Tools of the Trade

Oct. 1, 2009

Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings’ performance. This month’s section starts with a six-product focus on roofing.


Majestic Slate™ and Seneca Cedar Shake Tiles™ by EcoStar are recycled synthetic slate and shake roofing tiles. The tiles are made from 80-percent recycled materials, feature Class-A and -C fire ratings, and have minimal limestone filler, providing long-term durability and performance. EcoStar tiles divert tons of waste from landfills each year, can contribute points toward LEED certification, and preserve rapidly declining natural resources.
Majestic Slate and Seneca Cedar Shake Roofing Tiles by EcoStar, a division of Carlisle Construction Materials.

www.ecostar.carlisle.com • (800) 211-7170

Erathane 300 Finish Coat White by ERSystems is a reflective, cool, high-performance elastomeric polyurethane coating. Designed to provide a combination of superb adhesion to a variety of substrates and a balance of high elongation and high tensile strength, it provides the ultimate in waterproofing. The liquid-applied, single-component, moisture-cured coating has a high solids consistency designed to provide an economical, tough film finish.
Erathane 300 Finish Coat White by ERSystems Inc.

www.ersystems.com • (800) 403-7747

DaVinci Roofscapes®’s synthetic roofing tiles in new DaVinci EcoBlend™ colors are CRRC rated to reflect sunlight away from the building, helping property owners save on energy costs, improve the comfort of the structure, and mitigate global warming. The EcoBlend products qualify for LEED-NC 7.2 Heat Island Effect, meet or exceed initial ENERGY STAR® requirements for 25-percent solar reflectivity, have a 50-year warranty, and are 100-percent recyclable.
EcoBlend colors by DaVinci Roofscapes.

www.davinciroofscapes.com • (800) 328-4624
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Birdair’s SHEERFILL® Architectural Membrane is the first ENERGY STAR-qualified and CRRC-certified architectural fabric membrane. It maintains an initial solar reflectance performance rating of 0.73 and an initial thermal emittance rating of 0.89. SHEERFILL is an energy-efficient roofing product that can lower air-conditioning requirements in buildings, reduce peak cooling demand by 10 to 15 percent, and reduce the urban heat island effect.
SHEERFILL Architectural Membrane by Birdair Inc.

www.birdair.com • (800) 622-2246

OMG Roofing Products’ RhinoBond System offers a non-penetrating mechanical fastening solution that virtually eliminates rooftop fluttering by evenly distributing the wind load across the roof. It uses the same fastener and plate to secure the membrane and the insulation without penetrating the roofing material. RhinoBond System does not create any potential entry point for moisture, requires fewer fasteners, and provides superior wind-uplift performance.
RhinoBond System by OMG Roofing Products.

www.olyfast.com • (800) 633-3800

DensDeck® roof boards by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum provide fire and moisture resistance, strength, and dimensional stability. The fiberglass mat gypsum roof boards can be used as a coverboard, fire barrier overlayment, thermal barrier underlayment, or vapor barrier substrate in a variety of systems, or in re-roof and re-cover board applications. DensDeck boards are recommended as a coverboard in low-slope membrane roof systems.
DensDeck roof boards for commercial roofing by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum.

www.gp.com/gypsum • (800) 225-6119
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Access Control

Kaba Access Control’s new LearnLok™ feature simplifies programming of up to 300 user credentials per door by “learning” them right at the lock’s reader without the use of software and related lock programming devices. It is compatible with the E-Plex PROX-based E5700 series electronic locks, E5770 series SACs (Stand-Alone Access Controller), and E3700 series narrow stile electronic locks, and can be upgraded with optional software to accommodate up to 3,000 users/30,000 audit events per door.
LearnLok by Kaba Access Control.

www.kabaaccess.com • (800) 849-8324

Hendrix Spacer Cable uses close spacing of each individual phase conductor to lower total line impedance and maintain voltage. Ideal for long spans of up to 1,500 feet, Hendrix Spacer Cable can span rivers, freeways, marshes, and lakes. Conductor coverings allow the spacer cables to withstand temporary contact with tree branches and other vegetation, reducing vegetation removal and protecting wildlife from lethal exposure to currents.
Spacer Cable Systems by Hendrix Wire & Cable.

www.hendrix-wc.com • (603) 673-2040

Pivot is a functional, flexible solution for mezzanines, in narrow aisles, around ceiling obstructions, and in confined workspaces. The 6-foot-diameter fan is compact and built to last, with the strength, reliability, and safety features to operate worry-free in tough environments. Pivot’s precision-molded hub ensures smooth operation and long life, and the exclusive trim pieces reduce noise at connection points for quiet operation.
Pivot by Big Ass Fans.

www.bigassfans.com • (877) BIG-FANS
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Fire Safety

Bosch Security Systems’ FPA-1000-UL Compact Fire Panel uses a Web-based approach for instant access to important system functions. It can communicate over local or wide area networks for faster alarm reporting, and it’s the first system in the industry to offer integrated gas detection. FPA-1000 Fire Panel incorporates notification appliance circuits, signaling line circuits, programmable relays, power supply, digital alarm communicator transmitter, and Ethernet connection.
FPA-1000-UL Compact Fire Panel by Bosch Security Systems Inc.

www.boschsecurity.us • (585) 678-3152

Powered by four AA batteries with an expected 1-year battery life, the SmartCode™ Signature Series by Kwikset® is quick and easy to install, and requires no hard wiring. It features a smaller and sleeker touchpad design, and allows builders to create two unique access codes – one for everyday access and another for temporary access. Plus, SmartKey™ technology is built in for use as a key back-up.
SmartCode Signature Series with SmartKey by Kwikset.

www.kwikset.com • (800) 327-LOCK

The Nouvelle™ Series of stainless steel sinks by HOUZER® Inc. is made of premium grade T-304 stainless steel and has a 25mm radius, a deep well, and straight walls, giving it incredible capacity. SpecPlus™ edges give it strength, and MegaShield™ insulation and StoneGuard™ undercoat make it one of the quietest stainless steel sinks available. It is also available in three different designs.
The Nouvelle Series by HOUZER Inc.

www.houzersink.com • (800) 880-3639
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Cleaning Supplies

The new version of Kaivac Inc.’s No-Touch Cleaning™ machine, the 1215, uses a new, less expensive pressure pump system to provide the same excellent cleaning performance at a reduced cost. With 150 psi, a HEPA-filtered exhaust and blower-capability, and a built-in wet/vac system, the 1215 also features a design that fits a variety of janitorial carts and can reduce cleaning time by at least 33 percent.
1215 No-Touch Cleaning machine by Kaivac Inc.

www.kaivac.com • (800) 287-1136

The Reveal Collection by Momentum Textiles brings classically modern patterns to new modular fabrics while showcasing the increased universality of a reduced environmental footprint. The designers used spun Eco Intelligent® Polyester yarn, enlivened patterns, and bold, contrasting colors for this chic, high-performance textile. The Reveal Collection is available in three new patterns.
The Reveal Collection by Momentum Textiles.

www.memosamples.com • (949) 833-8886

The Skylark® EcoDim™ is the first dimmer by Lutron Electronics to have an energy set-back feature. It makes light bulbs last twice as long by having a maximum light output of 85 percent brightness instead of 100 percent. This difference is virtually undetectable by the human eye and saves 15 percent in energy usage from lighting.
Skylark EcoDim by Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.

www.lutron.com • (610) 282-3800
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Steril-Aire’s UVC Emitters™ use high-output UVC energy to eradicate airborne viruses and bacteria, as well as surface biofilm, mold, and pathogens. The germicidal lamps are easily installed and available in a variety of models for multitudes of commercial applications. The UVC Emitters improve IAQ, reduce HVAC maintenance, and can create HVAC energy savings of up to 15 percent.
UVC Emitters by Steril-Aire Inc.

www.steril-aire.com • (800) 2-STERIL

WoodScenes™ painted finishes by Chicago Metallic Corp. recreate the look of maple, teak, cherry, and other popular woods with astounding realism. Available in six styles, the finishes are a sustainable alternative to non-rapidly renewing woods; they offer the warmth and detail of real wood ceilings without the cost and maintenance. WoodScenes are VOC free and can be cleaned with non-solvent-based cleaning solutions.
WoodScenes finishes by Chicago Metallic Corp.

www.chicagometallic.com • (800) 323-7164

The Vila Velha collection of Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring by Cikel America LLC features eight layers of oxide protection and is available in three colors, including Coffee, Tobacco, and Caramel. The hand-scraped, rotary-cut wear layer collection is available in 4-foot-long planks with a width of 5 inches and a thickness of 3/8 inches. It is durable and can be floated or glued down directly on, above, or below grade.
Vila Velha Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring by Cikel American LLC.

www.cikel.com • (800) 971-7896
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Vitrulan wallcovering systems are made of 100-percent finely spun glass yarn and come in customizable white patterns that customers can paint in the color of their choice. The wallcoverings can be repainted many times, and a wide selection of textures add depth and dimension to walls. Vitrulan wallcovering systems are highly resistant to wear and tear, are chlorine free, emit low VOCs, and have a high permeability rating.
Vitrulan wallcovering systems by Vitrulan.

www.vitrulanusa.com • (888) 267-4067
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Bryan Steam LLC’s new Triple-Flex Ultra-High Efficiency Condensing “Flexible Water Tube” Boilers have a guaranteed minimum thermal efficiency of 90 percent in worst-case condensing boiler operating conditions. The boilers fire at 3,000 MBH input and feature easily replaceable stainless steel flexible tubes, a variable speed combustion air blower, easy-to-remove access panels, and Honeywell “SOLA” hydronic safety controls and interface systems.
Triple-Flex Ultra-High Efficiency Condensing “Flexible Water Tube” Boilers by Bryan Steam LLC.

www.bryanboilers.com • (765) 473-6651

FLEXCO®’s Tuflex Force resilient rubber flooring tiles are manufactured with a patented vulcanization process using predominantly recycled rubber. The tiles are excellent for sports and other commercial applications, and are available in a combination of 12 colors from FLEXCO’s SpexTones color line, allowing you to find matching treads, risers, stringers, accessories, and wall base to go with the Tuflex flooring.
Tuflex Force resilient rubber flooring by FLEXCO.

www.flexcofloors.com • (800) 633-3151

Navarre by Atlas Carpet Mills is an all-loop pattern constructed with Antron® Legacy type 6,6 nylon that offers the functionality of a stand-alone or coordinating product and is manufactured with 10 percent of total weight derived from post-consumer recycled content. It effortlessly aligns with other styles without distracting from the overall visual impression, and features an extensive palette of 64 colorways.
Navarre by Atlas Carpet Mills Inc.

www.atlascarpetmills.com • (323) 724-9000
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Doors & Entrances

Special-Lite Inc.’s new SL-20 FRP Door features the same premium construction as the super-durable SL-17 FRP, but with an aesthetically pleasing and flexible surface finish. SL-20 FRP is 0.120 inches thick, flush with door edges, and has a fine-grained “sandstone” textured FRP face sheet that features a durable painted finish for low maintenance and easy cleaning. The doors are available in four standard colors and a variety of custom colors.
SL-20 FRP Door by Special-Lite Inc.

www.special-lite.com • (800) 821-6531

The SA-3050 Audio Analyzer by AudioControl is a one-third-octave real-time audio analyzer that allows users to easily and accurately measure the frequency response and sound pressure levels of audio systems. A battery pack and smart charger make it portable, and it offers a complete range of features, including a pink noise generator, calibrated microphone, SPL functions, and peak hold utilities.
SA-3050 Audio Analyzer by AudioControl.

www.audiocontrol.com • (425) 775-8461
Fire Safety

The Model 8000 Commercial RiserPACK® line of pre-assembled floor control assemblies by AGF Manufacturing Inc. includes a domestically cast bronze riser manifold, pressure gauge with globe valve, water flow alarm switch, and UL Listed/FM Approved model 2500 TESTanDRAIN® valve with NFPA-required orifice. It is also available with a pressure relief valve as the model 8011 and in 1-inch through 6-inch sizes.
Model 8000 Commercial RiserPACK by AGF Manufacturing Inc.

www.testandrain.com • (610) 240-4900
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Baldwin’s suite of commercial hardware applications are made from solid forged brass and offer an eclectic mix of urban elegance and relaxed tradition. The Lakeshore and Houston collections feature a classic, modern design and ADA-compliant lever handles, and the Boulder and Bristol collections feature a rustic, traditional design and elegant, curved handles. The hardware collections are available in a variety of finishes and colors.
Commercial hardware applications by Baldwin Hardware.

www.baldwinhardware.com • (800) 566-1986
Tools & Equipment

The Model 0101 Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher uses 12,000 pounds of hydraulic force to destroy all computer hard drives regardless of their size, format, or type in only 10 seconds. It is compact, portable, and virtually vibration free, and it needs only a standard 120V wall outlet to power it. The Sledgehammer also meets the National Security Agency requirements for physical destruction of drives.
Model 0101 Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher by Security Engineered Machinery (SEM).

www.semshred.com • (781) 821-8300

The VESTA chair series by 9 to 5 Seating offers comfortable, adjustable executive and task seating at a moderate price. Among several adjustable features, users can adjust the seat height and choose from five positions of back recline, and the seat depth and forward pitch is adjustable to user preferences. VESTA is available in several colors, and is made with water-based adhesives, non-toxic paints, and recyclable parts.
VESTA chair series by 9 to 5 Seating.

www.9to5seating.com • (888) 925-SEAT
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The versatile B180 solid brass pathlights by Orbit/Evergreen coordinate fixture styling with landscape or architectural design. The low-voltage fixture has six different shade designs and is offered in three different finishes. Shades vary in width from 5.5 inches to 8.5 inches and attach with a screw-top finial. The fixture is 23 inches high and includes a JC bi-pin 20W lamp, GS-10 super spike, and CO-3 connector.
B180 solid brass pathlights by Orbit/Evergreen.

www.orbitelectric.com • (800) 90-ORBIT
Tools & Equipment

The PAM Fastening E-Z Driver System is an accessory that attaches to any drill/driver in seconds to firmly hold screws in position for insertion in difficult-to-reach areas or for fastening from an awkward position. A unique ball bearing system securely holds Phillips square drive or PAMDrive recess screws, easily attaching them to any drill/driver, and making the E-Z Driver ideal for one-handed operation.
E-Z Driver System by PAM Fastening.

www.pamfast.com • (704) 394-3141

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC’s CITY MULTI systems consist of 6-, 8-, and 10-ton outdoor unit modules that can be combined to form an outdoor unit system of up to 30 tons that can connect to as many as 50 indoor units. The units are lightweight and easy to transport, provide easy installation and maintenance, and provide opportunities to attain LEED® points.
CITY MULTI systems by Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division.

www.mehvac.com • (800) 687-1968
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With a goal of protecting people and property from out-of-control drivers, RSA Protective Technologies introduces Curb-It™, a three-bollard vehicle barrier assembly. The single-piece structure bolts directly onto the face of a curb in any high-traffic commercial area. In extensive testing, Curb-It has been shown to stop cars and SUVs weighing up to 5,000 pounds and traveling up to 8 miles per hour. No jack hammers, poured concrete, permits, street closures, or debris removal are required for installation.
Curb-It by RSA Protective Technologies.

www.rsaprotect.com • (909) 946-0964

The Platinum award-winning Quadra 25 wall-mounted faucet has a sleek, high-performance design that’s ideal for smaller spaces. The clever joystick lever ensures optimum control while the elegantly curved spout highlights the natural flow of water. The faucet is WaterSense® certified and comes with a 1.5 gpm flow rate, resulting in a 30-percent savings as compared to the industry standard of 2.2 gpm. It’s available in polished chrome, satin nickel, and weathered.
Quadra 25 wall-mounted faucet by Cifial USA.

www.cifialusa.com • (800) 528-4904
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