Tools of the Trade

Feb. 1, 2009
This month's section starts with a focus on Furniture.

ChairMD.com restores ailing high-end and ergonomic chairs. Formed in collaboration with Herman Miller and Steelcase, ChairMD.com’s technicians are certified to repair and refurbish any chairs in the manufacturers’ lines. Most dealers sell these chairs, but have no idea how to fix them. ChairMD.com’s technicians inspect and repair these expensive chairs, protecting your investment.
Chair repair service by ChairMD.com.

www.chairmd.com • (877) FIX-CHAIR

The Mabru lounge series brings a fresh, organic approach to the traditional lounge configuration of sofa and chair. Inspired by the landscape of the plains, Mabru comprises a roomy sofa and an elegant slipper chair with a full, deep seat cushion. The upholstery is drawn taut over the frames and cushions to emphasize the form and smooth lines of the furniture.
Mabru by Keilhauer.

www.keilhauer.com • (416) 759-5665

Synapse was designed with the environment in mind. Shipped flat in the carton, the chair requires one-third less space, maximizing shipping and installation efficiencies. The minimal wood frame components are available in solid beech or maple that’s sourced from sustainable forests; Synapse also disassembles into separate materials for easy recycling.
Synapse by Teknion Corp.

www.teknion.com • (877) TEKNION
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The Corfu seating collection has an appealing design that’s usable in a wide variety of applications and settings. Available in multi-purpose (four-leg) and tilter versions, Corfu is an ideal solution for education, hospitality, healthcare, and office environments. Options include any combination of plastic seats and backs, rift-cut beech plywood seats and backs, and upholstered seats and backs. The strong aluminum frame is beautifully shaped and does not corrode.
Corfu by Krug.

www.krug.ca • (888) 578-KRUG

Reflex sets new standards for comfort with a transparent back membrane that provides optimal pressure distribution along the spine and reveals a sophisticated system of lamella and feathers. With a new, concise aesthetic to swivel seating, Reflex has easy tension adjustment and is available in two sizes. It also offers optional armrests, a locking device for the seat-tilt angle, a headrest, and a coat hanger. The upholstered seat is available in leather or wear-tested fabric.
Reflex by Girsberger.

www.girsberger.com • (919) 934-0545

The Olla™ seating collection from Gunlocke is a contemporary style for conference, guest, and swivel seating. Olla integrates natural wood elements and creates an interplay of aesthetics between surrounding wood furniture and interior architecture. With rich cherry and maple finishes, Olla succeeds as a standalone or as a complement to existing office case goods.
Olla by Gunlocke.

www.gunlocke.com • (800) 828-6300
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Water Treatment

Solid Solutions™ is a series of solid-based, drum-, leak-, and spill-free water treatments, including corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, and microbiocides for cooling, boiler, and closed-loop water systems. Sent in gallon-sized containers, this green solution to water treatment is inserted into an economical, wall-mounted panel that dilutes the solid using normal-pressure tap water.
Solid Solutions by Jamestown Technologies.

www.jamestowntech.com • (203) 932-3655

Tara. from Dornbracht is a refined classic. The Tara. collection represents the evolution of an iconic faucet design created nearly 15 years ago. The new incarnation is artfully contoured, with simple lines and a streamlined shape. Tara. also incorporates improved aerators that minimize noise, reduce water flow, and protect against calcification. The entire line is available in black matte and white matte finishes, as well as platinum, platinum matte, and polished chrome.
Tara. by Dornbracht.

www.dornbracht.com • (800) 774-1181
Tools & Equipment

The Level Best2 is a four-in-one tool that levels, plumbs, squares, and measures at the same time. The tool utilizes two opposing level bubbles and a perfect 90-degree angle, as well as a ruler to achieve its innovative combination. The product makes building projects easier, faster, and less complicated, so there is no more fumbling for a level and tape.
Level Best2 by SLK Development Group LLC.

www.levelbest2.com • (866) 930-5203
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Lighting Controls

Q-Scape is the first power system infrastructure invented and engineered specifically for landscape lighting applications. A thorough system of 217 originally designed components, Q-Scape offers flexibility, ease of installation, exceptional industrial design, high performance, low maintenance, and long life. The system is UL Listed for landscape lighting, pool and spa lighting, and low-voltage luminaire power supply for indoor and outdoor lighting.
Q-Scape by Q-Tran Inc.

www.q-tran.com • (203) 367-8777

HVAC SUPER PRO is a solderless liquid bonding product formulated to bond copper to copper, copper to brass, copper to aluminum, and aluminum to aluminum. HVAC SUPER PRO replaces brazing in the installation and repair of HVAC systems, and it reaches a bonding strength of 850 psi in only 12 minutes, and more than 1,200 psi in just 2 hours. The product is faster and costs less than brazing, and it also eliminates fires, burns, and damaged electronic circuits.
HVAC SUPER PRO by Jackson Industries Inc.

www.jackson-industries.com • (866) 304-5335

Terzani’s “Untitled” presents a uniquely geometric take on illumination. A junction of modern technology and retro references, “Untitled” has stainless-steel components assembled via traditional hand welding to interlock vertically and horizontally, forming a series of perpendicular angles. The spiky profile mimics the crisp, cantilevered planes of modernist architecture.
“Untitled” by Terzani.

www.terzani.com • (866) TERZANI
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The ConservCo® Hose Bib Lock was designed to prevent water theft, an increasingly common crime in cities where water restrictions are in place. The Hose Bib Lock is designed so that the cover and padlock spin freely around the fitting assembly, preventing anyone without the key from using the faucet. The product also prevents vandalism and is often used by cities, parks and recreation departments, and school districts throughout the United States.
Hose Bib Lock by ConservCo.

www.conservco.us • (775) 747-3340

The SmartCode™ Signature Series features a smaller and sleeker touchpad design, adding style to any door while completely eliminating the hassle of carrying or fumbling for keys. The Signature Series is quick and easy to install, requires no hardwiring, and is powered by four AA batteries with an expected 1-year battery life. The product fits all standard doors without requiring new screw holes.
SmartCode Signature Series by Kwikset.

www.kwikset.com • (800) 327-LOCK
Mass Notification

Gamewell-FCI’s E3 Series® line of Expandable Emergency Evacuation systems now includes a mass-notification solution via several new products, including an LOC (Local Operating Console), backlit signage, high-threat switches, amber strobes, specialized speakers, and giant voice equipment. The series’ scalable design and minimal wiring requirements make it one of the most cost-effective mass-notification systems available.
E3 Series by Gamewell-FCI.

www.gamewell-fci.com • (203) 484-7161
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LEDtronics’ new, 3-watt High-Power LED MR16 Bulbs are engineered to handle the variations in voltages that may accompany “noisy” or “dirty” AC or DC power supplies, eliminating the potential burnout from incoming voltage that’s higher than the lamp’s capacity. The bulbs also eliminate the need to stock a variety of LED MR16 bulbs to coordinate with different voltages that power supplies of 12-volt AC/DC to 24-volt DC may represent, simplifying procurement and inventory procedures.
High-Power LED MR16 Bulbs by LEDtronics.

www.ledtronics.com • (800) 579-4875

Sonance’s RK63 outdoor rock-like speaker is engineered for blending music into an outdoor environment. The speaker fits into the SoundHenge Redux weather-resistant enclosure that replicates a moderate-sized boulder and weathers the demands of outdoor life for years. The product features rugged resin construction and aluminum and stainless-steel hardware throughout for worry-free, long-term exposure to any environment.
RK63 Rock speaker by Sonance.

www.sonance.com • (800) 582-7777

McDonnell & Miller’s ZoneSmart™ pump controllers are ideal for zoning with circulators in light commercial applications. The controllers feature a host of standard features, including LEDs that are visible without removing the enclosure cover, domestic hot water (DHW) priority to ensure adequate DHW supply for a user-selected period of time, and a post purge timer to maximize overall system efficiency.
ZoneSmart pump controllers by McDonnell & Miller.

www.mcdonnellmiller.com • (847) 966-3700
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OMG Roofing Products offers new literature about its full line of fasteners, adhesives, drains, and accessories for low-slope roofing applications. The 6-page, full-color brochure includes detailed descriptions and photographs of products, as well as product-application information about the full line of OlyBond® Adhesives, including OlyBond Classic, OlyBond500, and OlyBond500 Green.
OlyBond Adhesives brochure by OMG Roofing Products.

www.olyfast.com • (800) 633-3800

ARTWALK™ is an ideal choice for design projects that require a high-tech, futuristic look and feel. The product line takes the metallic look to a new level, bringing three-dimensional visuals into the room design. Perfectly replicating anodized stainless-steel and metallic brush-finished steel, ARTWALK is tough, and it’s easy to install and maintain. The strength and durability of this resilient sheet flooring ensure high performance.

www.lgfloors-usa.com • (888) 543-5872

The Nemo is a new class of high-intensity lighting that reduces energy costs with a solid-state, energy-efficient LIFI® plasma source to reduce consumption and heat load. Available with all SeaChanger novel color engines, the Nemo uses all existing ETC Source Four front-end barrels and an assortment of ETC FOV optics. The Nemo is convection cooled and totally silent, with smooth, swipe-free color transitions.
Nemo from SeaChanger by Ocean Optics.

www.seachangeronline.com • (727) 545-0741
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Tools & Equipment

The new microEXPLORER Digital Inspection Camera is the next generation of SeeSnake inspection cameras. Going beyond examining hidden and unseen areas, this tool can capture digital-quality images and record video in color to help analyze problems and make a more accurate diagnosis. The product is a powerful handheld video-inspection system with an integrated mini USB port for easy transfer of information.
microEXPLORER Digital Inspection Camera by RIDGID.

www.ridgid.com • (800) 4-RIDGID

The FirstLine® wall-mounted Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS) features “make-before-break” interlock technology. Tailored to meet the needs of most UPS installations, this MBS provides a safe means of removing a UPS from the circuit while maintaining the connection between the load and the utility, and not dropping critical loads. This product is an ideal alternative to a complete power-distribution system.
FirstLine Maintenance Bypass Switch by Staco Energy Products Co.

www.stacoenergy.com • (866) 261-1191
Cleaning Equipment

HydraMaster’s DriMaster Jetless Cleaning upholstery tool weighs less than other upholstery tools and is exceptionally comfortable to use. Because there is no need for a trigger valve, multiple positions are possible, reducing hand strain and helping tackle hard-to-reach areas. There is no overspray, no overwetting, and no heat loss, improving the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals and your productivity.
DriMaster Jetless Cleaning upholstery tool by HydraMaster.

www.hydramaster.com • (800) 426-1301
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Service Equipment

Rubbermaid’s Executive Service Cart is the elegant, versatile solution for restaurants and hotels with its contemporary design. The cart fits both back- and front-of-house environments, allowing for maximum productivity and utility. Transporting a fully loaded cart is easier than ever with the cart’s ergonomic, rounded handle and 300-pound load capacity.
Executive Service Cart by Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

www.rcpworksmarter.com • (800) 347-9800

AltAir™ large high-volume/low-speed (HVLS) fans from AirMotion Sciences Inc. save significant energy, reducing costs and providing an effective solution to address cooling, heating, air-conditioning, and other ventilation challenges in large facilities. The fans feature groundbreaking variable-pitch technology (VPT) and can be operated in five different modes, ranging from completely manual to completely automatic operation.
AltAir HVLS fans by AirMotion Sciences Inc.

www.airmotionsciences.com • (508) 429-4411

Xorel Graphic is the latest addition to Carnegie’s popular line of Xorel textiles. A new design tool that provides the ability to print designs with graphic quality, Xorel Graphic is available in two standard designs in 10 colorways that easily integrate with other Xorel textiles. The new collection maintains the beauty, functionality, and performance characteristics that Xorel is known for while offering a whole new look and feel.
Xorel Graphic by Carnegie.

www.carnegiefabrics.com • (516) 678-6770

Waterless No-Flush™ Urinals now come in more than 16 colors in both solid and granite finishes. Along with being more sanitary and saving as many as 45,000 gallons of water per day, Waterless No-Flush Urinals, composed of high-performance composite (HPC) and vitreous china (VC), are now available in every possible color, including white.
Waterless No-Flush Urinals by Waterless Co. LLC.

www.waterless.com • (888) NO-FLUSH
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