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April 16, 2009
Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings' performance. This month's section starts with a focus on fire safety
Fire Safety

Clarke Fire Protection Products Inc.’s couplings for electric motor fire pump drivers are now UL Listed. The flexible metal couplings can be used for new fire pump sets, retrofits of existing fire-protection systems, or wherever use of UL-Listed, certified couplings is required. Flexible metal couplings for electrical motors are better solutions for fire-protection systems than unreliable elastomeric couplings.
Couplings for electric motor fire pump drivers by Clarke Fire Protection Products Inc.

www.clarkefire.com • (513) 771-2200

Viking’s Mirage® line of commercial concealed sprinklers includes two quick-response, extended-coverage products: the VK632 and VK634 sprinklers. These flat-plate concealed sprinklers include an easy “push on, thread off” cover plate, and install on the inside of the sprinkler cup, providing better protection from drywall mud, paint, and other debris. Two cover plates are available in the Mirage line, in nine standard finishes and more than 900 custom colors.
Mirage concealed sprinklers by Viking.

www.vikinggroupinc.com • (800) 968-9501

Precise Touch™ is an intuitive computer graphics package designed for use in public locations so that responders can quickly locate an alarm situation, view floorplans, identify potential hazards, and find emergency exit routes. The device is also powered with knowledge to locate where a fire started, how it’s progressing, and what potential hazards may exist so that personnel can quickly locate the nearest exit route.
Precise Touch by Fike Alarm Systems.

www.fike.com • (800) 937-3453
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The iEvac® Fire Escape Hood protects building occupants against toxic gases, harmful particulates, and life-threatening physical hazards. The iEvac includes twin cartridges for easy breathing, high-visibility reflective strips for easy recognition, and a head harness that adjusts outside the hood for easy access. Easy to put on, and in one universal size, iEvac can be used with eyeglasses, beards, and long hair.
iEvac Fire Escape Hood by Elmridge Protection Products.

www.elmridgeprotection.com • (561) 244-8337

The STI Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper® offers a steel cable operated switch mechanism to help stop theft and vandalism of fire extinguishers. If the protected fire extinguisher is moved from its normal position, the device emits a piercing alarm. Easy to install, the alarm comes with a 9-volt battery, anchors, and screws.
STI Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper by STI.

www.sti-usa.com • (800) 888-4784

Honeywell’s IFP-2000 enhances reliability, locates problem areas, and reduces costly false alarms. Targeted toward medium to large applications, the IFP-2000 is designed for maximum flexibility and reliability. IDP detectors and modules connect to the signaling line circuit to satisfy the most demanding applications, and the IFP-2000 can be installed using existing fire-system wiring.
IFP-2000 by Honeywell Intl.

www.honeywell.com • (973) 455-2000
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Waterless No-Flush™ Urinals now come in more than 16 colors, in both solid and granite finishes. Along with being more sanitary and saving as much as 45,000 gallons of water per year, Waterless No-Flush Urinals, composed of high-performance composite (HPC) and vitreous china (VC), are now available in every possible color, including white.
Waterless No-Flush Urinals by Waterless Co. LLC.

www.waterless.com • (888) 663-5874

Tridium Inc. has expanded its NiagaraAX Framework® building-integration platform to include Niagara Video, the next step in providing a comprehensive intelligent building solution that integrates all the common building functions with video. Niagara Video provides seamless integration between today’s building applications and digital video recorders, IP cameras, network video recorders, and video-management solutions.
Niagara Video by Tridium Inc.

www.tridium.com • (804) 747-4771

The new CERAMOS™ Reflector LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors provides high brightness and power in a very small package – the ideal solution for backlighting mid-sized LCDs. Specifically designed for light guide-based backlighting of displays in high ambient light conditions. The product delivers a long life of 50,000 hours, and its SMD ceramic package enables excellent performance at high operating temperatures (up to 150 degrees C.).
CERAMOS Reflector LED by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

www.osram-os.com • (888) 446-7726
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The AERO Conference Collection boasts functional form, manufacturing excellence, and the pursuit of a simple aesthetic. AERO’s monocoque construction provides structural integrity while preserving sleek, modern style. The duo-tone finish provides a variety of visual alternatives; metal accent details on the base, feet, and hardware add the right finishing touch.
AERO Conference Collection by CCN Intl.

www.ccnintl.com/AERO • (315) 789-4400
Pest Control

The newly improved Bird Jolt Flat Track System from Bird-B-Gone Inc. uses Monel marine-grade knitted wire, which is stronger than steel and resistant to corrosion and acids. The knitted design uses a single strand of higher-gauge wire as opposed to the bundles of thin wire used in braided and woven designs. The new design achieves greater conductivity and virtually eliminates breaks in wires when installing the track in tight bends.
Bird Jolt Flat Track System by Bird-B-Gone Inc.

www.birdbgone.com • (800) 392-6915

The Super Spacer® TriSeal™ is a desiccated silicone foam spacer technology designed specifically to enhance the performance of architectural and captured glazed insulting glass units. The product is specially engineered with a triple-seal design that allows for the natural expansion and contraction of insulating glass caused by temperature changes, barometric pressure changes, wind loads, and snow loads.
Super Spacer TriSeal by Edgetech I.G. Inc.

www.superspacer.com • (740) 439-2338
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Exterior Designs Inc. of Manchester, NH, specializes in building exteriors, including EIFSs, thin brick systems, and light-gauge metal truss assemblies. Exterior Designs can essentially mold the exterior of an existing building and create an entirely different profile. Old structures can be transformed with cladding, turning eyesores into new buildings.
Exterior cladding services by Exterior Designs Inc.

www.exteriordesigns.com • (603) 668-4113

The Diamond Flex-Lok™ high-performance matting system is now manufactured with 100-percent recycled materials. The product is part of the NoTrax® Recycled program, and was engineered to a have a less negative impact on the environment. Made from tough, 100-percent-recycled PVC compound, Diamond Flex-Lok offers the highest resistance to industrial chemicals, oils, and greases.
Diamond Flex-Lok by Superior Manufacturing Group.

www.notrax.com • (800) 621-2802
Doors & Entrances

The Premier™ aluminum vertical bi-fold door by Hufcor Inc. can be skinned with almost any material. Hufcor provides the frame, drive mechanism, and controls, leaving the choice of covering or finish material open to meet design needs, whether it be glass, translucent plastic, brushed aluminum, or stainless steel. Premier takes up almost no side room and very little headroom, needs no tracks on the floor, and comes equipped with simple, push-button operation.
Premier aluminum vertical bi-fold door by Hufcor Inc.

www.hufcor.com • (800) 542-2371, ext. 214
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Tile Redi® shower pans offer an easy way to turn hotel bathtub showers into walk-in showers. Installing the shower pan also allows for the same ceramic tile or natural stone used on the bathroom’s floor and walls to be installed directly to its surface, continuing the room’s design motif. The shower pans are UL Listed and manufactured as pre-formed, one-piece molded shower modules.
Tile Redi shower pans by Tile Redi.

www.tileredi.com • (800) 232-6156
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