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A Sweet Tooth for Rich Media

March 31, 2010
Your favorite business magazine offers a new, lush layer of information

Imagine if your favorite layer cake suddenly had an extra layer. Or your favorite French restaurant began serving a four-course dinner for the same fixed price as its three-course dinner. Or your favorite business magazine began to offer a new, lush layer of information.

Those are the kind of sweet thoughts that I hope you have when you read the new digital version of Buildings, which adds a new layer of information – rich media. Some publishers offer digital versions that only slice up the same content and serve it up on smaller plates. The digital version of Buildings provides new resources and content that cannot be conveyed in print, yet it retains the familiar and valuable experience of turning pages like those of a print magazine.

All website and e-mail addresses in the digital version are live links – just click and you are there. The digital version has a search capability that allows you to enter any words and be taken instantly to the pertinent pages of the issue. Extra content has been added to the articles – links to related stories and resources as well as photos and videos that cannot appear in the printed issue. For example, you’ll see that this month’s cover story on NASA’s Sustainability Base includes a link to a NASA-produced video about the new facility and its green goals.

All this content is easily consumed due to its presentation in a page-turning, magazine-like display. You can browse from cover to cover, knowing exactly where you are without needing to scroll down into hidden content. Click in the bottom corner of a page and the display turns the page for you.

Clearly, a case of being able to have your layer cake and eat it, too.

Have a look at our digital magazine by clicking on the link at www.buildings.com. Then let me know what the editorial staff can do to make the digital issue even more valuable for you.

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