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Brighten Your Office to Boost Creativity

March 3, 2011

Revitalizing your office may not be a top priority for 2011, but an outdated work environment can hamper worker productivity.

According to design experts from Business Interiors by Staples, refreshing your office décor not only rejuvenates your interiors but also boosts teamwork and creativity. Follow these simple and low-cost design tips to strengthen collaboration:

  • Use varying height furniture: Modular furniture can be easily reconfigured and adjusted to various sizes. By using panels, shelves, and partitions of differing heights, close quarters can seem more open.
  • Contrast desk arrangements: Arrange desks and cubicle areas with lower panels in opposing directions to encourage better communication and collaboration.
  • Look at what’s under your feet: Brighten an office by using a mix of patterned and solid carpeting to make interesting shapes, define aisles, and create central areas.
  • Explore new colors: Select accent colors that can contrast with furniture and add energy to a space.
  • Experiment with lighting: Adjust the position of light fixtures and add warmth with LED lighting.
  • Think outside the box: Try some fresh ideas, like turning a wall into a dry-erase board.
  • Keep it clean: De-clutter by including more centralized storage and prominently located recycle bins.

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