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Tools of the Trade

Aug. 1, 2008

Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings' performance. This month's section starts with a focus on HVAC.


The Mold Hunter Handheld Humiport05-IR combines a temperature and humidity sensor with a laser-guided infrared thermometer that measures surface temperatures in buildings. The tool allows facility managers and energy managers to easily tell whether moisture in the air may lead to condensation or moisture levels that can cause damaging, dangerous mold growth.
Humiport05-IR by AirTest Technologies.

www.airtesttechnologies.com • (888) 855-8880

The ViewStat Color Communicating Thermostat is the first communicating thermostat with color display and weather forecasting. It provides a convenient way to manage the heating and cooling of any commercial environment while reducing overall energy usage. The thermostat’s white finish can be painted to match any wall color.
ViewStat Color Communicating Thermostat by AMX.

www.amx.com • (800) 222-0193

The Tranquility High-Temperature (THW) Series Water-to-Water Heat Pump is unlike any other water-to-water heat pump on the market. The large operating map of the scroll compressor allows high-temperature operation. Unique, application-specific controls make the THW series ideal for hydronic heating and domestic hot-water generation.
Tranquility High-Temperature (THW) Series Water-to-Water Heat Pump by ClimateMaster Inc.

www.climatemaster.com • (405) 745-6000
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The new CITY MULTI Hyper-heating INVERTER (H2i™) Y-Series heat pump combines application flexibility with unsurpassed cooling and heating capabilities to deliver precise comfort control to multiple zones of a commercial or institutional building. With the integration of H2i technology, the Y-Series provides the benefit of year-round comfort with a single system.
CITY MULTI Hyper-heating INVERTER (H2i™) Y-Series by Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division.

www.mehvac.com • (800) 687-1966

AAON Air & Evaporative Condensed Chillers eliminate the cost of mechanical-equipment-room space. Delivered to the job completely ready for installation, the chiller/boiler/pumping package features innovative heat-exchanger design, clean and efficient combustion, and unique, timesaving controls - all combined in a compact, quick-connect package.
Air & Evaporative Condensed Chillers by AAON.

www.aaon.com • (918) 583-2266

DRI-STEEM’s Ultra-sorb® Model XV is the most efficient steam-dispersion panel for commercial and industrial humidifiers. The model utilizes high-efficiency dispersion tubes to reduce condensate production, heat gain, and wasted energy. The product also employs the heat and pressure of existing boiler steam to vaporize dispersion-generated condensate.
Ultra-sorb Model XV by DRI-STEEM.

www.dristeem.com • (800) 328-4447
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The i-Pro WV-NS954 indoor PTZ dome camera is the most advanced PTZ available. Its SDIII technology delivers the highest-quality images attainable in any lighting condition, and the product helps facilitate the transition to a networked environment with easy integration into new and existing analog and digital installations.
i-Pro WV-NS954 by Panasonic System Solutions Co.

www.panasonic.com • (888) 409-2288

The Elegance Series™ from Wausau Paper is a line of sophisticated restroom dispensers that feature a stainless finish. The dispensers are targeted specifically for Class-A office buildings, and are ideal for facilities managers who want the look of stainless steel, but could do without the fingerprints, smudges, dents, and the high price of stainless steel. This line gives a modern, coordinated appearance to the entire restroom.
Elegance Series by Wausau Paper.

www.wpbaywest.com • (859) 734-0538
Life/Fire Safety

Gamewell-FCI’s intuitive NGA (network graphic annunciator) touch-screen display provides building owners and first responders with a higher level of fire-system monitoring and control. Capable of displaying more than 500 different text messages, the NGA saves precious response time by providing information on the source of alarms, current system status, off-normal conditions, and more.
NGA by Gamewell-FCI/Div. Honeywell.

www.gamewell-fci.com • (203) 484-7161
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The Hawkeye® Trustat™ 10F is a microproc­essor-based, self-learning, self-calibrating current switch. It provides calibration-free motor status for both under-current and over-current conditions. At initial power-up, the product automatically learns the average current on the line with no action required by the installer. Once a current is learned, the switch monitors for changes greater than +/- 20 percent of the learned load.
Hawkeye Trustat 10F by Veris Industries.

www.veris.com • (800) 354-8556

Featuring superior acoustical performance, Adagio™ Designer Ceiling Panels combine the sound absorption of high-density fiber glass with the sound-containment qualities of mineral fiber. Adagio’s smart design eliminates the need for full-height wall partitions that can add complexity and cost to construction.
Adagio Designer Ceiling Panels by CertainTeed Corp.

www.certainteed.com • (800) 233-8990

The Converge Pro 880T provides a complete audio-conferencing system for collaboration, presentation, distance communications, and any other multimedia audio requirements. The product uses a rapid configuration user interface for system set-up, minimizing the time it takes to get a system up and operational. The Converge Pro 880T facilitates local and remote PC set-up, control, and diagnostics.
Converge Pro 880T by ClearOne.

www.clearone.com • (800) 945-7730
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The Viridian casegoods series demonstrates leadership in sustainable design in healthcare. The line of cabinets is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Featuring polypropylene edging, the cabinet cores are constructed from 100-percent pre-consumer recycled wood fiber and are free of urea-formaldehyde. This line is a value-oriented choice for eco-conscious consumers.
Viridian by Nurture by Steelcase.

www.nurturebysteelcase.com • (800) 333-9939

The DSC650 Fixed Bollard Module functions as a standalone module or as part of an extended array on shallow foundation locations, including those that are not level or those with turns. The product stops a 5,000-pound vehicle going 50 miles per hour. Two models are available, and both models come with Delta standard or custom decorative cast aluminum or fiber glass coverings.
DSC650 Fixed Bollard Module by Delta Scientific Corp.

www.deltascientific.com • (661) 575-1100

Cooper Lighting’s Shaper 314 Firefly Pendant Luminaire is a crafted glass piece finished with a unique, fired-on, vitreous-enamel coating, offering durability and distinctive colors and textures. The hand-applied exclusive coatings create a scratch-proof surface that won’t fade or change over time. The pendant is available with four compact fluorescent or incandescent lamps.
Shaper 314 Firefly Pendant Luminaire by Cooper Lighting/Shaper.

www.cooperlighting.com • (510) 234-2370
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Access Control

Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher is a key-management system plus an integrated access-control solution. Available models include credit-card holders and lockers to secure items that need to be tracked. An illuminated 2-line by 16-character LED display prompts users and provides on-site audit-trail data. KeyWatcher utilizes minimal wall space.
KeyWatcher by Morse Watchmans Inc.

www.morsewatchmans.com • (800) 423-8256
Building Controls

TAC’s Xenta 700 Series of IP Controllers can be directly connected to the Ethernet network in any building and perform all types of functions needed for an efficient, low-energy, and environmentally friendly building. The controllers communicate on standard IP networks and are accessible via standard Web browsers. The product is scalable and easy to install.
Xenta 700 Series by TAC.

www.tac.com • (972) 323-1111

Installing these USPS-STD-4C multi-tenant mailboxes encourages a heightened level of security for mailboxes while providing for more efficient mail delivery. The new mailboxes benefit mail condition and mail efficiency. Old-style vertical mailboxes can be too narrow for large envelopes and can’t always handle the volume of mail received, unlike these new boxes.
Multi-tenant mailboxes by Jensen Mailboxes.

www.jensenmailboxes.com • (877) 597-5671
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Kewaunee’s Wide-Column Evolution Workstation System provides a long-term solution for the ever-changing laboratory, warehouse, or data center. With the turn of a wrench, one workstation can be customized for any user or any application. Designed to adapt as a facility changes, the workstation is infinitely height adjustable and completely reconfigurable.
Wide-Column Evolution Workstation System by Kewaunee Scientific Corp./Div. Technical Furniture Group.

www.kewaunee.com • (704) 873-7202
Window Film

Solar Gard® Window Film is ideal for any property owner wanting to maintain sunlight while reducing heat. These thin, multi-layered pieces of optically clear film are retrofitted to the inside surface of glass to help save significantly on energy costs, eliminate glare, maintain a more comfortable and productive work environment, and improve exterior appearance.
Solar Gard Window Film by Bekaert Specialty Films.

www.bekaertfilms.com • (877) 273-4364

The Undertones Collection provides designers and specifiers with the creative freedom to realize an interior’s true potential with a canvas of neutral colors and classic patterns. Undertones’ organic color palette, ranging from cool to warm, couples with traditional patterns to anchor its installation while complementing other design elements.
Undertones Collection by Karastan Contract/Div. The Mohawk Group.

www.karastancontract.com • (800) 554-6637
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Kryptaglow is a bright-glowing safety paint used to mark the way for safe exiting in dark buildings. When the lights or power go out, or if smoke fills the building, the paint gives added visibility. With buildings going green and costs rising, Kryptaglow is a smart choice for saving energy, promoting safety, and saving on insurance costs. The paint has a soft glow for hours after it’s been charged by the existing light.
Kryptaglow by Co-leash Corp.

www.krypta-glow.com • (813) 920-1910

Capacity Manager, a software solution from American Power Conversion (APC), aligns the capabilities of the physical infrastructure with changing data-center requirements in real time, tracking the optimal installation location for new or existing equipment based on electrical load and thermal profile. Change Manager, another APC solution, enables rapid, accurate physical infrastructure changes, including installing, moving, and decommissioning IT equipment.
Capacity Manager and Changer Manager software by APC.

www.apc.com • (877) 272-2722

Architectural Computer Services Inc.’s (ARCOM) second edition of Specifying LEED Requirements is now available and comes with a companion CD-ROM with digital files of specification extracts and MASTERSPEC sections, which can be used to prepare project manuals. The definitive resource for specifying green buildings, the book and CD-ROM provide guidance to building owners, architects, and engineers on incorporating applicable LEED requirements into a project’s specifications.
Specifying LEED Requirements book by ARCOM.

www.arcomnet.com • (800) 424-5080
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Venere™ is the first wall-mounted fixture that incorporates a secondary source hidden within an architectural fixture that provides code-required egress lighting. The Venere luminaire is a new application of low-voltage MR11 secondary egress source, designed to be operated as a remote head from an emergency battery. If an outage occurs, the sconce provides light to the path of egress from the building to the public way.
Venere by Architectural Area Lighting.

www.aal.net • (714) 994-2700
Sealants & Coatings

Bona Naturale™ is a premium, two-component, waterborne wood-floor finish that offers an untreated look while maintaining the natural feeling of wood underfoot. It’s formulated for the extreme demands of commercial and heavy-traffic hardwood floors, and features high durability and scratch resistance. The product is UL classified for slip resistance.
Bona Naturale by BonaKemi USA.

www.bonakemi.com • (800) 872-5515

Zip Stitch is Bentley Prince Street’s first carpet product manufactured from the recycled yarn that is produced through the company’s ReEntry 2.0 program. The unique properties of this closed-loop recycled yarn create a variegated, zipper effect in a linear pattern. Available in broadloom and carpet tile, Zip Stitch comes in 16 earthy colors.
Zip Stitch by Bentley Prince Street.

www.bentleyprincestreet.com • (800) 423-4709
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