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Creative Ways to Conceal Cables

June 12, 2019

At NeoCon 2019 in Chicago, we saw many different options on display for organizing and supplying power where it’s needed.

Your building’s occupants should never have to be far from an outlet with all the cable management solutions available. At NeoCon 2019 in Chicago, we saw many different options on display for organizing and supplying power where it’s needed.

Flexible Power

Power that’s easily movable and configurable is ideal for a training room or an educational setting or any space that might have furniture on wheels or is reconfigured often, notes Steve Batchelder, director of sales for Connectrac.

At the show, Connectrac introduced Flex raceway products, its floor-mounted wireway that has a series of hubs under the floor and is low profile. With Flex, power connections are movable through a box that snaps in place. In addition, the box supports a furniture device, or it can have a cap over it to flush-mount to the floor.

“This gives you that freedom to change out that space, rather than run cables and have trip hazards,” Batchelder explains.

Augmented Reality and Technology

To address challenges of renovations and reconfigurations of under-floor cables, FreeAxez introduced at NeoCon the Gridd Mobile app. With the app, augmented reality allows the facility manager, electrician, or cable and wiring installer to know where to go in the under-floor system to make changes.

Other app features include:

  • Technical support
  • As-built drawings
  • How-to videos
  • Original site pictures
  • Product information

Hide Desk Cables

Once wires are above the floor, there are still options to keep them hidden.

Mockett, who introduced a grommet in 1980, now offers hundreds of different solutions for cable wire managers for desks and tables.

They are sold by the foot and have various styles and colors to blend into furniture and hide the wires and cables.

No matter the solution you are looking for, outlets should be easily accessible for your occupants, but wires don’t need to be.

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