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Sept. 1, 2009
Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings' performance. This month's section starts with a focus on Plumbing & Washrooms.
Plumbing & Washrooms

The Jeton Collection by Kallista is a commercial plumbing line that includes a complete bath suite with a multitude of components for a wide range of installations. The vitreous basin contains a state-of-the-art, low-profile overflow concept, and the faucets have lever and t-shaped handle options. Available in two high-grade marbles and five finishes, Jeton is both beautiful and easy to clean with a clear polyurethane coating for moisture resistance.
Jeton Collection by Kallista.

www.kallista.com • (888) 452-5547

Environmental Designworks’ SinkPositive is a patented multipurpose accessory sink that saves water by harvesting fresh water for hand washing and reusing gray water to refill the toilet bowl for the next flush. SinkPositive increases the frequency of hand washing and eliminates the touching of faucets, reducing hand-transmitted diseases. The sink-toilet combination is a space saver that’s perfect for small bathroom spaces, and can help detect costly leaks in the toilet’s plumbing.
SinkPositive by Environmental Designworks LLC.

www.sinkpositive.com • (615) 217-8066

American Standard’s H2Option is the first dual-flush toilet with jetted siphonic bowl cleansing, which adds push to the water from under the rim of the bowl, ensuring that all traces of paper and waste are removed from the sides of the bowl without splashing caused by some washdown flush toilets. H2Option features a normal slope with a generous water spot, and uses as little as 1 gallon of water on the low setting.
H2Option by American Standard.

www.americanstandard.com • (800) 899-2614
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The Purleve Hygienic Door Handle uses proprietary Automatic Sleeve Dispenser (ASD) technology that automatically advances antimicrobial sleeves over the handle after each use. Cleaning in between each use allows the “never-been-touched” door handle to minimize cross contamination and better fight the spread of germs. The handles also contribute to restroom cleanliness and reduce overall maintenance costs by eliminating the need to use paper towels to touch the handle.
Purleve Hygienic Door Handle by Purleve.

www.purleve.com • (877) PURLEVE

The E-Tronic™ 40 by Chicago Faucets features hermetically sealed, above-deck electronics for easy maintenance and long-term reliability. The faucet uses an efficient dual-beam infrared sensor with multiple modes and ranges that can be adjusted by manual teach-in or remotely from a palm-enabled device. E-Tronic 40 can be powered with a CRP2 battery or an AC adapter, and it includes a water-saving, vandal-resistant 0.5 GPM outlet, polished chrome-plated finish, and solid metal spout construction.
E-Tronic 40 by Chicago Faucets.

www.chicagofaucets.com • (800) 323-5060

Excel Dryer’s XLERATOR hand dryer completely dries hands in only 10 to 15 seconds and uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers. The high-speed dryer is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and delivers a 95 percent cost savings when compared to paper towels. Additionally, XLERATOR is Made in USA Certified, GreenSpec® approved, and helps facilities qualify for LEED credits from the U.S. Green Building Council.
XLERATOR by Excel Dryer Inc.

www.exceldryer.com • (413) 525-4531
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Roppe Corp.’s IMPACT Rubber Products Recycling Program meets the strictest requirements for sustainability. In the past, rubber products with adhesive could not be recycled, but with Roppe’s new program, rubber products are gathered at the jobsite and palletized for return to Roppe’s recycling partner, using a proprietary process that alleviates the adhesive problem. The program saves potentially thousands of pounds of jobsite waste from the landfill.
IMPACT Rubber Products Recycling Program by Roppe Corp.

www.roppe.com • (419) 435-8546

The BENCHMATA Automated Benchmarking System is powerful enough to automate any organization’s energy benchmarking needs. The system provides the capability to track associated building reports by building type, the ability to create two user-defined groups for customization, and advanced benchmarking reports and search criteria. Plus, the data can also be directly uploaded to ENERGY STAR to receive a rating in return.
BENCHMATA Automated Benchmarking System by BENCHMATA Inc.

www.benchmata.com • (415) 524-6739

Hafele’s easy-to-use electromagnetic lock system YNOTLOC can be used to secure hinged doors, sliding doors, and drawers. This concealed lock can be opened using a magnetic wand for individual doors or drawers, and a master switch button may access all the cabinets for a set time. With only a screwdriver needed, YNOTLOC is easy to install, and the lock can withstand a force of over 70 pounds.
YNOTLOC by Hafele America Co.

www.hafele.com/us • (800) 423-3531
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;Active Solar Glass® (ASG) is a complete line of attractive, semi-transparent, glass building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products developed by a partnership between Arch Aluminum & Glass and Konarka Technologies Inc. It comes in a variety of colors and allows any glass surface in a building to be a solar power plant. ASG incorporates low-E technology for energy efficiency and is free of hazardous materials.
Active Solar Glass by Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.

www.archaluminum.net •(866) 629-ARCH

ABET LAMINATI’s Commercial Wall System now includes Parqleather, a leather wall cladding system made from recycled leather refuse renewed by combining leather fibers with a vegetable tanning process mixed with the latex of natural rubber. The wall panels are for interior spaces, can be installed in a vertical or horizontal pattern, and are available in seven colors.
Parqleather by ABET LAMINATI.

www.abetlaminati.com • (201) 541-0700
Pest Control

Bird-B-Gone Mist uses the grape extract methyl anthranilate to deter birds from large open spaces and to force them to take flight from the treated area. Because methyl anthranilate naturally occurs in concord grapes, it is recognized by the FDA as a safe substance. Bird-B-Gone Mist features an LCD screen for programming and adjustable nozzles, and does not leave a residue.
Bird-B-Gone mist by Bird-B-Gone Inc.

www.birdbgone.com • (800) 392-6915
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Electro Static Technology’s AEGIS SGR Bearing Protection Ring can now be installed with conductive epoxy, eliminating the need to drill bracket holes in the motor’s end bell. Installation of the SGR takes just minutes, and the maintenance-free ring protects the motor shaft from harmful currents, and works with virtually no friction or wear for the service life of the motor.
AEGIS SGR Bearing Protection Ring with conductive epoxy by Electro Static Technology.

www.est-aegis.com • (866) 738-1857
Tools & Equipment

The TY5100 high-speed auto-feed screwdriver by TyRex uses a Corner-Fit™ feed system to set screws in corners and around objects. A clutch disengages when the screw is set to avoid stripped out heads and prolong bit life. The variable speed trigger can fasten at speeds from 0-5,000 RPM. The easy-to-handle TY5100 weighs less than 5 pounds and has a width of 3 inches.
TY5100 high-speed auto-feed screwdriver by TyRex LLC.

www.tyrextools.com • (800) 396-3318

REHAU’s new ECOAIR™ ground-air heat exchange system capitalizes on the consistent ground temperatures found 5 to 7 feet underground, which pre-warms in the winter and pre-cools in the summer fresh air for the indoor ventilation system. The system reduces energy usage for heating and cooling, lowers relative humidity, and hinders condensation from freezing. It also features an antimicrobial inner layer and is customizable for a variety of sizes.

www.rehau.com • (703) 777-5255
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The new PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Exit Signs are non-electrical and non-radioactive, and are framed in brush aluminum. The signs are charged by 5 footcandles of ambient lighting and release NFPA 101-/INB-Code compliant luminance. LEED and ENERGY STAR® compliant, these signs contain no breakable light bulbs and no electrical wiring, and can last up to 25 years or more. Signs come in red and green.
Photoluminescent Exit Signs by American PERMALIGHT Inc.

www.americanpermalight.com • (888) 737-6254

Made from a base of recycled glass aggregate, Stonhard’s Stonclad GR flooring system is a seamless, high-performing resinous floor. The flooring also contains epoxy resin, amine curing agent, and soy-based additives, and is long lasting, easy to maintain, and chemical and wear resistant. The Stonclad GR system is customizable and incorporates recycled and rapidly renewable materials to aid projects in pursuing LEED certification.
Stonclad GR flooring system by Stonhard.

www.stonhard.com • (800) 257-7953

The E3 Series line of Expandable Emergency Evacuation systems by Gamewell-FCI provide state-of-the-art fire alarm protection and can also function as a comprehensive MNS (mass-notification system) via several new products, including a local operating console, back-lit signage, high-threat switches, amber strobes, specialized speakers, and giant voice equipment. The system features a scalable design and requires minimal wiring.
E3 Series line of Expandable Emergency Evacuation systems by Gamewell-FCI.

www.gamewell-fci.com • (203) 484-7161
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Lymestone premium exterior wall finish creates the appearance of limestone without the extreme cost, weight, and lead time of the real thing. Blended in a 100-percent acrylic polymer matrix, Lymestone is hand-applied with a trowel, durable, and energy efficient. It can be applied to other Dryvit systems, tilt-up concrete, unit masonry, stucco, or interior drywall, and is available in a variety of custom colors.
Lymestone finish by Dryvit Systems Inc.

www.dryvit.com • (800) 556-7752
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The combination of fresh aesthetic and hard-working functionality allows Forms+Surfaces’ LightScale™ Bollard to settle harmoniously into any setting. The bollard features smooth, organic lines and a subtly curved profile; an electronic, thermally protected ballast; and an aluminum construction with a VOC-free powdercoat finish. The fixture is durable, low maintenance, has a recycled content of 68 percent, and is 90 percent recyclable.
LightScale Bollard by Forms+Surfaces.

www.forms-surfaces.com • (805) 684-8626

Exhibiting excellent resistance to air leakage, AIR-SHIELD™ LMP by W.R. Meadows is a water-based air/liquid moisture barrier that cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane. If properly applied, AIR-SHIELD LMP prohibits liquid water intrusion into the substrate while allowing vapor to pass through. The barrier helps increase building energy efficiency, is highly flexible, and is UV resistant.
AIR-SHIELD LMP by W.R. Meadows Inc.

www.wrmeadows.com • (847) 214-2100

Achella is Arcadia’s expressive lounge collection, comprised of lounge, love seat, and sofa models alongside a variety of tables. The Achella Lounge series features a modern, angular frame with scalloped seat cushions and shapely interior contours. Upholstered elements are combined with wood and Arcadia’s signature metal leg, and a variety of multi-functional options are available.
Achella by Arcadia.

www.arcadiacontract.com • (800) 585-5957
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Johnson “Terminal Tuner” Turnbuckles for architectural cable railings are a simple and attractive way to terminate cable with conventional threaded terminals, eliminating the need for in-line turnbuckles or threaded terminals with cap nuts. Installation and adjustment are simple, and each Terminal Tuner allows for 1.5 inches of adjustment. Terminal Tuners are easily tensioned with a 3/16-inch hex wrench.
Terminal Tuner Turnbuckles for architectural cable railings by C. Sherman Johnson Co. Inc.

www.csjohnson.com • (860) 873-8697
Lighting Controls

Digital Lighting Management (DLM) by Watt Stopper/Legrand is an all-digital suite of plug-together lighting controls that automatically configures to the most energy-efficient sequence of operation based on components in the system. Room controllers, which are connected by Cat 5e RJ45 cables, are the foundation of DLM and are available in one, two, and three relay configurations for on/off switching or 0-10 volt dimming.
Digital Lighting Management (DLM) by Watt Stopper/Legrand.

www.wattstopper.com • (408) 988-5331

Noblis Inc.’s new suite of analytic tools, TEAL (Total Emissions Analytics), helps organizations assess and plan their sustainability strategies. The Web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is easy to use, and can be used for a variety of functions, such as evaluating greenhouse-gas emissions, calculating carbon footprints, and determining baseline energy use. TEAL also has a return-on-investment component.
TEAL (Total Emissions Analytics) by Noblis Inc.

www.green.noblis.org • (703) 610-2002
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Bretford Manufacturing’s three new technology cart designs give educators greater use of technology in the classroom while increasing the ability to store, charge, move, and protect the equipment. New models include the 20- and 30-unit Intelligent Laptop Computer Cart with vertical storage; the Presenter’s Assistant for Learning (PAL) Cart, with a pull-out shelf and data projector; and NETBOOK32 Mini Computer Laptop Cart with a 32-outlet UL electrical system.
Technology carts by Bretford Manufacturing Inc.

www.bretford.com • (800) 521-9614

EFX™ 3D Laminates by OMNOVA Solutions provide an eco-friendly yet durable alternative to traditional 3-D laminates. They feature non-PVC construction; contain no plasticizers, phthalates, or lead; and easily conform to 3-D surfaces with a seamless appearance. Perfect for office furniture, healthcare, and retail fixtures, EFX Laminates require no T-molding, edge banding, or special edge treatments, and are resistant to impact abrasion, marring, and scratching.
EFX 3D Laminates by OMNOVA Solutions Inc.

www.omnova.com • (330) 869-4200

Energy Film, a thin, transparent window film by Artscape Inc., blocks 70 percent of solar thermal heat and rejects 97 percent of UV light with excellent visual clarity and without using a mirrored surface. The film is easily applied to the inside of the glass without adhesives, and it provides immediate energy savings by retaining interior heat in the winter and blocking solar heat in the summer.
Energy Film by Artscape Inc.

www.energy-film.com • (503) 299-9941
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Made from a combination of organic cotton and eco-friendly linen along with a coordinating organic cotton and bamboo rayon blend, Mayer Fabrics’ Wabi-Sabi Organics Collection is available in four simple, unpretentious patterns and earthy colors. This organic collection complements the recycled polyester Wabi-Sabi Collection, and the designs are inspired by the elusive qualities of the mysterious Japanese aesthetic.
Wabi-Sabi Organics Collection by Mayer Fabrics.

www.mayerfabrics.com • (317) 267-2626
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