Tools of the Trade

Oct. 1, 2008

Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings' performance. This month's section starts with a focus on Plumbing/Washrooms.


Bobrick’s Convertible Universal Folded Paper and Roll Towel Dispensers solve the problem of converting folded paper towel dispensers to roll towel dispensers due to changes in restroom user demographics and traffic volume. Now facility and property managers have the freedom to convert from one towel type to the other while retaining the original design of their stainless-steel equipment.
Convertible Universal Folded Paper and Roll Towel Dispensers by Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.

www.bobrick.com • (800) 553-1600

The Zurn EcoVantage™ Pint™ Urinal System (Z5798) is hands free, and its long battery life can accommodate 200,000 flush cycles. The product will lower operating costs, saving more than 30,000 gallons of water per year over 1.0-gpf urinals. The Z5798 uses only 1/8 gallons per flush and is ideal for new construction or building upgrades.
Z5798 by Zurn Engineered Water Solutions.

www.zurn.com • (800) 997-3876

Rochdale faucets and fittings by Altmans preserve the charm of times gone by while adding good looks to your restrooms. A satin nickel finish adds modern-day practicality to a timeless profile.
Rochdale faucets and fittings by Altmans.

www.altmansproducts.com • (800) 678-NINE
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Moen’s Rothbury bathroom faucet offers a water-saving aerator that flows at 1.5 gpm. Users can reduce water usage at bathroom sinks by 30 percent without sacrificing style or water experience. The collection offers a two-handle centerset faucet and a two-handle widespread faucet. The water-conservation features of Rothbury also contribute to LEED points.
Rothbury bathroom faucet by Moen Inc.

www.moen.com • (800) 289-6636

Cannon Hygiene USA’s TCell™ Designer Fragrance Systems are compact, high tech, sophisticated, and odor neutralizing. They deliver a precise dose of fragrance for up to 60 days—without the use of batteries. With a hydrogen-creating fuel cell that pushes the fragrance out, TCell systems are also environmentally responsible.
TCell Designer Fragrance Systems by Cannon Hygiene USA.

www.cannonhygiene.us • (800) 582-2157

World Dryer® Corp.’s AirForce™ hand dryer is high speed, low energy, and hygienic. The dryer utilizes multiple air-jet technology that not only dries hands fast, but does so using only 1.1 kilowatts of energy, making the AirForce the most energy-efficient hand dryer available today.
AirForce by World Dryer Corp.

www.airforcehanddryer.com • (800) 323-0701
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Strandwoven Timber is a new, natural flooring product made of post-industrial byproduct wood scraps. Seven species of wood are combined and compressed under intense pressure, low-VOC glues, and heat to create a product with stability, hardness, and unique beauty. The product is available in flooring planks, panels, and dimensional stock for millwork components.
Strandwoven Timber by Sustainable Flooring Inc.

www.sustainableflooring.com • (303) 544-6076

The Ambient seating collection from Arcadia is a sophisticated series of guest- and tandem-seating solutions with compelling visual appeal from any angle. Appropriately scaled for corporate lobbies, executive offices, and healthcare facilities, among others, Ambient focuses on comfort and style in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Ambient by Arcadia.

www.arcadiacontract.com • (800) 585-5957
Power Equipment

The Precision TIG® 225 is the most technologically advanced and widest amperage square-wave TIG welding power source in its class. Featuring both AC and DC output, the product allows for flexibility with its wide operating range (as low as 5 amps on both AC and DC for thin materials, and up to 230 amps for heavier TIG and stick-welding applications).
Precision TIG 225 by Lincoln Electric Co.

www.lincolnelectric.com • (216) 481-8100
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Nova’s Tigre cork flooring is environmentally friendly, durable, and antimicrobial. The Tigre design is achieved by burning the cork to make black strips. Warm underfoot, Nova cork flooring can be floated or glued down, depending on your needs.
Tigre cork flooring by Nova Distinctive Floors.

www.novafloorings.com • (866) 576-2458
Cleaning Equipment

Sanitaire’s DuraLite® upright vacuum weighs only 10 pounds and stands up to the rigors of daily commercial environments. The vacuum cleans 30-percent better than the leading commercial upright, and it has a powerful, commercial-grade motor and wider air path to eliminate clogging. DuraLite also has a wider cleaning head for a faster finish.
DuraLite by Sanitaire.

www.sanitairecommercial.com • (800) 800-8975

PocketClock/GPS is software that transforms a Windows® Mobile PDA into a portable time and attendance tracking system that increases accuracy and reduces costs by eliminating handwritten timecards. Designed for mobile work crews, PocketClock/GPS uses modern global-positioning technology to record workers’ exact locations when they clock in and out.
PocketClock/GPS by Exaktime.

www.exaktime.com • (888) 788-8463
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AeroLite Armor anti-ballistic glazing features heightened bullet resistance for critical security and military applications. Manufactured with MAKROLON® AR1 polycarbonate sheet, AeroLite Armor has withstood long- and short-term abrasion, and field testing, to deliver the hardest surface of any polycarbonate sheet in the industry.
AeroLite Armor by Llamas Plastics Inc. and Sheffield Plastics Inc.

www.llamasplastics.com • (818) 362-0371

GranitiFiandre’s Nihon Collection explores cultural influences from Japan. Elements of a Japanese garden (plants, stone, and water) are all represented in this serene, all-natural porcelain surfacing collection. Nihon’s weathered, earthen hues evoke nature’s calm in a tranquil mix of tradition, modernity, spirituality, and technology. The collection includes five porcelain choices: Nori, Ishi, Yuki, Tatami, and Goma.
Nihon Collection by GranitiFiandre.

www.granitifiandreusa.com • (800) 828-9074

New applied packaged terminal air-conditioner and heat pump (PTAC) units from McQuay Intl. exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 efficiency requirements by up to 14 percent for new construction units and up to 29 percent for replacement units. The PTAC units can be customized at the factory to suit specific application requirements without extensive field modification.
PTAC units by McQuay Intl.

www.mcquay.com • (800) 432-1342
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The Commercial Clean Machine® Scraper matting system features durable, two-color polyethylene blades that outperform all other scraper mats. With a 6-year warranty, the mats have deep, plastic blades that scrape. Contaminants drop to the bottom of the mat, which can hold pounds of soil, keeping it from being tracked into facilities.
Commercial Clean Machine Scraper by Crown Mats and Matting.

www.crown-mats.com • (800) 628-5463

The A500 Bench employs demountable components. Its fully modular design allows team and associate workspaces to be configured for a wide range of office functions. With a continuous expanse of worksurfaces, elevated work tools, and mobile file and storage pedestals, this product is designed for a useful, long life.
A500 Bench by Ahrend Intl./Allsteel.

www.allsteeloffice.com/ahrend • (888) 255-7833

TrimBonder™ is a structural acrylic adhesive that forms durable, permanent bonds on AZEK® Trimboards and other outdoor assemblies made of wood, urethane, or aluminum. UV stable and waterproof, TrimBonder withstands harsh weather without shrinking, yellowing, or discoloring. It can be used for joining sections of trim, columns, cornerboards, and much more.
TrimBonder by Devcon.

www.trimbonder.com • (800) 933-8266
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Interior Walls

The Alpha series of operable interior walls from Advanced Equipment Corp. is the only operable partition on the market designed to last the life of the building. In 27 years of manufacturing, Advanced Equipment Corp. has not had a single panel require replacement. These all-welded, all-steel panels have low maintenance costs, and replacement is free under the 10-year limited warranty.
Alpha operable interior walls by Advanced Equipment Corp.

www.advancedequipment.com • (714) 635-5350

GenerativeComponents software enables architects and building professionals to pursue designs and achieve results that were previously unthinkable. Empowered by computational methods, the designers can direct their creativity to deliver inspired, sustainable buildings that are freer in form and use innovative materials and assemblies.
GenerativeComponents by Bentley Systems Inc.

www.bentley.com • (800) BENTLEY

Carlisle SynTec’s DryLight® is a skylight with fully encapsulated glazing that’s designed to provide enhanced energy savings and extended warranty coverage when installed on commercial buildings. The durable bond between DryLight’s frame and its dome reduces the leakage typically associated with traditional skylights.
DryLight by Carlisle SynTec.

www.carlisle-syntec.com • (800) 4-SYNTEC
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Hand-printed stone tiles by StoneImpressions are environmentally friendly accent, mural, and border tiles that express the warm beauty and texture of natural stone, but are made of an advanced composite that uses natural minerals and recycled materials. The tiles are ideal for backsplashes, walls, flooring, stairwells, and more.
Hand-printed stone tiles by StoneImpressions.

www.stoneimpressions.com • (800) 350-3003

Flame Tip LED Chandelier Bulbs offer beautiful lighting in versatile applications. The DEC02-B11E25 series LED bulb comes in a flame-tip-shaped, UV-protected plastic lens covering that allows the LEDs to shine in multiple directions while still being protected from the environment. The bulbs can replace standard-base incandescent bulbs and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.
Flame Tip LED Chandelier Bulbs by LEDtronics.

www.ledtronics.com • (800) 579-4875

ProStone™ is a line of value-engineered, manufactured stone veneer products that is ideally suited to meet the pressures of today’s challenging market. ProStone products are available in more than 12 different color and texture combinations. The line provides a quality stone veneer option for use when affordability is a major consideration.
ProStone by Owens Corning Masonry Products LLC.

www.owenscorning.com/masonry • (800) GET-PINK
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Carrier’s WeatherMaker® rooftop product line with Puron® refrigerant meets the increasing demand for more energy-efficient air-conditioners with environmentally sound, non-ozone-depleting refrigerant and factory-installed features. WeatherMaker products are durable; they reach a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 13 and an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of up to 11.2, making them ASHRAE compliant and ENERGY STAR® certified.
WeatherMaker by Carrier Corp.

www.carrier.com • (800) 227-7437

Flooring Solutions is a brochure from Garland that provides facility managers and building owners with valuable information on repairing and renovating industrial flooring with polyurethane, epoxy, and specialty epoxy systems. The brochure covers the immediate and enduring benefits of flooring solutions that help facilities professionals minimize downtime, improve safety and morale, and increase productivity, all while providing exceptional return on investment.
Flooring Solutions by The Garland Co. Inc.

www.garlandco.com • (800) 321-9336

Clorox® Pro Quaternary All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner is EPA registered to kill germs, including MRSA. This hospital-grade disinfectant is also a powerful cleaner with a no-rinse, pH-neutral, bleach-free formula. The product can be used on a wide variety of hard, nonporous surfaces, including shower stalls, exercise equipment and mats, whirlpool units, steam rooms, desks, bathrooms, etc.
Clorox Pro Quaternary All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner by The Clorox Co.

www.cloroxprofessional.com • (888) 797-7225
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Timely’s new fixed throat kerf doorframes are high-performance, factory-installed door seals that reduce light, sound, and smoke transmission. The fixed throat kerf frame is ideally suited for entry doors in hotels, offices, light commercial construction, and multi-family housing. The new frames also reduce costs and field installation time.
Fixed throat kerf doorframes by Timely.

www.timelyframes.com • (800) 247-6242
Plumbing & Washrooms

Conservacap is a replacement part that reduces the water used in older Sloan and Zurn flushometer toilets and urinals by approximately 25 percent. The product is inexpensive and does not affect fixture or system functionality, providing a low-cost solution to save water in older buildings and on established campuses.
Conservacap by Clarion Capital Corp.

www.conservacap.com • (800) 742-3362

Curveline Inc.’s custom-curved structural roof deck panels form domes, arches, and S-curves. Crimp-curved roof decks provide architects and contractors with an economical way to make a bold statement when designing gyms, sports centers, lobbies, covered walkways, concourses, and more. The crimp-curving methodology greatly increases the strength and rigidity of profiled metal panels.
Curved decking panels by Curveline Inc.

www.met-tile.com/curveline • (888) 998-0311
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High-performance, ultra-lightweight EasyBoard® from Custom® Building Products is engineered for strength and backed by Custom’s lifetime warranty. It installs like other backerboards and cuts easily and cleanly with a simple utility knife. A fiber cement backerboard of the same size weighs up to 45 pounds and requires special tools for cutting.
EasyBoard by Custom Building Products.

www.custombuildingproducts.com • (800) 272-8786
Power Management

Power Xpert® Server Solution is a revolutionary way to view and manage electrical power in their data centers and server rooms. The Power Xpert Server Solution provides unprecedented visibility into critical electrical power events, energy consumption, and power trends. Users will utilize energy savings by automatically analyzing power events.
Power Xpert Server Solution by Eaton Corp.

www.eaton.com • (800) 386-1911
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