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BlackPearl 250W by SunTech

Aug. 22, 2011

Powered by a new generation of crystalline silicon cells

Powered by a new generation of crystalline silicon cells, SunTech’s BlackPearl modules achieve up to 15.2% conversion efficiency – well above the 13-14% efficiency of conventional polycrystalline solar modules.

The BlackPearl 250W product is a 60 cell module comprised of 6-inch black square cells that delivers one of the highest power per weight ratios in the industry. The module features a +0 to +5% positive power tolerance and exceptionally low oxygen content leading to strong resistance to light-induced degradation. In addition, the modules are built to withstand all weather conditions including 3.800 N/m² (~270 km/h) wind load and 5.400 N/m² (~55 kg/m²) snow loads, well above IEC standard requirements. The product is ideally suited to rooftop installations where weight, power, and aesthetics are key customer considerations.

The BlackPearl module is comprised of 6-inch square cells that contain minimal oxygen content and achieve 18% conversion efficiency at cell level. Suntech's in-house R&D and wafer production team developed the technology based on a wafer manufacturing process that combines the high efficiency of monocrystalline wafers with the reliability of polycrystalline wafers. All modules also feature an anti-reflective surface trapping the sunlight into the cells combined with a hydrophobic self-cleaning surface structure.

To learn more, visit www.suntech-power.com.

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