID affect the way we do things in our buildings?

This eHandbook attempts to answer those questions and more. A panel of experts share the latest thinking on new paradigms for the workplace—whether that workplace is a hybrid office or a work-from-home space. It explores how students learn best and how education spaces might look different in the coming years.

The new eHandbook also reviews the benefits of touchless technology and includes products and resources to help you on your next building project.

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Book 6: Next Generation Lighting Strategies

Whether it’s setting proper lighting levels, eliminating glare or setting a mood that enables people to experience rich color accurately, all of these conditions help make tasks safer and easier to accomplish for occupants. Additionally, an effective lighting strategy can meet these multiple requirements while using energy more efficiently.

This eHandbook is intended to make the process of lighting a space properly more straightforward, offering up-to-date information from lighting experts and industry reports.

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Book 5: Redefined & Redesigned: Hospitality Spaces in the COVID Era

COVID-19 has been tough on the hospitality industry, but travel is slowly resuming now that vaccinations are rolling out.

In this eHandbook, we look at the evolution of hotels into streamlined, touchless experiences with stringent cleaning practices.

We also explore how meeting and event spaces have changed during the pandemic, repurposing guest rooms as temporary office space, and the “staycation” trend that may be here to stay.

Find out what the experts are saying about how hospitality spaces are repositioning for the future.

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Book 4: Wellness: The Future of Building Design, Construction and Operations

 A 2017 report by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) noted that nearly half of employers said health and productivity programs were an essential component of their company strategy, while 91% of employers said they offered health and wellness programs for reasons beyond medical cost savings.

The physical workplace was also one of the top three factors affecting job performance and satisfaction, according to the IWBI report, which cited a study in which 90% of employees surveyed said their attitude toward work is negatively affected by the quality of their work environment.

This new eHandbook gathers tips and strategies from leading design professionals and building owners on how to make sure your building is fostering wellness.

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Book 3: Short- and Long-term Strategies for Healthcare Design and Operations

While we understand more about COVID-19 today than at the outset of the pandemic, it will continue to reshape the way medical facilities are designed and operated—both in the short and long term.

That’s why we assembled this eHandbook: to offer guidance from trusted sources to help hospital staff and design professionals alike with the decisions they need to make today—and tomorrow.

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Book 2: Reopening and Reimagining Educational Facilities Amid COVID-1

As local school districts and administrators grapple with whether to open schools for the new year or postpone in-person classes and continue with virtual learning, one thing is clear: whenever K-12, colleges and universities do decide to reopen, their facilities need to be clean, operational and safe for students and staff.

In this eHandbook, we’ve compiled a number of up-to-date guidelines and resources from some of the most trusted sources to help get educational facilities ready for learning.

It also offers a glimpse into how classrooms may change in the future to ensure the health and safety of all.

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Book 1: Reopening the Office Best Practices

A Comprehensive Return-to-Work Guide for Facility Executives

In this eBook, we’ve assembled a preview of numerous guidelines and white papers with practical information on getting your workplace ready for reopening from some of the most respected organizations and architectural firms, including direct links to download the complete reports.

You’ll also find case studies and products that can help pave the way for safely reopening your office.

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