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Jan. 1, 2009

Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings' performance. This month's section starts with a focus on Vertical Transportation.

Vertical Transportation

The KONE EcoMod™ complete modernization solution for escalators provides substantial energy savings, significantly reduces waste from demolition, and reduces oil consumption by two-thirds. This turnkey solution results in a new escalator without the disruption of removing the existing truss.
EcoMod by KONE Inc.

www.kone.com • (309) 764-6771

The Schindler 7000™ elevator system optimizes the flow of passenger traffic while using less energy. Capable of reaching speeds of 2,000 feet per minute, with a maximum travel height of 1,640 feet, this elevator can cater to the most demanding needs, and can be incorporated into existing installations. Eco-friendly features include a standby power-operating mode and a lighter car composed of 85-percent recyclable material.
Schindler 7000 by Schindler Elevator Corp.

www.us.schindler.com • (973) 397-6500

Adams’ GateKeeper® 3-D infrared elevator door accessory offers advanced 3-D protection. The unit can easily identify static vs. moving objects, avoiding delays while keeping passengers and equipment safe. The GateKeeper 3-D easily retrofits to any existing 2-D system, offering the added convenience and protection of 3-D while keeping installation time and expense to a minimum.
GateKeeper 3-D by Adams Elevator Equipment Co.

www.adamselevator.com • (800) 929-9247
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Fuller-Phoenix Architectural Products offers Glasspan™ wall systems, back-painted modular glass panels for walls and ceilings. Glasspan is composed of a 3/16-inch glass face, laminated to framed composite panels, and finished with stainless-steel trim. Curved or flat, the panels are solid, strong, light, and easy to install, replace, and maintain. Ideal for elevator banks, they offer unique design flexibility and give buildings a contemporary look.
Glasspan wall systems by Fuller-Phoenix Architectural Products.

www.fullerphoenix.com • (800) 324-2262

Palmer’s Palmtuff® vinyl elevator pads provide superior cushioning and protection in a variety of colors. With thick, quilted padding and extensive hook and stud systems, the pads have been impact tested to demonstrate their ability to stand up to the rigors of protecting your elevators. Palmer pads conform to Rule 204.2 for passenger car enclosures and all pertinent U.S., Canadian, and GSA safety codes.
Palmtuff vinyl pads by WE Palmer Co.

www.palmerpads.com • (800) 600-PADS

The Concord ORION™ establishes a new benchmark for commercial LU/LA elevators. Featuring the same components found in multi-story high-rise elevators, the ORION, with its state-of-the-art, roped hydraulic drive system and controls, provides safe, reliable, smooth, and quiet operation. Its rugged and dependable inner workings are combined with aesthetically appealing cab designs. ORION combines both affordability and long-term reliability.
ORION by Concord Elevator Inc.

www.concordelevator.com • (800) 661-5112
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The new mini-dome camera from Tamron USA Inc. is high definition and includes a variety of unique features, such as a built-in, high-magnification 3.8- to 45.6-millimeter Tamron zoom lens. Targeted toward all-weather outdoor applications that require telephoto and day/night capabilities, the mini-dome camera provides high-resolution images for security use.
Mini-dome camera by Tamron USA Inc.

www.tamron.com •(631) 858-8400

Stratica by Amtico Intl. is a high-performance, eco-polymeric resilient flooring. PVC-free and low-VOC Stratica flooring is certified by GREENGUARD and FloorScore, and its backing is made of 100-percent post-industrial recycled Stratica material. Choose from more than 50 selections, including flooring with the appearance of natural woods, stones, and patterned tiles. Stratica’s soft, low-luster, matte finish enhances the natural design and reduces maintenance requirements.
Stratica by Amtico Intl.

www.amtico.com • (404) 267-1900

Hendrix Spacer Cable is a cost-effective solution for overhead distribution systems. The inherent strength, compact configuration, and reduced clearance requirements of the Hendrix Spacer Cable can be used to address common design challenges on electrical distribution circuits, and the product can be designed to span between transmission towers.
Hendrix Spacer Cable by Hendrix Wire & Cable.

www.hendrix-wc.com • (603) 673-2040
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KI’s Arissa Collection is lobby/lounge seating designed to comfortably accommodate virtually any body type through a graceful, sophisticated design and functional form that supports up to 750 pounds. Arissa eliminates the need to specify a certain percentage of bariatric and standard seating, offering a universal seating solution.
Arissa Collection by KI.

www.ki.com • (800) 424-2432

Cannon Hygiene’s feminine hygiene waste-disposal units never need to be touched, protecting the health of users and stopping the spread of disease. One model is foot activated, and the other is powered by infrared sensors. Additionally, Cannon Hygiene service technicians exchange units on a regular schedule, so cleaning professionals never need to touch them.
Feminine hygiene waste-disposal units by Cannon Hygiene.

www.cannonhygiene.us • (800) 582-2157
Tools & Equipment

The OLFA® SK-9 Self-Retracting Safety Knife with Tape Slitter features OLFA’s self-retracting mechanism, plus a handy tape slitter at the opposite end of the handle. The SK-9 is designed to minimize injuries in the workplace with its spring-activated blade that retracts the instant the blade loses contact with a cutting surface. The knife accommodates three specially designed, dual-edge blades.
OLFA SK-9 Self-Retracting Safety Knife with Tape Slitter by OLFA North America.

www.olfa.com • (800) 962-6532
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The Broan Big Heat portable electric heater keeps occupants comfortable in nearly any situation, allowing you to turn down the central thermostat to keep unused areas cooler, significantly reducing energy bills. The heater features instant, automatic safety shutoff if tipped over, making the unit durable and safe; overheat protection shuts off the heater and activates the caution light when excess heat is detected.
Broan Big Heat by Broan-NuTone LLC.

www.broan.com • (800) 558-1711

Tridium Inc. has updated the NiagaraAX Framework with NiagaraAX 3.4, an automation infrastructure and device-to-enterprise integration platform. Users can now take advantage of expanded functionality and manageability of the platform with features such as 64-bit Windows support, Red Hat Linux support for x86 platforms, MySQL support, and IPv6 support.
NiagaraAX 3.4 by Tridium Inc.

www.tridium.com • (804) 747-4771

Villeroy & Boch’s Memento New Glory line expresses Bauhaus simplicity and Baroque opulence in a bold pairing of forms and motifs. Available in two finishes and sizes, the washbasins are lean and linear, with a delicate floral filigree. The basins are complemented by the Memento furniture line, featuring matte-lacquered Amazakoue veneer and black-painted glass vanities and shelves.
Memento New Glory by Villeroy & Boch.

www.villeroy-boch.com • (800) 845-5376
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Solar Power

UNI-SOLAR® PV laminates from EnergyPeak integrate with standing-seam metal roofs at the factory and arrive at the project site already integrated into the roof. Buildings immediately benefit from the solar roofing system and begin to offset energy consumption. With flexible, lightweight PV laminates, there’s no need for additional structural support, and the product can withstand 160mph winds.
UNI-SOLAR PV laminates by EnergyPeak.

www.energypeak.com • (888) 216-9600

The new MACH 1811 1.5-ton portable heat pump offers 21,000-plus BTU heating capacity and 17,000 BTU cooling capacity – the most powerful combination available with 115-volt plug-in power. The unit uses a highly efficient, true heat pump and refrigeration system with large coils for high-performance heating and cooling. Features include electromechanical controls, an electrostatic filter, and an advanced condensate-removal system.
MACH 1811 by Atlas Sales & Rentals Inc.

www.atlassales.com • (800) 972-6600

The TREES (TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability) environmental management system measures, manages, and reduces energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions. TREES delivers the software capabilities required to achieve sustainable environmental strategies, using embedded assessment tools to inventory and measure environmental impacts of buildings. The TREES integrated analysis tools evaluate environmental opportunities for the greatest financial and environmental return.

www.tririga.com • (888) 874-7442
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Maintenance Equipment

Landa’s MHC series features a rugged, gasoline-powered, on-site cleaning machine on wheels. These hot-water pressure washers, powered by Honda and Subaru-Robin engines, offer quality, safety, ease of service, functionality, and stability. The MHC includes a number of field-installed kits and an easy-install trailer mounting kit to ensure that the product is ready to tackle the toughest jobs.
MHC by Landa Cleaning Systems.

www.landa.com • (800) 526-3248 x2

UCoat It® America LLC’s easy-to-apply, water-based epoxy floor coating is a true professional floor coating that doesn’t require application by specialized contractors. The UCoat It floor-coating system features seven color options, and can be applied to any properly prepared wood or concrete floor. The product stands up to moisture, welding spatter, and jack stands, and is even safe to walk on when the floor is wet.
Water-based epoxy floor coating by UCoat It America LLC.

www.ucoatit.com • (800) 826-2848

The 621B Value Series 1 Amp Access Control power supply module by Security Door Controls (SDC) incorporates two field selectable 12/24VDC power limited outputs, including one switched output and one auxiliary output. Features include a battery charger and AC input, DC output, and a battery-status LED indicator. The module is ideal for power and battery back-up of electric locking devices and access controls, including applications that require fire-emergency release.
621B Value Series 1 Amp Access Control power supply module by SDC.

www.sdcsecurity.com • (800) 413-8783
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Fire Detection

System Sensor’s 7251DH Intelligent Air Duct Smoke Detector combines System Sensor’s high-sensitivity laser sensor with its industry-leading smoke-detection capability. The sensing takes place in a controlled manner in the return-air stream, and the detector meets the needs of businesses where high sensitivity detection is required, such as data centers or other environments with high airflow and/or several air changes per hour.
7251DH Intelligent Air Duct Smoke Detector by System Sensor.

www.systemsensor.com • (800) 736-7672
Infrared Equipment

The ICI 7320 infrared camera offers unmatched image sensitivity and clarity in a 320 by 240 radiometric imager. With overall dimensions roughly the size of a business card, the 7320 fits in the tightest of areas. The camera operates on 1 watt of power via USB connection, and the housing provides protection from any kind of harsh weather or environment.
ICI 7320 infrared camera by Infrared Cameras Inc.

www.infraredcamerasinc.com • (866) 861-0788

The 8-pole 750-975 Ethernet Connector is a pluggable RJ-45 connector that substantially decreases the time needed for Ethernet wiring. Unlike traditional Ethernet connectors, the 750-975 features insulation displacement contact that provides tool-free, in-the-field conductor wiring – simply insert a pre-stripped conductor and lower the locking mechanism. The connector can reduce Ethernet wiring time by as much as 80 percent.
750-975 Ethernet Connector from WAGO Corp.

www.wago.com • (800) 346-7245
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Sloan Valve Co.’s Optima® ETF-800 wall-mount electronic faucet is a great addition to any restroom, offering long-lasting reliability. By mounting on the wall instead of the counter, the ETF-800 brings design flexibility to all types of restrooms. The sensor-operated ETF-800 hand-washing faucet automatically delivers either tempered or hot/cold water with user-friendly variable timeout settings that ensure water savings.
Optima ETF-800 by Sloan Valve Co.

www.sloanvalve.com • (800) 9-VALVE-9
Access Doors

Stylemark GRG Drywall Ceiling Access Doors are made from glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GRG). Hiding access doors in closets, bathrooms, or out-of-the-way places is a thing of the past – these doors blend seamlessly into a drywall ceiling. The gypsum access panel is lightweight and environmentally safe, and will not support the growth of mold, mildew, or fungus.
Stylemark GRG Drywall Ceiling Access Doors by InterSource Specialties Co.

www.intersourceco.com • (920) 892-8822
Water Heaters

The EZ-Spec™ tankless water heater sizing software is simple to use, allowing specifiers to select a specific application from a drop-down menu and then enter relevant sizing data, fuel type, and other information to size water heaters for commercial applications. To ensure accuracy, the program incorporates the specific flow rates for an extensive array of commercial hot-water appliances, and even makes accessory suggestions.
EZ-Spec by Rheem Manufacturing Co.

www.rheemtankless.com • (866) 720-2076
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Moisture Barriers

AIR-SHIELD™ self-adhering air/vapor and liquid moisture barrier is part of a total W.R. Meadows system that completes the building envelope. A roll-type product, the membrane’s controlled thickness is fabricated from cross-laminated polyethylene bonded to specially modified asphalt. The membrane is protected by a special release paper and is strong and durable, providing excellent protection as a barrier that won’t shrink, sag, dry out, crack, or rot.
AIR-SHIELD by W.R. Meadows Inc.

www.wrmeadows.com • (800) 342-5976

Johnsonite’s Melodia and Aria are homogenous sheet-flooring options that balance aesthetics, performance, and economics, making them a great solution for many segments and applications. Melodia is available in 40 tonal color options, and Aria (pictured here) has 16 contemporary choices with accent granules that add depth to any space. These floors cut the costs of maintenance and reduce the use of labor, water, energy, and chemicals.
Melodia and Aria by Johnsonite.

www.johnsonite.com • (800) 899-8916
Cable Management

Wiremold/Legrand’s integrated zone cabling enclosures save space and increase flexibility by providing connectivity in drop-ceiling or raised-floor applications. The enclosures are plenum rated by UL, and may be used in environmental air spaces. The enclosures also provide the added benefit of reducing cooling requirements in potentially crowded equipment and data control rooms by moving active equipment to alternate sites.
Zone cabling enclosures by Wiremold/Legrand.

www.wiremold.com • (800) 621-0049
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