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Top 100 Products

May 8, 2009
To see innovation, functionality, efficiency, and environmental friendliness at their best, read about this year’s top products

To see innovation, functionality, efficiency, and environmental friendliness at their best, read about this year’s top products, chosen by Buildings’ editors. Look for the editors’ comments at the end of the product description to find out why we chose each one. 

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The Now and Zen carpet collection has three symmetric patterns: Centered, Realization, and Wisdom. With Duracolor® technology, this carpet will stay colorful.
Now and Zen by Lees Carpets (800-523-5647 or www.leescarpets.com).

“Stain-resistant dye technology is integrated into the carpet fiber and not applied topically; 99 percent of stains are easily removed.”


An all-in-one stereo speaker, the SUPERSTAR™ is great for boutiques, bars, restaurants, offices, etc. Compatible with popular digital sources, the SUPERSTAR delivers nearly perfect acoustics.
SUPERSTAR by Artcoustic (360-756-2205 or www.artcoustic.com).

“The SUPERSTAR looks like wall art — but plug in an iPod, and, suddenly, it’s a functional, eye-catching speaker.”


Made from 100-percent post-industrial cork material, Showercork is perfect for showers, pool surrounds, and other wet environments. It’s impermeable, extremely resilient, and acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator.
Showercork by Sustainable Flooring Inc. (303-544-6076 or www.showercork.com).

“Typically, cork isn’t recommended for wet locations, so this product is unique in its versatility.”


This detector combines a carbon-monoxide sensing cell, an infrared sensor, a photoelectric smoke sensor, and a thermal sensor. It’s ideal for laboratories, manufacturing plants, etc.
Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire Detector by System Sensor (800-736-7672 or www.systemsensor.com).

“With four separate detection methods in one small package, this product is a smart buy.”


These projection screens allow placement of the center speaker, or all front channel speakers, behind the screen — matching the sound to the action on the screen.
Performance Series by Screen Excellence (360-756-2205 or www.screenexcellence.com).

“Stash the speakers behind the screen for a clean appearance and great sound matching.”


Vitrulan’s Magnet glass deco fabric is made from woven glass fabric and customized with a patented metallic back coating. Magnets can be stuck directly to the wall.
Magnet by Vitrulan (888-267-4067 or www.vitrulan.com).

“This easy-to-clean, magnetic wallcovering is a great choice for schools, daycares, and offices.”


This system is energy efficient and extends the hours of daylighting available. The dome delivers an Effective Daylight Capture Surface of up to 750 square inches.
Solatube 750 DS Daylighting System by Solatube Intl. Inc. (888-765-2882 or www.solatube.com).

“This product reduces visual discomfort by tempering glints and mixing light in the shaft.”


This seamless roofing membrane is made of nonporous, airtight rubber — a stronger material than the porous acrylics offered with other roof sealing systems. It blocks moisture, seals out rust, and handles thermal movement.
Topps Seal by Topps Products Inc. (800-867-7177 or www.toppsproducts.com).

“Topps Seal in white can reduce air-conditioning needs by up to 50 percent.”


Tremco’s ICE (Instant Cure Emulsion) System can cure in as few as 4 hours, compared to the typical cure time of 30 days for systems with asphalt-based adhesives.
ICE System by Tremco Inc. (800-562-2728 or www.tremcoroofing.com).

“Curing in hours instead of weeks, the ICE System saves a remarkable amount of time.”


This platform and embedded device technology distributes decision-making control and manageability to any device, and brings intelligence and connectivity to the network edge and back.
Sedona Framework by Tridium Inc. (804-747-4771 or www.tridium.com).

“Because this software platform is open source, it extends IT connectivity and network capability to billions of low-level devices.”


This recessed, high-intensity, over-bed luminaire for critical-care units in healthcare settings costs less to purchase, install, and operate than any set of two or three individual units.
ED/CC Light by Vista Lighting (800-576-2135 or www.vistalighting.com).

“This budget-friendly luminaire acts as ambient light, non-glare patient reading light, and an examination light.”


This suite of plug-together lighting controls features automatically commissioning occupancy and daylight sensors, switches, and other components. It speeds up installation and eliminates the potential for wiring errors.
Digital Lighting Management by Watt Stopper/Legrand (408-988-5331 or www.wattstopper.com).

“This system is the first to automatically configure devices for the most energy-efficient operation, and it’s all digital.”


The AirForce™ hand dryer is high speed, low energy, and hygienic. AirForce dries hands in 10 to 12 seconds and only uses 1.1 kilowatts of energy, making it the most energy-efficient dryer available.
AirForce by WorLd Dryer Corp. (800-323-0701 or www.worlddryer.com).

“This hand dryer is incredibly fast at drying, and it’s GreenSpec listed.”



Luminance™ light shelves enhance interior daylight and integrate with YKK AP standard curtainwall and window-wall products. A 90-degree drop-down feature enables easy cleaning of the light shelf and glazing above it.
Luminance by YKK AP America Inc. (678-838-6000 or www.ykkap.com).

“These light shelves reflect and diffuse natural light and are easy to clean!”


These water-conserving toilets are engineered for optimal performance and hygiene in demanding environments. Using just 1.28 gallons per flush, they feature sensor-operated flush valve and bowl combinations.
EcoVantage Series by Zurn Engineered Water Solutions (800-997-3876 or www.zurn.com).

“Using just 1.28 gallons per flush, these toilets provide consistent water (and, therefore, money) savings.”


VizorLED is a ceiling-mounted ambient light for parking garages that mounts directly to poured-concrete ceilings; the light provides glare-free direct downward ambient light in all climate conditions.
VizorLED by Wide-Lite (512-392-5821 or www.widelite.com).

“VizorLED has the ability to remove the heat it generates through a heat sink that vents it away.”


Pella Impervia® fiber glass composite windows provide more choices for property owners looking for durable, low-maintenance windows or doors that will perform in extreme weather conditions.
Pella Impervia by Pella Windows and Doors (888-84-PELLA or www.pellacommercial.com).

“These windows are more durable than aluminum, but the price is competitive with vinyl.”


The Resoul™ Collection features Gothic-inspired patterns. All styles incorporate recycled-content backing and recycled nylon produced through the ReEntry®2.0 reclamation program.
Resoul Collection by InterfaceFLOR (800-336-0225 or www.interfaceflor.com).

“These tiles have a minimum total recycled content of 66 percent, and that number continues to increase.”


The Eaton 9130 UPS is an energy-intelligent UPS that features smart energy management and the highest level of power protection. It saves energy and reduces cooling costs, delivering clean power.
Eaton 9130 UPS by Eaton Corp. (800-386-1911 or www.eaton.com).

“This UPS’ high-efficiency mode offers green power without sacrificing reliability.”



This software helps you assess and reduce your energy costs by increasing energy efficiency, improving facility reliability and productivity, and enhancing profitability.
Paladin Live Real-Time Energy Management Advisor by EDSA Micro Corp. (800-362-0603 or www.edsa.com).

“The analyses and simulations you can perform with this software can help you quickly and accurately identify ways to save energy.”


This flooring collection brings the landscape of a Moroccan panorama into contract interiors. The flooring is ideal for corporate, hospitality, or retail spaces.
LonElements Sahara by Lonseal Inc. (800-832-7111 or www.lonseal.com).

“With more than 35-percent pre-consumer recycled content, this flooring is attractive because of its look and green qualities.”


Verti-Kal™ panels are placed in a unique vertical format and utilize highly insulating, diffuse-light-transmitting structural composite technology. The panels incorporate internal, continuous supports to provide a vertical emphasis.
Verti-Kal by Kal­wall Corp. (800-258-9777 or www.kalwall.com).

“These shatterproof panels use and control natural daylight for energy efficiency.”


The Halo® LED recessed downlight features an LED module that installs into new construction housings or into existing Halo, All-Pro, or other 6-inch housings. The light consumes less than 15 watts.
Halo LED recessed downlight by Cooper Lighting (770-486-4800 or www.cooperlighting.com).

“Halo LED is the first solid-state lighting luminaire to meet ENERGY STAR requirements.”


This Borescope system enables real-time visual observation, recording, and remote data logging in video or still photography of areas that are hard to reach or dangerous.
Borescope System by General Tools & Instruments (800-697-8665 or www.generaltools.com).

“This device makes all types of inspection easier with its mobility and data-logging capabilities.”


The 8-HP Series high-bay detention center, jail, and prison luminaires for high-performance ambient lighting replace inefficient interior HID, incandescent, and halogen fixtures.
8-HP Series by Alumen8 (760-727-7675 or www.alumen-8.com).

“With impact-resistant or tempered glass, the 8-HP Series brings durable, energy-saving, and high-efficiency lights to correctional facilities and other institutional buildings.”


This is the first modular UPS system that easily scales — in 25kW increments — up to 500kW. It offers ultra-high efficiency and nearly silent operation.
APC Symmetra® PX 250/500kW from APC by Schneider Electric (877-272-2722 or www.apc.com).

“This is a flexible choice for data centers in terms of size, and the option of scalable, efficient power protection is attractive.”


This is a unique, modular system for dispensing infection-control products, such as wipes, hand foam, tissues, and masks. The system is constructed of pre-engineered, quality aluminum and is available in a range of finishes.
HealthView by APCO Signs (877-988-APCO or www.apcosigns.com).

“This dispensing station will help keep building tenants healthy by promoting infection control.”


ARCHIBUS TEAMS (Total Environment Asset Management System) software is a complete, Web-based solution for automated, centralized support of organizations’ environmental goals and government compliance mandates.
ARCHIBUS TEAMS by ARCHIBUS Inc. (617-227-2508 or www.archibus.com).

“From tracking LEED-certification progress to managing asbestos, this software will organize your green strategy.”


This engineered coating system, developed for the refurbishment of commercial and industrial air-handling units, halts corrosion, stops damaging water leaks, and eliminates standing water.
CPR-1 by AQUIS (888-494-1191 or www.aquissolutions.com).

“CPR-1 has an active antimicrobial surface to prevent the growth of Legionella, Stachybotrys, Staphylococcus, and more.”


This product prevents most radiant heat transfer and significantly reduces the temperature gradient across the polyiso board. It prevents up to 97 percent of radiant energy from reaching the air space.
CrossVent RB by Atlas Roofing Corp. (800-933-1476 or www.atlasroofing.com).

“CrossVent RB is a great choice for thermal efficiency beyond the R-value of foam insulation.”


The BA-220 DualBeam Barcode Reader solves sun-interference problems by connecting to existing access-control panels via Wiegand 26-bit format. It can also stand alone.
BA-220 DualBeam Barcode Reader by Barcode Automation Inc. (800-528-9167 or www.barcode-automation.com).

“With new laser and electronic technology, this barcode reader won’t suffer from sun interference or reflections.”


BELFOR’s Red Alert® disaster-response service provides effective solutions for recovery from water, fire, or smoke damage. Services include a 24/7 emergency phone number and on-the-spot damage assessment.
Red Alert by BELFOR (248-594-1144 or www.us.belfor.com).

“Take action before disaster strikes — have a great disaster-management service like this one ready for worst-case scenarios.”


Ideal for hard-to-treat open spaces, rooftops, or warehouses or buildings, Bird-B-Gone Mist is an advanced hazing system that emits non-toxic grape extract into the air to deter birds, geese, and ducks.
Bird-B-Gone Mist by Bird-B-Gone Inc. (800-392-6915 or www.birdbgone.com).

“Deter pesky birds with this non-toxic hazing system for hassle-free bird control.”


The Modular Power System provides reliable and redundant back-up power with multiple generators that proportionately share loads, acting as a single unit.
Generac Modular Power System by Generac Power Systems Inc. (888-GENERAC or www.generac.com).

“The smaller, lighter gensets can fit in smaller spaces or on rooftops.”


The Schindler 7000™ elevator system reaches speeds of up to 2,000 feet per minute and heights of 1,640 feet. In addition, it’s composed of 85-percent recyclable material and requires less energy.
Schindler 7000 by Schindler Elevator Corp. (973-397-6500 or www.us.schindler.com).

“This product can be easily incorporated into modernization efforts.”


3Rivers™ Pedestrian Lighting indirectly lights exterior and walkway spaces with a single HID lamp, an oval cross-section pole, and an oval-shaped reflector panel.
3Rivers Pedestrian Lighting by Forms+Surfaces (800-451-0410 or www.forms-surfaces.com).

“Indirect exterior lighting is a unique solution, and this product is also made from 100-percent recyclable metal components.”


Fluke’s TiR1 Thermal Imager can detect even small temperature differences from a distance, allowing you to find and fix unwanted moisture and lost energy in your building.
Fluke TiR1 Thermal Imager by Fluke Corp. (800-760-4523 or www.fluke.com).

“The infrared and visual images allow you to detect potential problem areas with even greater detail.”


Precise Touch™ is a computer graphics package that allows responders to quickly locate an alarm situation, view floorplans, identify potential hazards, and find emergency exit routes.
Precise Touch by Fike Alarm Systems (816-229-3405 or www.fike.com).

“This product ensures that the safest and most efficient action is taken in an emergency situation.”


Colored Cork is the first color-through or homogeneous colored cork tile available. It can also be sanded and easily repaired or refinished.
Colored Cork by Expanko Cork Co. (800-345-6202 or www.expanko.com).

“Use this product to create colored floors while maintaining the environmental benefit of cork.”


Able to hold up to 1,500 pounds, the SecureMount Grab Bar Installation System uses the D-shaped SecureMount Anchor that can be installed on any wall with a single drill hole.
SecureMount Grab Bar Installation System by Moen Inc. (800-289-6636 or www.moen.com).

“Because this product doesn’t require studs, it saves time, material, and labor.”


Honeywell’s Renewable Energy Scorecard™ looks at six renewable-energy technologies and analyzes them to pinpoint the technology that has the most significant environmental and economic drivers.
Honeywell Renewable Energy Scorecard by Honeywell Building Solutions (763-954-4257 or www.honeywell.com/buildingsolutions).

“This product helps you choose the best renewable-energy source for the best ROI.”


Embody™ has health-positive ergonomic features, including an instinctive back, a pixelated seat, zoned support, working recline, and inclusive sizing to support mind and body in a technology-based workplace.
Embody by Herman Miller (616-654-3000 or www.hermanmiller.com).

“The superior ergonomic features of this chair relieve stress on tissues, muscles, and the spine.”


Elements™ is a flexible, upgradable, acuity-adaptable headwall system that provides electric power, data, gases, and lighting to the patient care arena. It’s easily configured and ergonomically places services and integrated workflow components to simplify bedside care.
Elements by Hill-Rom (812-934-7777 or www.hill-rom.com).

“This easy-to-install, easy-to-clean product provides a maximum amount of flexibility in hospital care.”


Logix™ Integrated Ceiling Systems turn mechanical components into dramatic design elements. The modular system houses ceiling utilities in 6-inch-wide channels running the full length of the acoustical ceiling.
Logix Integrated Ceiling Systems by USG (800-950-3839 or www.usg.com).

“Utility channels allow for a ceiling system that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing.”


TruLo® Max is an asphalt product for built-up roofing systems that traps 90 percent of fumes at the kettle and reduces 55-percent more odor-causing compounds on application.
TruLo Max Lo Odor by Owens Corning (800-GET-PINK or www.owenscorning.com).

“Reduced odor makes it easier to conduct jobs on high-density buildings during normal business hours.”


Combining personal space with integrated technology, Sonata™ casegoods enhance cancer-infusion treatment by offering privacy without isolation and a design that improves workflow and interactions by supporting bedside care.
Sonata by Nurture by Steelcase (800-342-8562 or www.nurturebysteelcase.com).

“Its movable, modular design allows Sonata to be infinitely flexible and optimize patient care.”


The lightweight LiftPod® is easy to transport and includes an attachable work tray to hold tools while giving workers a 360-degree range of motion at working heights of up to 14 feet.
LiftPod by JLG Industries Inc. (877-2-LIFTPOD or www.liftpod.com).

“LiftPod increases jobsite safety and productivity by combining portability with stability.”


The Profile Series v.S2 products integrate WiFi technology, a Prox reader, an optional keypad, and monitoring capabilities at the door to provide centrally managed access control.
Profile Series v.S2 Intelligent WiFi Access Control by SARGENT (800-727-5477 or www.sargentlock.com).

“The lack of wiring eliminates extra costs and labor without sacrificing quality of security.”


The MAKROLON® 15 Polycarbonate Sheet is a glass replacement that offers excellent weatherability, abrasion resistance, and insulation. It includes a warranty that covers breakage, yellowing, and coating integrity.
MAKROLON 15 Polycarbonate Sheet by Sheffield Plastics Inc. (800-254-1707 or www.sheffieldplastics.com).

“MAKROLON’s lightweight composition also makes it simpler and safer to install than glass alternatives.”


The Kingsley Employee Engagement Program (KEEP) is an effective survey tool used to improve productivity and profitability, reduce employee turnover costs, and identify ways to improve employee satisfaction.
Kingsley Employee Engagement Program (KEEP) by Kingsley Associates (415-777-1140 or www.kingsleyassociates.com).

“This program, measuring employee engagement, can help you increase your team’s satisfaction and productivity.”


EcoClad™ exterior clad­ding is made of post-consumer recycled paper/wood fiber and bamboo fiber. It’s bound together by a 100-percent water-based co-polymer resin and rivals metal, brick, and stucco in durability.
EcoClad by KlipTech (253-507-4622 or www.kliptech.com).

“This product contributes to seven different LEED credits.”


A fully wired, one-piece unit, Retro-Max is available with two T5 or T5HO lamps, has 89-percent luminaire efficiency, and offers volumetric lighting to eliminate the “cave effect” of parabolic luminaires.
Retro-Max by LaMar Lighting (631-777-7700 or www.lamarlighting.com).

“Great for green retrofits, this product improves light quality while reducing waste and improving efficiency.”


The Spectra i.Net™ with Music Page Interface (MPI) provides three sound systems and includes a user-friendly Web interface for 24/7 access to the system.
Spectra i.Net with Music Page Interface (MPI) by Lencore Acoustics (516-682-9292 or www.lencore.com).

“This system can be accessed and monitored from anywhere around the office or the world.”


Leviton’s Wireless Occupancy Sensor System detects motion and keeps lights on in occupied rooms. It’s powered by solar cells using ambient room light and has adjustable automatic shut-off times.
Wireless Occupancy Sensor System by Leviton (800-824-3005 or www.leviton.com).

“Cost effective and energy saving, this product works for new construction and retrofit projects.”


Life Safety Services inspects and repairs fire and smoke dampers to keep them in line with national codes. Its National Account Program helps customers with multiple sites.
Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection and Repair by Life Safety Services (888-675-4519 or www.lifesafetyservices.com).

“This service offers expert inspections at an
affordable price.”


Ocularis is an open-architecture software platform that allows you to view, manage, and record video from an unlimited number of IP and non-IP video surveillance cameras. It features a scalable timeline, faster archive searches, and other tools.
Ocularis by OnSSI (845-732-7900 or www.onssi.com).

“Intuitive navigation and touch-screen technology make Ocularis easy to use.”


Proliance is a complete infrastructure life-cycle management solution, combining project and portfolio management, facilities management, business workflow, and business analytics into one system.
Proliance by Meridian Systems (800-850-2660 or www.meridiansystems.com).

“This is an excellent tool to track your real estate, construction, and facilities portfolios.”


Primarily an acoustical liner in HVAC duct systems, ToughGard™ R Duct Liner helps fight moisture and mold growth, and improves energy efficiency in HVAC systems.
ToughGard R Duct Liner by CertainTeed Corp. (800-233-8990 or www.certainteed.com).

“GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, this product will help you earn LEED points.”


The wireless Adura LightPoint System has a networking infrastructure for the smart grid. The system works with other devices to form a complete lighting-control network flexible enough for any application size.
Adura LightPoint System by Adura Technologies (415-227-0868 or www.aduratech.com).

“This product easily fits into existing luminaires, making it great for retrofits.”


Consolideck® lithium-silicate water-based products eliminate corrosive wastewater from scrubbing and flushing. These products can be used on old concrete floors or concrete topped by high-maintenance carpet, VCT, and other coverings.
Consolideck by PROSOCO (800-255-4255 or www.consolideck.com).

“Floors treated with this fast-acting product are ready for polish or protective treatments within an hour.”


Green Touchscreen uses real-time gauges and graphs to monitor and display live energy data. This awareness motivates people to change behavioral patterns, allowing organizations to realize monetary and resource savings.
Green Touchscreen by Quality Attributes Software Inc. (515-956-1564 or www.qualityattributes.com).

“This product offers a unique educational opportunity while pursuing your energy-efficiency initiatives.”


SaniGLAZE® is a restorative bonding technology that restores tile and grout, eliminates the need for harsh cleaning, and prevents mold, mildew, and other bacteria from penetrating.
SaniGLAZE restorative bonding by SaniGLAZE Intl. (866-584-0949 or www.saniglaze.com).

“This product also comes with a long-term warranty and an extended protection program.”


Green Roof Systems provide all the benefits of a green roof in a complete membrane waterproofing arrangement, protecting structures from water infiltration and subsequent damage, and can even be placed over damp or wet surfaces.
Green Roof Systems by Sika Sarnafil (800-933-7452 or www.sikacorp.com).

“These green roofs can include electronic and interior monitoring devices.”


Lightweight aluminum SolarDock frames eliminate the need to drill holes, reducing installation time and cost. They’re fastened in rows to a lattice of pre-measured t-bars laid out on the roof.
SolarDock frames by SolarDock (302-504-0124 or www.solardock.com).

“Pursue rooftop solar panels without the risk of roof leaks from drilling!”


The UVC Kit for Unitary Air Conditioners keeps coils constantly clean by delivering a high-output germicidal energy to eliminate biofilm, mold, and airborne microbial contaminants.
UVC Kit for Unitary Air Conditioners by Steril-Aire Inc. (800-278-3745 or www.steril-aire.com).

“The germicidal cleaning energy eliminates musty odors and IAQ problems while reducing utility and maintenance bills.”


Set your building’s max­imum power usage from your PC with Dynamic Load Balancing Software. Features include automatically dimming lower-priority lighting loads to ensure that energy targets are always hit.
Dynamic Load Balancing Software by Convia Inc. (847-876-6917 or www.convia.com).

“Use this software to ensure compliance with your utility’s demand-response programs.”


Liberty Key Turn Permanent and Portable sprung dance panels use a latch secured by keys to create a seamless, stable professional stage or dance floor without damaging the sub-floor.
Liberty Key Turn Permanent and Portable by American Harlequin (800-642-6440 or www.harlequinfloors.com).

“With no screws or nails, this product is easily assembled and disassembled.” nto a dry-erase or projection surface in no time.”


Made from water-jet-cut solid brass, the design pattern on this bollard wraps around the corners, creating aesthetic harmony. Crisp lines resemble blades of grass or strewn hay. Bollards can be used indoors and outdoors.
Twilight Bollard by Boyd Lighting (415-778-4300 or www.boydlighting.com).

“Inside, these bollards bring a feeling of comfort; outside, they tie together surroundings.”


IceBank® Energy Storage charges at night — a glycol-water solution circulates through coil tubing to freeze water stored inside insulated tanks. The ice discharges during the day, and the frozen water melts and circulates through ventilation pipes. Fans blow air past the cool water.
IceBank Energy Storage by CALMAC Manufacturing Corp. (201-797-1511 or www.calmac.com).

“By shifting energy demand, ice storage decreases cooling costs by up to 40 percent.”


EcoBatt Glasswool Insulation, made with ECOSE™ Technology, doesn’t contain the phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics, or artificial colors used in traditional fiber glass. It recovers quickly, is easy to cut, is less dusty, offers consistency, is thermally efficient, and provides an acoustical barrier.
EcoBatt Glasswool Insulation by Knauf Insulation (800-825-4434 or www.knaufinsulation.us).

“ECOSE Technology makes these products 70-percent less energy intensive than traditional binders.”


A photovoltaic system that combines amorphous silicon, thin-film PV laminates with single-ply roofing membranes, SpectroFlex offers a low profile that provides wind resistance and durability. It can be used on flat, steep, or curved roofs.
SpectroFlex Solar PV System by Carlisle Energy Services (800-4-SYNTEC or www.carlisle-syntec.com).

“This PV system even performs well in low-light and low-temperature environments.”


MetalWrap™ is a foam-insulated composite back-up system that offers superior air, water, vapor, and thermal protection. Its clip system allows for vertical or horizontal installation, and it’s available in 2-inch- or 3-inch-thick panels. Its sister product, iNVELOPE, is appropriate for masonry wall.
MetalWrap/iNVELOPE by CENTRIA (800-759-7474 or www.centria.com).

“The single-panel design eliminates the exterior gypsum board, insulation, and air and moisture barriers of multi-component systems.”


ArrowLink™ modular devices maximize labor savings via a convenient external connection and a reduction in the number of trim-out installers required. Clearly marked, consistent pre-wired configurations eliminate the risk of mis-wiring.
ArrowLink by Cooper Wiring Devices (770-631-2100 or www.cooperindustries.com).

“Another plus: The connector leads are prepped, stripped, and ready to wire.”


McQuay scroll-compressor Templifier™ water heaters recover waste heat to reduce water-heating costs and carbon footprints. Recovering waste heat and making it available for space heating and domestic hot water, these water heaters are ideal for hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.
Templifier water heaters by McQuay Intl. (800-432-1342 or www.mcquay.com).

“These water heaters use R-134a refrigerant, which has no phase-out schedule.”


High-performance, energy-saving cove lighting is now a reality, thanks to CV Lighting’s Minicove LED fixtures. The product fits into small architectural coves, illuminating space along the entire cove; it now makes cove lighting possible in small, shallow spaces.
Minicove LED fixtures by CV Lighting LLC (714-800-3680 or www.cvlightingusa.com).

“Minicove LED fixtures also provide evenly distributed, glare- and shadow-free light.”


Providing ample space for U-lock security on nearly any bike frame and wheel, the Dero Ultra Space Saver parks more than twice the capacity of standard horizontal bike racks. It’s available in wall-mount, floor-mount, single-sided, and double-sided configurations.
Ultra Space Saver Bike Racks by Dero Bike Rack Co. (888-337-6729 or www.dero.com).

“This modular system can be made to fit in almost any bike storage area.”


3form’s 100 Percent® Base is made of 100-percent post-consumer high-density polyethylene; it’s appropriate for countertops, cabinetry, partitions, etc. The product is formable and scratch and chemical resistant. Solid neutrals with subtle metallic accents blend with any décor.
100 Percent® Base by 3form (800-726-0126 or www.3-form.com).

“Made of milk containers and detergent bottles, this product makes sustainable design beautiful and durable.”


QuadroClad™ Façades is a unique, open-jointed cladding system that uses the principles of rainscreen façades. Mounting a semi-open ventilated screen some distance from the building, this configuration creates a natural, effective method of moisture control.
QuadroClad Façades by Hunter Douglas Contract (877-994-6246 or www.hunterdouglascontract.com).

“These façades perform well in severe weather environments, and are ideal for re-cladding and retrofits.”


Ultra-sorb® Model XV combines high-efficiency tubes with a condensate-management strategy that makes it the most efficient steam dispersion panel available. Its innovative design reduces condensate production, heat gain, and wasted energy.
Ultra-sorb Model XV by DRI-STEEM Corp. (800-328-4447 or www.dristeem.com).

“Ultra-sorb Model XV reduces wasted energy and heat gain by up to 85 percent.”


Duo-Gard custom bike shelters are engineered for specific wind and snow loads. A new roof concept features acrylic glazing that changes colors based on the viewer’s visual angle. The bike shelter can also take on a spectrally selective coating that blocks UV and infrared rays.
Custom bike shelters by Duo-Gard Industries Inc. (800-872-4404 or www.duo-gard.com).

“These bike shelters offer architectural appeal that sets them apart.”


e-Builder Enterprise 7 enables management of key project information across one project or a portfolio. The result? Increased productivity, lower costs, and faster project delivery. You maintain control over the system and configure new processes based on existing templates or from scratch.
Enterprise 7 by e-Builder (800-580-9322 or www.ebuilder.net).

“e-Builder Enterprise 7 was built based on input from building owners/operators — it’s made just for you.”


Divar XF delivers high-quality images for live viewing and recorded video. Designed for medium- to large-scale or growing surveillance systems, the Divar XF Hybrid DVR is a future-proof investment, enabling easy migration to IP.
Divar XF Hybrid DVR by Bosch Security Systems Inc. (800-289-0096 or www.boschsecurity.us).

“This product offers a smooth migration path from analog to digital video.”


A self-powered wireless key switch, this EnOcean-enabled product generates its own power each time a hotel key card is inserted into or removed from its dock. Insertion energizes the hotel room; removal actives a time delay before setting back lights, HVAC, etc.
Hotel Room Retrofit Kit by Echoflex Solutions Inc. (888-324-6359 or www.echoflexsolutions.com).

“This kit simplifies the process of conforming to ASHRAE Standard 90.1, which requires occupancy-based master control.”


Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) offers its Life-Cycle Impact Declarations for Buildings. How green is your LEED-rated design? Which products are green? These metrics show certified impact levels of products, materials, equipment, and buildings when compared to a baseline.
Life-Cycle Impact Declarations for Buildings by SCS (800-326-3228 or www.scscertified.com).

“This service offers the proof — determine how green your building really is.”


The Delayed Egress Option for the DuraGlide® Automatic Sliding Door Systems denies exit to unauthorized personnel while sounding a local or remote audible alarm. Personnel have a chance to respond before the person is allowed to leave.
Delayed Egress Option by Stanley Access Technologies LLC (860-677-2861 or www.stanleyaccesstechnologies.com).

“This option offers enhanced security while maintaining egress codes.”


State-of-the-art, three-lamp operation is combined with a low-cost method of emergency demand response power reduction in this ballast. When the ballast receives the power line carrier signal, it sheds up to 30 percent of its load.
PowerSHED High Efficiency Demand Response Ballast by SYLVANIA (978-777-1900 or www.sylvania.com).

“Maximize utility incentives by participating in permanent demand reduction and demand response.”


Neutralize the carbon footprint created by fixtures with Carbon Neutral for Life. It simplifies the process of identifying a luminaire’s carbon footprint based on lamp and ballast system power, burn cycle, and the duration you seek for the offset.
Carbon Neutral for Life by Architectural Area Lighting (714-994-2700 or www.aal.net).

“This is the last step in reducing the carbon emissions associated with lighting.”


Seating is optimized, allowing sideways sitting that feels natural. While it invites variation of movement with a balanced tilt and beveled seat, the product also instills harmony through a soft grid of texture and color. It features an armrest that doubles as a handle.
Sideways from HÅG by izzydesign (866-499-9968 or www.izzydesign.com).

“Finally — a chair that lets building tenants/occupants sit the way they want.”


The HOBO® U14 LCD Data Logger is an environmental monitoring system that displays and tracks temperature and humidity levels in a broad range of indoor environments. The product lets users make immediate visual checks of conditions while providing long-term data logging.
HOBO U14 LCD Data Logger by Onset Computer Corp. (800-564-4377 or www.onsetcomp.com).

“Gather the data that really matters with this data logger.”


Luna Glow sleeves slip over a fluorescent lamp. The sleeves require no maintenance or testing, don’t rely on main power or batteries, and are 100-percent failsafe. The sleeve soaks up energy from the powered lamp and provides illumination when the lights go out.
Luna Glow sleeves by Shat-R-Shield (800-223-0853 or www.shattershield.com).

“Stop worrying about emergency lighting: It’ll be there when you need it.”


The JRT Electronic Coreless bath tissue dispenser automatically dispenses toilet paper when users place their hands under it. Enhanced hygiene and reduced consumption are the benefits. The system is ADA compliant.
JRT Electronic Coreless bath tissue dispenser by Kimberly-Clark Professional (888-346-4652 or www.kcprofessional.com).

“This product allows you to make your restroom completely touch-free.”


This 3-D, welded-wire trellising system spans between fences, screens, and gazebos, and creates captive growing space for supporting plants and promoting healthy growth. Available in standard and custom sizes, the green walls come in six standard colors.
Green walls by Greenscreen (800-450-3494 or www.greenscreen.com).

“This product can act as a wall, change a façade, or create a new environment.”


EcoRock is the first premium drywall designed for sustainable buildings. It contains 80-percent recycled content and requires 80-percent less energy to produce. It hangs and finishes like regular drywall, and contributes more potential LEED credits than any other drywall.
EcoRock by Serious Materials (800-797-8159 or www.seriousmaterials.com).

“EcoRock produces less dust, offers a cleaner score and snap, and features smoother edges.”


ACRALIGHT NanoStar Skylights utilize NanoGel translucent aerogel insulation — the lightest, most efficient light-transmissing insulation material. It offers almost four times the R-value over a standard double dome skylight.
NanoStar Skylights by ACRALIGHT (800-325-4355 or www.acralight.com).

“This skylight lets you design with more natural daylight and meet energy codes.”


A cost-effective way to extend the life of your existing roof, AcryShield® Roof Management ARM Systems can be installed over your existing roof. The system offers energy savings, reduced maintenance, and greater comfort and productivity.
AcryShield® Roof Management ARM Systems by National Coatings (800-423-9557 or www.nationalcoatings.com).

“These systems result in seamless membranes. They also offer worry-free weatherproofing.”


The marriage between real copper powder and the thermoplastic membrane in Copper Art® guarantees that membranes will oxidize, changing from tawny brown to dark brown, just like real copper. This innovative waterproofing membrane can be mechanically fixed or bonded.
Copper Art by Soprema (800-356-3521 or www.soprema.us).

“Get the look of copper with a cost-efficient, durable, and risk-free alternative.”


ARTWALK™ takes the metallic look to a new level. It recreates the look of steel treadplate for a fraction of the cost. Perfectly replicating anodized stainless steel and metallic brush-finished steel, it’s the logical choice for a high-tech or futuristic look.
ARTWALK by LG Floors (888-543-5872 or www.lgfloors-usa.com).

“Its outstanding strength and durability ensure high performance.”


RhinoBond is an insulation and membrane attachment system for TPO and PVC membranes. This all-in-one system uses the same fastener and plate to secure the insulation and the membrane to the deck without penetrating roofing material. It doesn’t create any point of entry for moisture, requires fewer fasteners, and provides superior wind-uplift performance.
RhinoBond by OMG Roofing Products (800-633-3800 or www.olyfast.com).

“RhinoBond typically uses 25- to 50-percent fewer fasteners when compared to traditional fastening methods.”


Airwave saves energy and creates a lighting environment suitable to specific requirements. The best part about Airwave is that no special devices, hardware, or software are required to commission it. By pressing the Airwave switch, lights, switches, and photosensors can be linked (or unlinked) to each other.
Airwave by Ledalite (604-888-6811 or www.ledalite.com).

“Airwave creates needs-based lighting zones so tenants/occupants can control lighting.”


LEDway™ streetlights use 40- to 60-percent less energy than traditional streetlights. The luminaires offer more than 100,000 hours of delivered lumens, extending the life of the fixture 23 years — four times longer than high-pressure sodium.
LEDway by BetaLED (800-236-6800 or www.betaled.com).

“LEDway’s highly efficient thermal management design is the foundation for a long-life fixture.”


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