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July 10, 2009
Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings' performance. This month's section starts with a focus on Lighting.

Cree’s LRP-38 LED lamp has a PAR 38 LED bulb that produces the same vibrant color as halogen – with 75-percent less energy. It features a narrow-beam spotlight for use in supermarket displays, department stores, and museums, and TrueWhite™ technology allows it to produce a CRI of 92 at a color temperature of 2,700K. The lamp delivers a minimum efficiency of 42 lumens per watt while maximizing light within the beam and minimizing source brightness.
LRP-38 LED lamp by Cree.

www.creeledlighting.com • (919) 991-0700

Ideal for construction jobsites, the GloBug Solo Jr. is lightweight and easy to set up. The lightweight portable lighting system provides 360 degrees of glare-free illumination, is powered by standard 120V, and incorporates an energy-saving 400-watt metal halide lamp that delivers 34,000 lumens. An air shock-absorbing mast system has a maximum height of 10 feet with an optional 35-inch extension pole.
GloBug Solo Jr. by Multiquip.

www.multiquip.com • (800) 421-1244

Producing illumination equivalent to 800 watts of fluorescent lighting, Ciralight’s SunTracker offers a system that’s environmentally friendly and energy efficient. SunTracker uses a single mirror placed inside a clear, protective acrylic dome and a GPS that requires no programming to direct reflected sunlight into interior spaces. With SunTracker, electric lights can be turned off for an average of 10.5 hours per day.
SunTracker by Ciralight.

www.ciralight.com • (801) 683-3596
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Light Wraps Decorative Wall Pack Covers by DPI are steel covers available in three sizes that fit over most standard wall packs. Sixteen standard, interchangeable aluminum faceplate styles are available in a variety of colors, and DPI can customize faceplates with laser-cut logos, addresses, unit numbers, and more. Full-on custom covers are also available, allowing customers to start from scratch and specify custom shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.
Light Wraps Decorative Wall Pack Covers by DPI.

www.light-wraps.com • (262) 292-2442

Art glass pendants by Nora Lighting can be canopy, rail, or track mounted and are available in energy-saving compact fluorescent, low voltage, and line voltage. The pendants are inspired by images in nature and are designed for use in hospitality and commercial installations. Featuring an extensive selection of luminous designs from European and American glassworks, the pendants offer creative styling and versatile applications. Matching wall sconces are also available.
Art glass pendants by Nora Lighting.

www.noralighting.com • (800) 686-6672

Exclusive Lighting Solutions’ new website offers complete info on Lutron lighting-control systems. The easy-to-navigate, highly informative site offers turnkey solutions for lighting controls. The site provides online access to a simple form that enables you to convey room-by-room lighting and control requirements for the planning, engineering, programming, commissioning, and provisioning of Lutron lighting-control systems.
Full-service online lighting-control resource by Exclusive Lighting Solutions.

www.exclusivelightingsolutions.com • (805) 541-3688
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Forbo Flooring Systems’ Marmoleum Global 3 collection is stylish, ecologically sound, and economically advantageous. The striking designs have 11 marbleization structures and a top-shield finish that provides occupancy-ready, lower-maintenance floors. Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials; other benefits include complete recycling of industrial waste and a 25-year life expectancy.
Marmoleum Global 3 collection by Forbo Flooring Systems.

www.forboflooringna.com • (800) 842-7839

Hammond Power Solutions offers three new standard series of energy-efficient transformers. The HPS Sentinel, HPS Synergy, and HPS Centurion Series include the use of phase shifting, are EPAct/NRCan compliant, and meet the NEMA TP-1-2002 and C802.2 energy-efficiency standards at an efficiency range from 35 to 65 percent of rated linear or non-linear loads.
Energy-efficient transformers by Hammond Power Solutions Inc.

www.hammondpowersolutions.com • (519) 822-2441
Fire Safety

EMSHIELD DFR2 is the first-ever trafficable, watertight, fire-rated, high-movement, UL-certified expansion joint. Made of fire-retardant impregnated foam, EMSHIELD DFR2 is pre-coated on the underside with an intumescent fireproofing material, and the traffic surface is pre-coated with highway-grade, fuel-resistant silicone. It can handle thermal-, traffic-, wind-, and seismic-induced movements, and it provides waterproofing protection and the protection of a 2-hour fire rating.
EMSHIELD DFR2 by EMSEAL Joint Systems Ltd.

www.emseal.com • (508) 836-0280
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Certified by Green Seal® and EcoLogo™, Enviro-Solutions’ ES 70 is a tough general-purpose cleaner that removes soils and grime, and is environmentally safe. ES 70 can be used to clean and mop floors with no finish, walls, woodwork, partitions, and plastic furniture. Good for light clean-up to heavy scrubbing, it may be diluted as needed and often requires no rinsing.
ES 70 by Enviro-Solutions.

www.enviro-solutions.com • (877) 674-4373

nesso™ access floor by Steelcase contains no PVCs and comes fused to fire-rated core material made of gypsum, recycled paper, and cardboard; panels are installed on adjustable-height pedestals. It comes in a variety of finishes and meets the Class-A requirements for interior finishes to minimize the threat of flame and smoke to allow for easy exits and public safety.
nesso access floor by Steelcase Inc.

www.steelcase.com • (800) 333-9939
Fire Safety

The goal of the InnovairFlex™ duct smoke detector by System Sensor is to increase the quality and flexibility of duct smoke detection through design innovations. To complement this goal, System Sensor designed a new online resource that provides links to InnovairFlex information, such as video demonstrations, product data sheets, installation guides, CAD drawings, and frequently asked questions.
InnovairFlex duct smoke detector online resource by System Sensor.

www.systemsensor.com/flex • (800) 736-7672
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Tridium has partnered with Dedicated Micros Inc., which will enable Tridium’s NiagaraAX Framework to integrate Dedicated Micros’ video-surveillance products into the company’s access-control, building-automation, and energy-management systems. The integration will allow customers to view live or recorded video, control cameras, and receive alarm triggers from any NetVu Connected DVR in the NiagaraAX system.
NiagaraAX Framework by Tridium Inc.

www.tridium.com • (804) 747-4771

Green Glue is a cost-effective, easy-to-use noiseproofing solution. It’s an eco-friendly viscoelastic compound used between layers of standard drywall to dramatically improve sound isolation and significantly lessen impact noise and structure-borne sound transmission. Quick and easy to install, one case of Green Glue can typically cover 100 to 200 square feet.
Green Glue by The Green Glue Co.

www.greengluecompany.com • (866) 435-8893
Building Automation

The AspectFT™ (Facilitating Technology) product family is American Auto-Matrix’s open Web-enabled area controller for the building-automation market. Different versions are available for a variety of application sizes, and it utilizes a Linux® operating system and a Java™ foundation to accomplish a number of building-operation routines and control algorithms. AspectFT also has the ability to integrate with other systems using an open MySQL approach.
AspectFT by American Auto-Matrix.

www.aamatrix.com • (724) 733-2000
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enMotion with Lotion touchless towel dispenser by Georgia-Pacific Professional is an innovative hand-drying solution, designed with softness in mind to help protect hands from dryness, cracking, and scaling. It’s cost effective and increases hygiene, and enMotion with Lotion roll towels can fit in enMotion and enMotion Impulse 10 dispensers.
enMotion with Lotion touchless towel dispenser by Georgia-Pacific Professional.

www.gppro.com • (866) HELLO-GP

A complete rethinking of the most effective ways to design and produce personalized IDs, AsureID® 2009 card personalization software enables users to control how data is sequenced and entered. It incorporates a highly intuitive user interface utilizing familiar Microsoft® Ribbon-like controls, and integrates user tools that make ID card design, data entry, and data management easy.
AsureID 2009 card personalization software by HID Global.

www.hidglobal.com • (949) 732-2000
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StoTherm Lotusan NExT™ by Sto Corp. integrates the continuous waterproof air barrier of StoGuard™, the exterior insulation of StoTherm®, and the textured finish of Stolit® Lotusan® with self-cleaning properties into a superior, sustainable wall cladding. This wall-cladding system is high performing and eye catching, while saving energy and staying attractive for years.
StoTherm Lotusan NExT by Sto Corp.

www.stocorp.com • (800) 221-2397

LOMAX Technology delivers materials with lower environmental impact and maximum performance by using methane gas collected from landfills to manufacture advanced latex carpet backing. The system uses renewable energy sources and reduces emissions: Latex carpet backing made with the technology has the same performance characteristics of conventional latex with a lower environmental footprint.
Latex carpet backing with LOMAX Technology by The Dow Chemical Co.

www.dowlomax.com • (800) 447-4369

UNTAIR® recently announced the availability of quick-ship replacement FANWALL® cells. The replacement cells can ship in less than 1 week. The FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® is an array of smaller, quieter, more energy-efficient fans. Because the FANWALL cells fit through standard doorways, they’re ideal for replacing or upgrading old, inefficient, or unreliable fan systems.
FANWALL quick-ship replacement cells by HUNTAIR Inc.

www.huntair.com • (503) 639-0113
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The Malish Corp.’s 100-percent recyclable Versa-Scrub Green has a three-in-one function that allows for scrubbing, scouring, and other types of cleaning. It contains two components: a green plastic block and an attachable scrub brush (sold separately), neither of which contain metal parts. The brush attachment snaps in and out easily, and the block is compatible with standard scrub pads. A swivel design ensures optimal use and durability.
Versa-Scrub Green by The Malish Corp.

www.malish.com • (440) 510-7142

Designed by Glenn Peckman, the Feel Good collection by Pallas Textiles aims to enliven interior spaces and is available in 52 SKUs consisting of four patterns: Bounce, Skip, Swing, and Twirl. Bounce is made with 100-percent PVC-free, non-carcinogenic polyurethane, while Skip, Swing, and Twirl feature Nano-Tex spill-resistant technology. Each pattern comes in a variety of vibrant colors.
Feel Good by Pallas Textiles.

www.pallastextiles.com • (800) 4-PALLAS

Well suited for applications that require a robust electrical/electronic interface, APEM’s 8000 Series pushbutton switches are UL approved and rated for 3A at 250VAC, 6A at 125VAC, and 4A at 30VDC with an expected life of 30,000 cycles at full load. The switches are available with gold or gold over silver-plated contacts, and termination options include solder lug and PC in vertical and right-angle configurations.
8000 Series Pushbutton Switches by APEM Components Inc.

www.apem.com/gr • (978) 372-1602
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Available in a variety of colors, ReflectiClean is a single-component, water-borne, elastomeric coating. It can be applied directly to metal surfaces coated with Kynar or other fluoropolymer-based paints. ReflectiClean is water based, has low VOCs, and exhibits tenacious adhesion, excellent dirt pick-up resistance, and superior weathering. It’s based on Kynar and Teflon technologies, and its surface properties improve with age.
ReflectiClean by ERSystems Inc.

www.ersystems.com • (800) 403-7747

The new AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door by Kawneer is designed with thermal, coastal, and hurricane-resistant features in mind. The doors are available in High Performance (AA3200HP) and Hurricane Resistant (AA3200IR) versions, and have been tested to meet North American performance standards, including air, water, structural, thermal, condensation, and large- and small-missile impact. A variety of finish options and mullion and reinforcement options make the design flexible.
AA3200 ISOWEB Sliding Door by Kawneer.

www.kawneer.com • (404) 524-3075

Arcadia’s Theory conference and executive seating features a sculpted chair back and signature metal arm detail. A smart, modern look from front to back is achieved with a compound curve shell accentuated by precise stitching details, and the series allows users to choose between synchro-tilt and knee-tilt adjustment mechanisms with a comfortable fixed back height. Theory is available in three base styles.
Theory by Arcadia.

www.arcadiacontract.com • (714) 562-8200
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Meraki’s MR58 Weatherproof Internet Access Point provides five times the speed and capacity of standard 802.11b/g wireless devices. It delivers high bandwidth and supports long distance links. The MR58 is easy to use, quick to deploy, costs less than half of traditional wireless networks, and is ideal for large outdoor networks across campuses, apartment complexes, hotels and resorts, and other large outdoor areas.
MR58 Weatherproof Internet Access Point by Meraki.

www.meraki.com • (415) 632-5800

The CULTEC Recharger® V8 stormwater-management system chambers have 40-percent greater storage capacity than CULTEC’s next largest model and can be used for retention, detention, recharging, or controlling the flow of on-site stormwater runoff. The chambers include built-in endwalls and an overlapping rib connection. The system is flexible, decreases the required installation footprint, and eliminates the need to build external manifolds.
Recharger V8 by CULTEC.

www.cultec.com • (800) 4-CULTEC
Building Automation

An innovative radio-frequency network, Onity’s new Wireless innPULSE® connects SensorStat® guestroom thermostats to Onity’s innPULSE energy-management software, eliminating the need for hardwiring in each guestroom thermostat. The software provides increased operational efficiency and many features, including remote monitoring of rooms and devices. Use of the software with the property-management system could result in an additional 10-percent reduction in HVAC runtime and energy costs.
Wireless innPULSE by Onity.

www.onity.com • (866) 86-ONITY
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Envirospec’s Pave-El® paver stone pedestals ensure uniform spacing and elevation of paver stones while allowing water to run off through to the drainage-plane level and under paver stones to the drainage system. Perfect for green roofs and roof gardens, the pedestals are comprised of a four-squared honeycomb structure of high-density polyethylene with eight vertical spacing ribs on the upper surface, and installation requires no special tools or skills.
Pave-El paver stone pedestal by Envirospec Inc.

www.envirospecinc.com • (716) 689-8548
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