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xWatch by Det-Tronics

Dec. 1, 2009

Det-Tronics announces enhancements to its xWatch camera and surveillance system. Options include viewing hazards over an Internet connection and recording activities before, during, and after hazardous events.

The new options fortify surveillance systems by enabling users to:

  • Immediately view industrial hazards remotely via a configurable IP address.
  • Accurately detect hazards by integrating the explosion-proof camera with a flame detector.
  • Record and review incidents for event analysis.
  • Integrate surveillance seamlessly into a safety system.

Following are three of the many options available as part of a surveillance plan:

  • A standalone, industrial-grade xWatch camera.
  • A camera partnered with a flame detector that provides accurate fire detection.
  • A surveillance solution integrated into a fire and/or gas safety system.

With Class I, Div. 1 and NEMA 4X approvals from third-party approval agencies, such as FM, CSA, CE, and ATEX, the xWatch camera, combined with a Det-Tronics flame detector, is ideally suited for remote and hard-to-access areas. The camera and detector view the same expanse. Continuous, real-time video provides the operator with surveillance capabilities during normal operation. If a fire is detected, the operator can quickly view a control-room monitor to assess the risk and initiate the appropriate response. Moreover, the DVR option allows users to evaluate the conditions leading up to and following the event.

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