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Smog-Eating Tile by Boral Roofing

March 7, 2011
Cut down on harmful air pollution with photo-catalytic roofing tiles.

Titanium dioxide, the photo-catalytic agent in Smog-Eating Tile, breaks down nitrogen oxide, a major component of air pollution and smog, to reduce its impact on the environment.

Nitrogen oxide can cause respiratory diseases and permanent damage to plants and trees. Generated by every burning process, nitrogen oxide molecules are present in high concentrations in street traffic due to petroleum products needed to run vehicles.

When exposed to sunlight, the catalyst embedded in the upper part of the concrete tiles speeds up the oxidization process of nitrogen oxide, resulting in less pollution. The tiles also destroy organic substances that come into contact with it, such as algae and organic dirt, which then rinse off with the rain.

For more information, visit www.boralna.com.

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