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Commercial Restroom Design Trends

June 29, 2022

Public restrooms in commercial buildings are undergoing a shift due to a number of societal, health-related, and technological factors. While touchless fixtures in restrooms are not new, the COVID-19 pandemic has generated greater interest in these products and the desire for an entirely hands-free experience in public restrooms. Additionally, public discourse around gender inclusivity is changing the way interior designers approach the design of these facilities, as reflected in changes to international building codes, as well as the rise in more all-gender/family style restrooms in commercial buildings.

Sustainability and wellness continue to be a high priority among most designers, even as demand for LEED- and WELL-certified projects is relatively low, with many clients opting to apply sustainable design principles without incurring the additional costs of third-party certification. Still, as hygiene is tied to health and wellness, there is an increased awareness of the importance of handwashing in a post-COVID world.

This report analyzes current industry trends; highlights relevant content from magazine articles about the design of commercial restrooms today; explores in-depth focus groups with a number of interior designers; captures the opinions of hundreds of design and building industry professionals about touchless technologies; and offers recommendations in response to the data collected.     

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