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Tools of the Trade

Nov. 1, 2008

Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings' performance. This month's section starts with a focus on Roofing.


The Kool Roof Solutions Package from Polyglass® USA includes Polykool, Polybianko, and Polyfresko self-adhesive roofing membranes. These high-performance white membranes are designed to provide superior reflectivity and energy efficiency for low-slope roofing applications. The environmentally friendly membranes are highly reflective white surfaces that improve building aesthetics while reducing energy consumption.
Kool Roof Solutions Package by Polyglass USA.

www.polyglass.com • (800) 222-9782

R-Mer Lite II by The Garland Co. Inc. is an insulated steel roofing system that features fewer fasteners, an innovative aluminum seam bar, and a unique, free-floating, self-venting flashing design. Its lightweight steel composition is less than 0.75-pounds-per-square-foot installed. R-Mer Lite’s standard high-gloss white finish provides protection against UV rays while reducing energy costs.
R-Mer Lite II by The Garland Co. Inc.

www.garlandco.com • (800) 321-9336

The Security Series roof hatch increases building security in high-risk applications, such as banks, pharmacies, and correctional facilities. Designed with features that prevent unauthorized access at the roof level, the security hatch is constructed of heavy-gauge materials and has manganese hinges to resist prying or forced entry. All Bilco hatches are fully insulated and gasketed for energy efficiency and weather tightness.
Security Series roof hatch by The Bilco Co.

www.bilco.com • (203) 934-6363
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Tecta America’s TectaGreen continuous green roof system is modular and can be pre-planted or installed and filled on-site in units. Known for environmental performance, flexibility in design, and overall plant health, these modular systems include plants that are tolerant of the rooftop environment, and growing media blended and engineered for sustainable green roofs. The system is made of recycled-utility, high-molecular-weight polyethylene.
TectaGreen Modular Green Roof Solution by Tecta America Corp.

www.greenroof.com • (847) 581-3888

System 14 Total Silicone Roof System delivers a complete range of products, including silicone sheet goods, skylight glazing, silicone sealants and coatings, and spray polyurethane foam insulation. System 14 is seamless and uses no mechanical fasteners, minimizing trouble spots for moisture penetration and roof-system failure.
System 14 Total Silicone Roof System by West Development Group.

www.wdgsilicones.com • (866) 924-4585

1000 Series standing seam roofing options are perfect for low-slope roofing applications. The innovative product combines the performance advantages of a standing seam roof with the insulation advantages of a sandwich panel. The durability and functionality of the 1000 Series makes it a good selection for commercial and industrial buildings, as well as for new and reroof applications.
1000 Series by Kingspan Insulated Panels USA (formerly MeTecno USA).

www.morincorp.com • (877) 638-3266
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Quick Jack Transformers and Adapters by Juno Lighting Group™ allow for increased versatility. All Juno-brand trac systems can now be used with the many decorative varieties of Alfa™ fixtures, pendants, and directionals. Easy to install, the adapters require no modification to be used with the colorful array of Alfa fixtures, eliminating the added expense of removing and replacing existing Juno tracs.
Quick Jack Transformers and Adapters by Juno Lighting Group.

www.junolightinggroup.com • (800) 367-5866

The BMS-3000 Multi-Hazard custom skylight is designed for high-velocity-hurricane and anti-terrorist blast-resistant applications using laminated insulating glass infills. The Multi-Hazard system uses snap-on glazing caps to conceal stainless-steel glazing fasteners, and it’s thermally broken to reduce heat transfer. The system has been subjected to AAMA and ASTM air, static, and dynamic water and structural testing.
BMS-3000 Multi-Hazard custom skylight by Naturalite Skylight Systems.

www.naturalite.com • (800) 527-4018

Sto Corp.’s StoTherm NExT™ cladding incorporates the best of EIFS design flexibility, color range, insulation, and light weight, and adds a moisture-protection system. The system is comprised of a waterproofing/air barrier, attachments, insulation, a reinforcing layer, and a 100-percent acrylic polymer-based or silicone-enhanced textured finish coat. StoTherm NExT is designed to meet stringent building codes for moisture protection.
StoTherm NExT by Sto Corp.

www.stocorp.com • (800) 221-2397
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Wiremold/Legrand’s Evolution™ Series poke-thru devices offer a truly flush, all-metal cover assembly that allows easy device access with unique, spring-loaded slide cable egress doors. These UL® fire-classified products maintain the fire rating of the floor slab for up to 2 hours, featuring TopGuard® protection to meet scrub water exclusion standards.
Evolution Series poke-thru devices by Wiremold/Legrand.

www.wiremold.com • (800) 621-0049

Moen’s easy-to-operate FreeHand™ sensor-operated flush valves provide energy savings by using an infrared sensor beam to activate a flush cycle when a user’s in range, ensuring efficient water use and sanitary protection. FreeHand flush valves are available in a variety of options, including battery-powered flush valves that use standard, lead-free AA alkaline batteries or low-powered AC adapters.
FreeHand flush valves by Moen Inc.

www.moen.com/commercial • (800) BUY-MOEN

Creative Edge Mastershop offers an opportunity for businesses and buildings to display personal expression and enhance visitors’ experiences. Building owners can transform their locations into tourist destinations by illustrating the floors and walls of their buildings with stone art. Waterjet-cut murals and designs are ideal for hotels, malls, and many other applications.
Stone art by Creative Edge Mastershop Inc.

www.cec-waterjet.com • (800) 394-8145
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Millipore Corp.’s Milli-Q® Integral water-purification system is designed as a one-source solution for pure and ultrapure water, providing laboratories with an innovative alternative to centralized loop configurations. Milli-Q Integral’s single water production unit produces pressurized pure and ultrapure water directly from tap water. The system has a reduced footprint for easy installation, and lets users adapt the product according to their needs.
Milli-Q Integral water-purification system by Millipore Corp.

www.millipore.com • (800) MILLIPORE

Vela Systems and Tekla Corp. offer a joint software solution that brings new management capabilities to construction projects through BIM and field administration software. Enabled with field software and radio frequency identification (RFID), users can manage critical-path building components and visualize the supply chain through a real-time, 4-D simulation. Database-to-database integration allows for easy synching of information.
Field BIM software solution by Vela Systems and Tekla Corp.

www.velasystems.com • (888) VELA-SYS

Sideways seating is ergonomically optimized, opening the personal scope of movement with sideways sitting that feels as natural as the conventional forward focus. While it invites variation of movement with a balanced tilt and beveled seat, the product also instills harmony through a soft grid of texture and color. Its clean, human-centered design features an armrest that doubles as a handle behind the plastic or upholstered back.
Sideways from HÅG by izzydesign.

www.izzydesign.com • (866) 499-9968
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Designed to maximize efficiency and light output, MAX-E is a high-performance, recessed direct/indirect fluorescent luminaire that provides light levels equivalent to a standard three-lamp T8 center-basket luminaire, but only uses two lamps. MAX-E achieves higher light levels, improved distribution, and higher efficiencies than traditional recessed indirect luminaires. The product is available in T8, T5, and long twin-tube lamp options.
MAX-E Series by Lamar Lighting Co. Inc.

www.lamarlighting.com • (800) 724-7743

Argeton terracotta rainscreen systems consist of kiln-fired clay tiles with aluminum and stainless-steel supporting substructures. The systems can be installed over traditional steel framing and sheathing substrates, as well as concrete masonry units for new construction and retrofit over existing structures. Tiles form a geometrically precise expression and come in 11 standard colors and a variety of finishes.
Argeton terracotta rainscreen by Telling Architectural Systems LLC.

www.tellingarchitectural.com • (866) 271-0488
Cleaning Equipment

Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuums from Milwaukee provide the power and portability demanded by facilities professionals. The 0880-20 28-volt wet/dry vacuums work on V28TM lithium-ion batteries, while the 18-volt 0880-20 wet/dry vacuums are equipped with the dual battery connector blocks featured on all 18-volt Milwaukee slide-on batteries. Both models offer long continuous runtimes and high air power and suction.
Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuums by Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.

www.milwaukeetool.com • (800) SAWDUST
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Sealants & Coatings

UFLOOR Systems presents a combination of Pallmann-brand, water-based bonding, sealing, and finishing products for the high-speed installation of wood flooring, comprised of Pall-X Kitt, Pall-X 325, and Pall-X 96. This combination of products is recommended for filling joints and sealing and finishing floors – all in 1 day. The products allow installers to save time and labor.
Combination wood flooring products by UFLOOR Systems Inc.

www.ufloorsystems.com • (336) 454-7000

Gardco’s Designer Floodlight blends effortlessly with landscapes and architecture, and is ideal for uplighting, highlighting, washing, or flooding signage, and statuary or architectural elements. Designed to minimize maintenance concerns, this durable floodlight can stand up to the severity of the elements and low-level environments.
Designer Floodlight by Gardco.

www.sitelighting.com • (800) 227-0758

Hansgrohe’s Axor water-saving electronic faucets represent the perfection of minimalism in the bathroom. Eco-friendly electronic models save users 1 gallon per minute. They also cut off automatically when not in use, creating more water savings. The faucets feature infrared sensors protected by sapphire crystal glass, which resists scratches and ensures a high level of performance for many years.
Axor water-saving electronic faucets by Hansgrohe Inc.

www.hansgrohe-usa.com • (800) 334-0455
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Guardian’s SunGuard® Advanced Architectural Glass products now feature new colors. SunGuard AG 50 and SunGuard Royal Blue 40 are each available on three different float glass substrates for a variety of appearance options, along with dramatic energy savings that meet or exceed local and regional energy codes, and help projects earn LEED points. Both colors give a new look to high-performance glass.
SunGuard AG 50 and SunGuard Royal Blue 40 by Guardian Industries Corp.

www.sunguardglass.com • (866) GUARD-SG
Building Controls

The HOBO® U14 LCD Data Logger is a low-cost, environmental monitoring system that displays and tracks temperature and humidity levels in a broad range of indoor environments, including office buildings, museums, and storage facilities. The product uses an easy-to-read, backlit LCD display that lets users make immediate visual checks of conditions while providing long-term data logging for trend analysis.
HOBO U14 LCD Data Logger by Onset Computer Corp.

www.onsetcomp.com • (800) 564-4377

DDP’s LED color wash lighting and control system delivers accent and mood lighting. The system includes custom light engines, diffuser panels, and microprocessor-controlled schemes to suit any lighting guideline. The system can be embedded into architectural columns and synchronized through a master controller to subtly change colors throughout the day. The LED lighting systems are low power and low maintenance.
LED color wash lighting and control system by DDP.

www.ddpleds.com • (800) 421-6815
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ACP’s Onsia flat-panel speaker system achieves completely invisible installation. With no visual interruption of room aesthetics, these totally unseen speakers are made possible by high-powered, vibrational-element flat panels that produce high-definition sound. There are no grates, grills, or covers. The flat-panel speakers allow building owners to achieve high-quality, multi-room installations without compromising interior design.
Onsia flat-panel speaker system by ACP.

www.onsiaideas.com • (800) 434-3750

Harter’s Get combines easy-to-use, synchronized seating technology with a wealth of finish options, pleasing both the back and the eye. In 12 up-to-date colors, Get can be used in a wide range of applications. Color choices for the stylish perf back include Sneaker Brown, Messenger Bag Green, Backpack Orange, and other lifestyle-influenced tones.
Get by Harter.

www.harter.com • (800) 543-5449

Bosch Security Systems Inc. recently added UPA Series Power Supplies to its product portfolio. The UPA Series provides energy-efficient operation when used with Bosch Series CCD, megapixel cameras, keyboards, and other professional surveillance products. The UPA 60 Hz models are designed specifically to meet the strict efficiency standards and laws being adopted in the United States.
UPA Series Power Supplies by Bosch Security Systems Inc.

www.boschsecurity.com • (800) 289-0096
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The Loft + Bath Series by ZOLi offers sinks, vanities, and bath accessories in the highest grades of wood, glass, concrete, stainless steel, porcelain, leather, and brass. Like couture for your bath, the series is elegant and textural, appealing to sophisticated tastes and suitable for high-end environments.
Loft + Bath Series by ZOLi Corp.

www.zolicorp.com • (877) 239-7740
Tools & Equipment

The Micro CG-100™ combustible gas sniffer from RIDGID® quickly and accurately detects gas leaks. Offering unique Tri-Mode Detection™, the product alerts an operator to the presence of combustible gas with a visible signal, audible alarm, or silent vibration. The Micro CG-100 detects low levels of methane, propane, butane, ammonia, and many other combustible gases.
Micro CG-100 combustible gas sniffer by RIDGID.

www.ridgid.com • (800) 4-RIDGID

Quantum™ is a whole-building lighting- and energy-management solution. Designed for corporate offices, schools, universities, and more, Quantum manages the lighting use and energy consumption of an entire building or campus, simply, effectively, and centrally, giving building owners and facility managers total control of their lighting systems.
Quantum by Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.

www.lutron.com • (888) LUTRON1
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The Altered Elements collection from Invision Carpet Systems is inspired by nature. The collection captures the interplay between the elements, and the wonder and drama created by Mother Nature. From base fiber materials to the dye lab, unusual yarn constructions and lusters were used to capture the richness and texture of the weather’s effects. The collection is available in modular tile and broadloom in a rich palette of 20 colors.
Altered Elements by Invision Carpet Systems.

www.invisioncarpet.com • (800) 241-4585

The NewHeights electric height-adjustable table quickly and quietly adjusts for sitting or standing. There are no complicated levers or manual adjustments; simply adjust the height from 27 to 47 inches with the gentle press of a button. The workstation’s lifting capacity is 300 pounds, and the product has an adjustment speed of 1.5-inches per second.
NewHeights Workstation by K & A Manufacturing Inc. and RightAngle Products.

www.raproducts.com • (800) 298-4351
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