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Nov. 19, 2009

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Carpets of Antron® fiber by INVISTA can have up to 42-percent lower greenhouse-gas emissions. The Bio_Antron™ carpet fiber is the first dyeable carpet fiber with bio-based content designed specifically for commercial applications. Antron Lumena® solution-dyed nylon has 25-percent pre- and post-consumer recycled content, and all Antron carpet fiber is certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP).
Antron Carpet Fiber by INVISTA.

www.invista.com • (877) 4-INVISTA

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Technical Glass Products (TGP) introduces Pilkington Profilit™ Hurricane Channel Glass to provide protection against high winds and windborne debris while allowing the natural passage of light for daylighting. The dual-glaze, vertically oriented, self-supporting, “U-shaped” cast glass channels with polycarbonate laminate are approved for 60 PSF design loans in channel-glass lengths of up to 10 feet.
Pilkington Profilit Hurricane Channel Glass by Technical Glass Products.

www.tgpamerica.com • (800) 426-0279

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Munters’ X-Pack™ utilizes Heatex cross-flow plate heat exchangers and advanced manufacturing techniques to attain low cost and high performance. They’re available in 600 CFM through 26,600 CFM and incorporate 2-inch galvanized steel casings and forward-curved fans. Options include integral or remote refrigeration; chilled water cooling; evaporative cooling; plenum fans; gas, electrical, or hydronic heating; and electrical and controls options.
X-Pack by Munters.

www.munters.com • (800) 843-5360

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Lunera Lighting’s 6400 Series 4-foot by 6.7-inch suspended linear LED fixtures are designed as a direct replacement for 4-foot linear fluorescent lighting in commercial environments, such as open offices, schools, data centers, retail floors, and hospitals. The state-of-the-art, dimmable, artistically designed fixture provides soft, voluminous light that’s ideal for applications requiring low-lighting power density.
6400 Series Suspended Linear Fixtures by Lunera Lighting.

www.lunera.com • (650) 241-3875

The addition of the XLamp® XP-C LED shifts Cree’s entire XLamp portfolio of lighting-class LEDs into the 100-plus lumen range at 350 mA. XLamp XP-C LEDs are available in cool white with up to 107 lumens at 350 mA, and in warm white up to 80 lumens at 350 mA. They’re ideal for applications requiring high-performance, lower-priced LEDs.
XLamp XP-C LEDs by Cree.

www.cree.com • (800) 533-2583

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Benjamin Moore’s EcoSpec WB paint is completely VOC free and available in all of Benjamin Moore’s 3,300-plus colors. The professional-quality, premium interior latex paint is versatile, eco-friendly, has no odor during application, and dries rapidly. It’s also available in a primer and three topcoat finishes: flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss.
EcoSpec WB by Benjamin Moore.

www.benjaminmoore.com • (800) 344-0400

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The E-Mon D-Mon® product line now has a LonWorks communication option (Option LTP) for converting electrical submeter data into the LonWorks communications format for building-automation systems (BASs) and equipment control applications, including lighting and security systems, HVAC, and more. This option provides up to 40 meter data parameters to any BAS employing the LonWorks protocol.
E-Mon D-Mon product line with LonWorks communication option by E-Mon LLC.

www.emon.com • (800) 334-3666

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DuPont™ RoofLiner by DuPont Building Innovations is a lightweight, premium, synthetic roofing underlayment scientifically engineered to provide excellent protection against leaks. It offers a Class-A fire rating, a limited 30-year product warranty, and enhanced durability and tear resistance. Plus, it’s engineered for use with all types of roof coverings identified by ICC-ES AC48 Section 3.0.
DuPont RoofLiner by DuPont Building Innovations.

www.roofing.dupont.com • (800) 44-TYVEK

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Workspring™ by Steelcase is a meeting space located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. It offers a high-performance, off-site environment for groups and teams to gather. Workspring allows organizations to maximize meeting effectiveness via advanced technology, a quiet location that acts as a retreat, furniture designed to enhance collaboration, food and beverages, and a trained concierge staff. Check out Workspring for your next team meeting or event.
Workspring by Steelcase.

www.workspring.com • (877) 824-1441

Zurich North America’s REsolution™ is a single, integrated insurance solution for commercial real estate investors. Focusing on your risk-management needs, REsolution is bundled insurance protection that covers property, casualty, and specialty risks, greatly reducing the risk of coverage gaps or the expense of overlapping coverages. Benefits include cost savings and a streamlined process.
REsolution by Zurich North America Commercial.

www.zurichna.com • (800) 382-2150

Through its Commercial Real Estate Support Team (CREST™), RealWinWin offers a comprehensive approach to maximizing the value of property through low-risk, high-return, expense-reducing, energy-efficient capital improvements. The process offered by the team includes ENERGY STAR® benchmarking, a review of high-potential energy and water upgrades, a site walkthrough, a review of how energy-saving initiatives would impact NOI and asset value, energy tax consulting, and LEED-EB assessment.
Commercial Real Estate Support Team (CREST) services by RealWinWin.

www.realwinwin.com • (215) 732-4480

ABM Industries’ ABM Property Preservation Group provides owners of distressed properties with the ability to consolidate maintenance and oversight across their portfolios. Customized to the needs of each client, a complete range of services is offered, including re-keying and securing property openings; property and debris removal; grounds upkeep, including landscaping and winterization; janitorial services; safety repairs; plant facility maintenance; and special regulatory services.
ABM Property Preservation Group services by ABM Industries Inc.

www.abm.com • (866) 678-0783

Keyworth Fire and Safety Consultants’ Professional Services include the policies, procedures, processes, and practices necessary to control, avoid, minimize, or eliminate unacceptable risks; critical examination to ascertain conditions or processes that may contribute to a fire or explosion; evaluation of means of egress; and review and development of policies to recover from a disruption or incident.
Professional Services by Keyworth Fire and Safety Consultants Inc.

www.keyworthfireandsafety.com • (630) 776-0284

EagleView Technologies’ Total Satisfaction Guarantee builds upon existing accuracy and delivery guarantees for aerial roof measurement reports and services. The reports will arrive flawless and on time as they go through a 5-step accuracy check to ensure that measurements are of the highest quality. With EagleView’s system and guarantee, roofers, insurance adjusters, and solar installers improve measurement accuracy, reducing cost and time.
Total Satisfaction Guarantee by EagleView Technologies.

www.eagleview.com • (866) 659-8439

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CENTRIA Architectural Systems’ Formawall Dimension Series BIM objects create the 3-D representations of the insulated metal wall panel system, allowing users the flexibility to easily change module sizes, panel lengths, and reveals. The objects can also be customized with CENTRIA standard and custom colors, as well as its Duracast® textured finish. Revit® was used to create the objects.
Formawall Dimension Series BIM objects by CENTRIA Architectural Systems.

www.centria.com • (800) 759-7474

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Duravit’s PuraVida is a complete bathroom suite designed to bring poetic purity and clarity of form to the bathroom, fusing minimalism and elegance with a sleek, graceful look. The suite features a flat, gently beveled washbasin; wall-mounted furniture available in deep red or black paired with high-gloss white, ebony, or aluminum; and a mirror.
PuraVida by Duravit.

www.duravit.us • (770) 931-3575

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Featuring unprecedented watertight integrity, flexibility, adhesiveness, and self-healing characteristics, OCM Inc.’s Turbo-Seal P Waterproofing System is a flexible gel that bonds to any surface to create an impervious waterproofing membrane. Consisting of a highly elastomeric polymer rubber (with 25-percent recycled content) with special adhesives, Turbo-Seal absorbs movement, minimizes damage and separation, and is resistant to wide temperature fluctuations.
Turbo-Seal P Waterproofing System by OCM Inc.

www.ocm-inc.com • (866) 457-5710

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