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Building Amenities That Attract and Retain Tenants

Oct. 26, 2022

Bringing people back to the workplace has perhaps never been more challenging. Since people became accustomed to working from home and rethinking their careers entirely in some cases, headlines have been dominated by terms like “The Great Resignation” and now “Quiet Quitting,” demonstrating that employees no longer want to return to business as usual.

For those that are returning to the office, they expect much more from their workplaces. The evolution of what tenants need and want puts more pressure on building owners and facilities managers to provide and deliver amenities that will attract and retain top talent.

Now, amenities like the flexibility of working anywhere, connecting to the outdoors or offering spaces that support wellness might be expected or could offer a competitive advantage—and it’s never been more important.

Download this eHandbook if you are considering how to incorporate and leverage the amenities you offer to draw people back to your building and help keep them coming back.